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Savonburg nearby systems
Savonburg nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 498.103 : -15.558[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]

System Description[edit]

The Savonburg system is located in the Draconis March's Mayetta PDZ.

Planetary Info[edit]

Savonvburg features three continents - the inhabited Suluth and the largely uninhabited Saxon and Solestra. The planet's capital is Carlsruth is located on Suluth, with other cities including New Christos.[31][32]

Planetary Locations[edit]

The Colleges of Savonburg[edit]

Likened to a ray of intellectual sunshine in the deep dark, the Colleges of Savonburg are a group of ten colleges, each devoted to a different set of disciplines. The most notable and famous are:[31][32]

  • College of Medicine and Bio-Chemistry
Located in New Christos, the College of Medicine and Bio-Chemistry is perhaps the most famous of the Colleges of Savonburg, training medical practitioners and support staff in all fields. Encouraging its graduates to spend at least some time rendering medical aid in more destitute sections of the Outback, the college additionally provides free (or extremely low cost) treatment to those who are able to make their way to Savonburg, featuring an massive ward dedicated only to treating children.[31][32]
  • William and James College of Literature and the Arts[32]
  • Ariel School of Performing Arts[32]
  • Hulton-Quong University[32]
HQU specializes in history, political science, and interstellar relations.[32]
  • Elesee-Beckett College of Physics and Nuclear Sciences[32]
  • Savonburg Tech Colleges of Civil Engineering and Mech-Aero Engineering[32]
Generating considerable revenue for the world of Savonburg, the Elesee-Beckett and the Savonburg Tech C&E are most notably linked to mysterious "black" projects on world.[32]

Planetary History[edit]

In 3021 in a effort to upgrade the Colleges and improve their standing, then Dean Tilth Refol helped secure funding to build a large science facility at Carlsruth, the centerpiece of which was to be a massive underground particle accelerator. What should have been masterstroke for Savonburg turned into a fiasco when the project collapsed in 3024 due to the inability to find enough skilled construction workers able to handle the special needs of the twelve-kilometer subatomic accelerator ring, with Dean Refol losing his post as planetary Minister of Education.[31][32]

Yet later the very same year, twelve mysterious DropShips reportedly working for planetary survey and mining concerns but actually registered to Union TransStellar (a well-known Armed Forces of the Federated Suns shell-corporation) began landing on the uninhabited continent of Solestra, just long enough to drop off their cargo before leaving. These twelve would be followed by four to eight more DropShips every month until 3029 when after a brief respite the whole process would begin again. By 3054 at least nine major construction projects were completed on Savonburg - five on Solestra, three on the continent of Saxon and one in the most remote and desolate reaches of Suluth. None these ultra-secret facilities are visible from orbit and no-fly zones exist above each, each zone apparently due to "environmental dangers" yet imposed by the AFFS rather than civil authorities. According to various spacefarers a strange blue glow has been seen coming from one of the Saxon no-fly zones, with rumor as to the cause stretching from investigation of alien technologies, time-travel experiments to the facility being the new home of Clan Wolverine. Staff from Elesee-Beckett and the Savonburg Tech C&E regularly board unmarked atmojets seemingly bound for these facilities, returning days or weeks later as if nothing was strange about these proceedings.[32]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 32 systems (29 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Kublenz 18.3 Tantallon 18.5 Davisville 20.6 Verdinge 21.1
Benedict 25.2 Alta Vista 29.7 Mermentau 33.3 Vibrunum 33.7
Nagel 34.9 Hoyleton 37.1 Rosiclare 37.1 Mirage 38.6
Woodbine 39.7 Bothwell 42.4 Delacambre 46.4 Linneus 48.4
Palmyra 48.4 Kountze 50.1 Protection 50.8 Chanute 52.0
Neosho 52.7 Yamoussoukra 52.8 Altoona 53.7 Vandalia 54.6
Winfield 55.4 Humansville 57.3 Tsamma 58.0 Milligan 59.0
Caerlaverock 59.9 Andelys 60.8 Stratford 61.4 Inman 62.2


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