1st Ceti Hussars

First Ceti Hussars
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Nickname Three Headed Serpent
Parent Formation Ceti Hussars
Formed Unknown



The First Ceti Hussars were the first serious attempt made by any of the Great Houses to emulate an Star League Defense Force light horse unit. When the First Ceti Hussars were formed, the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns threw resources at the command, which was able to take its pick of personnel and equipment - partly because the formation of the Ceti Hussars was a direct reaction to the lack of coordination shown between the various branches of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns during the War of Davion Succession. This level of predetermination in the formation of the Hussars was a sharp contrast to the light horse-style regiments of the other Great Houses, whose formation had been more incidental or accidental.[1]

The importance of the Ceti Hussars waxed and waned during the late Star League era, with the AFFS High Command reducing their support for the Hussars in later years; the Hussars didn't expand beyond the First during the Star League era, but the High Command had also stopped short of disbanding the regiment or dividing it into the more traditional mono-type sub-units, although that didn't stop others attempting to separate out components of the command for actions, including the Duke of the Capellan March, who attempted to have the BattleMech component of the Hussars undertake actions independently.[1]

By 2765 appointment to the Ceti Hussars was available only by request; while this reduced the number of potential recruits into the brigade, it also ensured that those who did join were committed to the Hussars and their tactics. The Hussars continued to practice open messes, encouraging all personnel to dine together regardless of rank or branch of service, prompting a feeling of equality; this played an important factor in keeping the Hussars active, producing a high level of morale within the regiment and a reenlistment rate equal to that of the Davion Brigade of Guards.[1]

Second Succession War[edit]

In the Second Succession War the First Ceti Hussars were part of a Davion counterattack on invading Capellan forces. The First Ceti Hussars caused several Capellan Hussars to break, which allowed the Ceti Hussars to isolate the rest of the Capellan troops. In the fight that followed, Chancellor Ilsa Liao was killed.[2]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

During the Fourth Succession War the First Ceti Hussars defended Nopah from the Second Capellan Hussars. Though the Second Capellan Hussars were eager for revenge and inflicted moderate losses, the Ceti Hussars destroyed most of the Capellan unit and took the rest prisoner.[3]

War of 3039[edit]

During the War of 3039 the First Ceti Hussars, backed up by the Screaming Eagles, attacked Elidere IV. During this time, the Hussars lost a Fortress-class DropShip, but only after transferring all equipment and units to other DropShips. When the Hussars landed, Combat Command Charlie took the lead and two weeks after landing the Hussars had taken control of Elidere.[4] The Ceti Hussars then boarded their DropShips and moved on to attack Misery.[5] While at Misery's jump point, they received orders to hold position; Shortly after that they received the recall order and returned to Glenmora.[6]

In 3050 the First Ceti Hussars were stationed on Glenmora.[7]

Clan Invasion/Operation Guerrero[edit]

The First Ceti Hussars were assigned to reinforce the Lyran Commonwealth/Clan Jade Falcon border, but after the formation of the Lyran Alliance they returned to Federated Suns space.[8]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

The First Ceti Hussars didn't participate in Operation Bulldog.

FedCom Civil War[edit]

During the FedCom Civil War the First Ceti Hussars were scheduled to hit Bryceland, but Loyalist sympathizers in the unit delayed the attack by sabotaging equipment. The officers responsible for this sabotage were replaced, but by that point 25% of the Hussar's equipment needed repairs. Archon Katherine didn't send the Hussars replacement supplies, so the Ceti Hussars raided several Loyalist units. The Third Lyran Regulars base on Pitkin and the First Conroe Training Battalion on Tancredi IV were two units raided by the Ceti Hussars.[9] Though the Ceti Hussars' Combat Command Alpha seized the Conroe Training Battalion's equipment, the Hussars ordered the training unit to keep training.[10]

The Ceti Hussars then coordinated an attack on Bryceland with the Third Davion Guards. The Ceti Hussars and Davion Guards attacked the Bryceland DMM, driving much of the unit offworld.[9] The remaining DMM units holed up on an island. Rather than inflict massive collateral damage on the world, the Ceti Hussars and Davion Guards infantry units and special forces teams infiltrated the island[9] while the Allied air wings (4 AeroSpace Fighter, 2 conventional) strafed and bombed any DMM unit they could find.[11] While the DMM was distracted by the air attacks the infantry and special forces units captured all the DMM officers they could find. These officers then surrendered the planet to the Allied forces. The Davion Guards remained on Bryceland, and the Ceti Hussars and Bryceland DMM relocated to Kesai IV to protect that world from a DCMS attack.[12]

Only the Ceti Hussars' Combat Command Bravo, reinforced by the remains of the Bryceland DMM, were on Kesai. Combat Commands Alpha and Charlie moved to Bremond to hold that world for the Allied cause. Kesai was hit by the Twelfth Galedon Regulars and the First Amphigean Light Assault Group. The Federated Suns units held out for several weeks, but after the Twelfth Galedon Regulars destroyed the five DMM battalions, Combat Command Bravo was forced to trade ground for time.[13] The Ceti Hussars' maximized their mobility advantage to stay one step ahead of the DCMS forces. The DCMS forces received a wave of reinforcements and this briefly offset the Hussar's mobility but the residents of Kesai staged a series of terror strikes on the Combine forces. The Hussars were able to drive the Combine units out of their base after the local resistance groups poisoned the DCMS water supply.[14] Eventually the two Combine units recovered and smashed into the Hussars, who were defending the base and unable to take advantage of the mobility. Combat Command Bravo was nearly destroyed, but after a few weeks of fighting word of the cease-fire arrived and the Hussars left Kesai IV to the Draconis Combine.[15] The 1st Ceti Hussars then took up a position on Algol.[13]


In the early part of the Jihad the First Ceti Hussars jumped to Rio. There they found a massive Word of Blake naval task force, including several WarShips. The Hussars withdrew from the system by sacrificing over 90% of their equipment, evacuating the soldiers on a single JumpShip. These troops spent the rest of the Jihad as part of the Princess-Regent's personal guard. It wasn't until 3079 that the soldiers arrived on New Hessen to start re-forming the Hussars.[16]

In 3085 the reformed First Ceti Hussars served as a training and "feeder" unit that transferred more experienced officers and troops into the other active Ceti Hussars units. This allowed those units to stay combat effective, but reduced the First to a glorified training unit.[17]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Ceti Hussars
Marshal Patrick Weldon 3025[18]
Hauptmann General Vance Lamont 3050 - 3054[7]
Marshal Vance Lamont 3054 - 3062[19][8]
General Alexander Davion Malen 3067[13]
Vice Admiral Elias Biggs 3085[20]


Skilled in highly mobile warfare, and "leapfrog" assaults that punish enemy forces.[8]

Composition History[edit]


First Ceti Hussars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[21]

- At this point in time the First were stationed on Panpour.[21]


First Ceti Hussars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[22]

- At this point in time the Hussars were a light-weight regiment stationed on Panpour and were operating at full-battalion strength.[22]


First Ceti Hussars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[22]

- At this point in time the Hussars were a light-weight regiment stationed on Panpour and were operating at just under two battalions in strength.[22]


First Ceti Hussars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[23]

- At this point in time the Hussars were a light-weight regiment and had rebuilt to three-quarters of full strength. The Hussars were stationed on Robsart.[23]


First Ceti Hussars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[23]

- At this point in time the Hussars were a light-weight regiment stationed on Damevang, and had been reduced to less than half a regiment in size.[23]


First Ceti Hussars RCT (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[18]

  • CO: Marshal Patrick Weldon[18]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Glenmora. [18]


First Ceti Hussars RCT (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[24]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Glenmora. [24]


1st Ceti Hussars RCT (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [25]

  • CO: Hauptmann General Vance Lamont [25]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Glenmora. [25]


1st Ceti Hussars RCT (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable) [26]

  • CO: Marshal Vance Lamont [26]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Chahar. [26]


Combat Command Alpha (3 Regiments/Regular/Fanatical)[8]

  • Aide: Colonel Va Yee La Barbara

- Two 'Mech Companies and a mix of fast armor and mechanized infantry platoons.

First Ceti Hussars Aerospace Group (2 Wings)[8]

Combat Command Bravo (3 Regiments/Green/Fanatical)[8]

  • Aide: Leftenant General Kimberly Lague

- Includes a Battle Armor Battalion

Combat Command Charlie (3 Regiments/Regular/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Major General Laszlo Nunez
  • Aide: Leftenant General

- One Battalion only with assault 'Mechs

First Ceti Hussars Artillery Group (2 Battalions/Elite/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Colonel Rashidi Kilton

- Assigned to the regimental headquarters


First Ceti Hussars RCT (Veteran/Fanatical)[13]

  • CO: General Alexander Davion Malen

First Ceti Hussars Aerospace Group (Elite/Reliable)[13]

  • CO: Commodore Tab Daniels

Combat Command Alpha (Elite/Reliable)[13]

  • CO: Major General Fredo Tambini

Combat Command Bravo (Elite/Fanatical)[13]

  • CO: Major General Kimberly Lague

Combat Command Charlie (Veteran/Reliable)[13]

  • CO: Major General Erasmus D. L. Lamprakos


First Ceti Hussars LCT (Green/Reliable)[20]

  • CO: Vice Admiral Elias Biggs

First Ceti Hussars Aerospace Brigade (Green/Reliable)[20]

Combat Command Alpha (Regular/Reliable)[20]

  • CO: Eduardo Walker

Combat Command Beta (Green/Questionable)[20]

  • CO: Bernt Schulz

Combat Command Charlie (Green/Reliable)

  • CO: Lucie Lefebvre



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