Crusher SH Cannon

Crusher Super Heavy Autocannon/20
Production Information
Manufacturer Ceres Arms Ceres Arms
Usage Field Gun BattleMech Mounted
Weapon Class Autocannon/20 Autocannon/20
Tech Base IS IS
Cost c-bills (unloaded) 300,000 300,000
Reload Cost c-bills 10,000 10,000
Introduced 2600's (TH) 2600's (TH)
Classic BattleTech RPG
Sub Name Towed Crusher SH AC-20 Crusher Super Heavy Cannon
Tech Base IS IS
Equipment Ratings /'-'-'/ C/C-C-D/D /'-'-'/ C/C-C-D/D
Technical Specifications
Damage Type B B
AP*Damage Dice
Damage *d6 10*TBDd6 *d6 10*TBDd6
Shots per Burst 10 10
Splash/Blast TBD Yes
Minimum Range N/A N/A
Short Range 120 120
Medium Range 560 560
Long Range 660 660
Extreme Range 900 900
Classic BattleTech
Damage 20 5
Minimum Range N/A N/A
Short Range 1-3 3
Medium Range 4-6 6
Long Range 7-9 9
General Information
# Crew/Slots crew 14 crew slots 10 crit slots
Encumbering Motorized Infantry
Shots per Reload 100 100
Shots per Burst 10 10
Bursts per Reload 20 5
Power per Shot
Power per Burst
Weapon and Ammo Mass
Mass (UnLoaded) in kg 14,000 14,000
Reload Mass in kg 1,000 1,000
Battle Value
BV (1.0) 178 178
Ammo BV (1.0) TBD TDB
BV (2.0) 178 178
Ammo BV (2.0) TBD TBD
Notes Motorized or Mechanized too heavy for unaugmented infantry to use


Mounted on the Quickscell Hetzer Combat Vehicle, this weapon fires shells in the 150 mm range in ten shot bursts.[citation needed]

Canon vs Non[edit]

The Fluff is rephrased Canon, but the RPG Stats are derivative using the IPCR for the Damage Stats, and doing a formulaic extrapolation from 180 meters at Short Range to the MechWarrior, Third Edition ranges incorporating the +1 modifier that a "Regular" MechWarrior Starts at in the RPG. When using in the RPG, use the gunnery skill bonus in addition to the +2 bonus that Combat Vehicles and BattleMechs get because they automaticly carry the equivelent of an Advanced Fire Control system.