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Restitution nearby systems
Restitution nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -204.963 : -344.969[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

Reunification War[edit]

The site of the original colony on Restitution became the site of the planetary capital, Magdeburg, which was also home to the principal planetary industry in the Age of War. This industry was the media industry, famous and notorious in equal parts throughout the neighboring Free Worlds League for the production of low-brow dramas and pornography - but which also meant that Restitution had experts in communications, data delivery and image and video manipulation. By the end of the Age of War the communications network on Restitution was as advanced as any in the Inner Sphere.[5][43]

War between the Star League and the Magistracy of Canopus was inevitable after the Magistracy joined the other Periphery nations in rejecting the Pollux Proclamation; Restitution was an early target in the initial Star League Defense Force campaign against the Magistracy. The first priority for the SLDF task force was the planetary capital; so long as Magdeburg remained in Canopian hands, it could efficiently coordinate the planetary garrison's efforts to defend Restitution even when the garrison was operating in the badlands.[5]

The city of Magdeburg was located on a narrow bluff, making it a naturally defensible location; the SLDF soon discovered that Magdeburg had also been expanded with newly-constructed defenses, and drafted plans for a direct assault into the city. To be able to drop troops directly into Magdeburg any anti-air defenses would need to be knocked out, and the SLDF would need to obtain air superiority over the planetary defenders. While the conquest of Restitution had been assigned to the 57th Brigade, the need to assure dominance of the air led to the bulk of the aerospace assets assigned to the 58th Brigade also being deployed to assist in the planetary invasion.[5]

With the aerospace forces in place, the planetary invasion began on the 21st of October 2577, only for the SLDF forces to find that they faced minimal opposition. Reconnaissance flights confirmed the presence of the civilian population of Restitution on the planet, but couldn't find any trace of the 3rd Canopian Light Horse. The 57th Brigade declared the world pacified a day later, and the whereabouts of the planetary garrison would remain a mystery for more than two weeks, before their final location was discovered - the Restitution garrison had been redeployed to Cranston in a strategic movement typical of the MAF campaign against the SLDF.[5]

Although the 57th Brigade were responsible for capturing Restitution, the SLDF task force responsible for conquering the Magistracy stationed a number of other units on Restitution during 2577, units which included the 62nd Royal Brigade (from the 21st Royal Division), 3rd Marik Militia and the Oriente Fusiliers' 2nd Brigade.[44]

The Magistracy of Canopus had 13 worlds annexed by the Free Worlds League, either during the Reunification War[6] or by Star League decree in 2602,[45] and Restitution was one of these worlds. Restitution was one of a number of former Canopian worlds lost during the Third Succession War.[19][18][20]

Military Deployment[edit]


Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 28 systems (26 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Cranston 10.5 Bass 16.1 Obrenovac 19.9 Bethonolog 21.4
Afarsin 27.4 Ceará 27.5 Payvand 27.9 Booker 35.1
Ruschegg 38.1 Eleusis 38.6 Lindenmarle 39.4 Glevakha 41.3
Ildlandet 43.6 Rohinjan 44.3 Saonara 46.3 Gallis 47.3
Marantha 49.7 Royal Foxx 51.1 Tellman's Mistake 51.5 Ayn Tarma 53.3
Manaus 54.8 Sharqah 55.1 Mangor 57.8 Scheuerheck 59.4
Tarol 59.6 Skvorec 59.8 Bayindir 61.6 Vakarel 63.9


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