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Production information
Type Ballistic (Direct Fire)
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Year Availability 2240 (TA)[1]
Technical specifications
Heat 1[1]
Damage 5[1]
Minimum Range 3[1]
Short Range 1-6[1]
Medium Range 7-12[1]
Long Range 13-18[1]
Tons 8[1]
Critical Slots 4
Ammo Per Ton 20
Cost (unloaded) 125,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) 4,500[1]
BV (1.0) 70
BV (2.0) 70[2]
5 (Ammo)[2]
9 (Ammo)[2]


The Autocannon is a direct-fire ballistic weapon, firing HEAP (High-Explosive Armor-Piercing) rounds at targets either singly or in bursts.

Different manufacturers and models of autocannons have different calibers (25mm-203mm) and rates of fire. Due to this, autocannons are grouped into generic "classes" of autocannons with common damage ratings, with Autocannon/5s usually having a long range with a small to moderate damage level.

An example of the rating system: the Crusher Super Heavy Cannon is a 150mm weapon firing ten shells per "shot", while the Chemjet Gun is a 185mm weapon firing much slower, but causing higher damage. Despite their differences, both are classified as Autocannon/20s due to their damage output.

An Autocannon/5 can use special munitions to increase its effectiveness.


Designed for the Terran Alliance, the prototype version of this cannon was among first autocannons ever made. It first appeared in 2240[3] and was designed to improve the Alliance's military arsenal cope with newer armor being introduced during the time.[1] Examples of the Prototype AC/5 being used was on the Saturn-Class Patrol Ship in 2243.[4]


Armstrong J11[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Armstrong Industries Clint [5]
Al Na'ir Scarborough Manufacturers Scimitar [citation needed]
Scarborough Scarborough Limited [citation needed]
Ramora United Outworlders Corporation [citation needed]

Defiance Type J[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Hesperus II Defiance Industries [citation needed]

Deleon 5[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Kalidasa Quickscell Company Scorpion Light Tank [6]

General Motors Whirlwind[edit]

Famously mounted on the General Motors Marauder BattleMech, this autocannon fires 120mm shells in three round bursts.[7]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Arc-Royal TharHes Industries Marauder [citation needed]
Kathil General Motors Marauder [citation needed]

Mydron C[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Bithinia Bithinian Ballistics [citation needed]

Pontiac Light[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Sterope Sterope Defense Industries [citation needed]


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