Clan Jade Falcon

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Clan Jade Falcon Logo
Clan Jade Falcon
Faction Profile
Time period: 2807 – Present
Classification: Clan
Controlled systems:  ?
Capital world: Sudeten
Ruler title: Khan
Military: Clan Jade Falcon Touman
Secret Service: Clan Jade Falcon Watch

Clan Jade Falcon is an ardent Crusader Clan who traditionally views Clan Wolf as their most hated rival. The Jade Falcons recognize four founding members: Lisa Buhallin, Daniel Mattlov, Carl Icaza, and Elizabeth Hazen. Elizabeth Hazen is the one most well-regarded by the clan, for she is believed to have been the first to tame a jade falcon, a genetically engineered mix of peregrine and gyrfalcon, designed to combat native pests on the Clan colonial worlds. Hazen's jade falcon was named Turkina, and the stories of the two are the foundation for much of her Clan's myths.

The Founders

Praised be the Founders of Clan Jade Falcon!

Daniel Mattlov,
From him came the fire of the first Falcons.
Carl Icaza,
From him came the stubbornness and strengh,
Lisa Buhallin,
From her came the will to remember
But all hail mighty Elizabeth Hazen and Turkina
As first among equals,
For she was the first Khan
And Turkina her winged soul.
From them came our spirit and destiny.

-- From the Jade Falcon Invocation.[1]

Clan Statement

"We are Jade Falcon, great among the Clans. We are warriors who fight with the strength of the falcons claw and ascend to the heavens on the wings of the same. We remember with the clarity of falcon-sight the words of Kerensky. Through the smoke of time he speaks to us, his chosen, and urges us onward with the promise of Eden. We will retake what is ours by right, that shining jewel Terra. Not the vastness of space nor the Wolf’s obstinate howl will stay us from our righteous goal. We are Crusaders and will trample all who stand in our way!"[2]

Clan Description

The strictly traditionalist Crusaders of Clan Jade Falcon have long resented and been envious of Clan Wolf for their strength, holdings, and (most of all) possession of the coveted Kerensky Bloodname. The Jade Falcons participated in the initial invasion of the Inner Sphere and seized many Lyran worlds from the Federated Commonwealth. They were the first Clan to taste defeat at the hands of Inner Sphere forces, losing on Twycross in 3050. Achieving a draw with the ComGuards on Tukayyid, they schemed and plotted to undo the Truce. They were nearly destroyed by their Refusal War with the Wolves in an attempt to do just that. They lost many warriors and both of their Khans in subsequent politicking. Their new khan launched a daring strike at Coventry in the Lyran Alliance and managed to restore the Jade Falcons' strength by winning possession of other Crusader units in the Harvest Trials. The Jade Falcons beat the ComGuards during the Great Refusal on Strana Mechty and then pushed the Steel Vipers out of their Occupation Zone; after that, they seized (and lost) several more Lyran worlds during the FedCom Civil War. They still eye Terra and have not given up hope of claiming it.



In June of 2807, former Major-General Nicholas Kerensky declared the formation of the twenty Clans that would represent the 20 colony worlds of the Kerensky Cluster. Thus Clan Jade Falcon was born with its 40 Bloodname warriors.[3] Named for genetically modified Falcon, known as the Jade Falcon.

Operation Klondike

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Operation Revival

Clan Jade Falcon launched the first of five major assualt waves on the Inner Sphere on March 20th, 3050 with attacks on 10 Federated Commonwealth planets. Their second wave of attacks began in May 3050 and conquered 12 worlds from the Federated Commonwealth, meeting minimal resistance. Due to supply problems, the third wave of attacks was directed at only 5 worlds. The supply problem was fixed and in the fourth wave, 15 planets were to be attacked, but the Clan faced some setbacks, including the FedCom counter-attack on Twycross and the death of the staunch Crusader ilKhan Leo Showers. This caused Jade Falcon and the other Clans to withdraw all Bloodnamed troops to Strana Mechty to elect a new ilKhan. After a year of peace, the Falcons were jointly paired with Clan Steel Viper to continue the invasion, in November 3051. Clan Steel Viper won bidding rights for assaults on three worlds, and won Trials of Possession for another two worlds. Out of the original seven worlds selected for the fifth wave assault, the Jade Falcons were only allowed to assault and claim two. At Tukayyid, the Falcons were outfought by the ComGuards, resulting in a tactical draw. Aidan Pryde of the Falcon Guards was responsible for much of the positive outcomes of the battle.

Refusal War

In 3057, Ulric Kerensky, ilKhan of the Clans, was accused of genocide against the Clans by negotiating the Truce of Tukayyid because generations of Clan warriors would be denied the chance at warfare against the Inner Sphere. Khan Elias Crichell of the Jade Falcons led the Crusader faction of the Grand Council against the Warden faction of ilKhan Kerensky. If ilKhan Kerensky were to be found guilty, then the Truce of Tukayyid would be revoked and the Jade Falcons would be prepared to renew the invasion with the goal of becoming ilClan.[4] On August 8th, 3057, the Grand Council found Ulric guilty. Ulric declared a Trial of Refusal. He bid the entire Clan Wolf touman against the entirety of Clan Jade Falcon in a ploy to destroy the Crusaders in his own ranks and weaken the forces of one of the strongest Crusader Clans.[5]

Rebuilding and Conventry

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Great Refusal

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Incursion of 3064

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During the early stages of the Jihad, the Jade Falcons launched another attack on the Lyran Alliance; the first planet to be seized was Graus, captured on the 7th of October 3068. The Jade Falcons followed this up with attacks that conquered Black Earth, Blackjack, Blue Hole and Roadside by late January 3069. The Falcons would continue to take worlds from the Lyrans throughout 3069 and 3070, although Clan Wolf launched an invasion of their own, shadowing the Falcon's advances. The Wolves also snapped up three Falcon worlds during the first two weeks of March 3069: Bessarabia, Biota and Cusset.[6] Despite losing these three worlds to the Wolves, the Falcons pressed on against the Lyrans, capturing Mkuranga and Pasig between the 10th and 14th of June 3069 and Deia on the 15th of August.[7] The Falcons launched an attack on Zanderij in the second week of June 3070, but the campaign wouldn't be a quick occupation; defending LAAF and Clan Wolf-in-Exile forces pushed the Falcons back off Zanderij on the 12th of August.[8] An attack on the heavily fortified world of Great X also didn't go the Falcon's way, turning instead into a grinding quagmire of a campaign.[9]

The Falcon campaign against the Lyrans slowed in 3071; after attacking Morges on the 8th of February, the Falcons found themselves the target of attacks from Clan Hell's Horses, who had been seizing Periphery worlds from Clan Wolf for some months. The Falcons attacked the Horses on Steelton in the second week in April, while also sending a small force to Arc-Royal under a flag of truce. The last ten days of April saw the Falcons invaded themselves, as Clan Ice Hellion launched a two-part invasion of the Falcon Occupation Zone that would tie up the Falcon touman for some months.[9]

Main article: Operation Ice Storm

On the 15th of May 3076 the Jade Falcon Khan, Marthe Pryde, was assassinated on Sudeten by unidentified agents.[10][11]

Peacetime prior to the HPG Blackout

The Falcons took heavy damage during the Jihad; a total of 24 clusters of troops were lost, with the remaining forces reduced down to half strength, and while the foresight Marthe Pryde displayed in dispersing the various Falcon genetic legacies around the Falcon occupation zone saw them avoid a scourging at the hands of the Word of Blake akin to that of the Wolves, for unknown reasons the sibkos being produced in the early 3080s were smaller than average, leading to a shortage of warriors. This lack of strength prevented the Falcons from taking advantage of the reduced strength of the neighbouring Wolves, although some ineffective probes from the Lyran armed forces in 3080 drew a swift response from the Falcons.[12]

Dark Age & Republic Incursion

Jade Falcon Incursion of the Republic

In March 3134, seeing an opportunity caused by the collapse of the HPG network, the Falcons made an incursion into the Republic of the Sphere, this expedition force consisted of Turkina Keshik, Delta and Zeta Galaxies.[13] The Expedition lead by the political JF radicals known as the "Mongols". The expedition masqueraded their expedition under the guise of hunting the Clan splinter group, the Steel Wolves. The invasion focus on the Prefecture IX, where captured a string of worlds, in the two Prefectures and single Lyran Commonwealth world of Chaffee.[14] The Prefecture weaken by uprising and defection of its own Prefecture forces, principally the Stormhammers sprinter group. Expedition splinter apart by galaxy and capture number worlds until they meet at Skye. In what was named as the 1st Battle for Skye, the Falcon forces utilized its assets, including its WarShip, the Emerald Talon cover the expedition's landings in August. On the group, the Falcons forces were tricked and out maneuvered by the desperate Republican forces & its allies lead by Prefect Tara Campbell.[15]

However, after months of regrouping, Falcon forces resume their battle for Skye in October.[16] Allied Republican and splinter forces attempt to disrupt Falcon's supply chain by liberating various worlds controlled by Expedition. Expedition's military leader, "Khan" Malvina Hazen uses nuclear weapons to disrupt electronics in planet's capital force the defenders out.[17] Jade Falcon's Emerald Talon is badly damage and forced off as reinforcements lead by the Lyran Commonwealth's WarShip, LAS Yggdrasil.[18] However in late December, despite their best efforts Falcon forces were able to overwhelm Skye's defenders and win control of the planet, forcing them to withdraw from the planet.[19]

A Rending of Falcons: Jade Falcon Civil War

Year after establishing the Falcon's Reaches, Malvina Hazen leads the bulk of the Expedition back to Clan Jade Falcon's Occupation Zone, where she conducts Trial of Possession against Khan Jana Pryde for control the Clan in September, 3135.[20] However, Loremaster Julia Buhallin denies Malvina her trial. In turn, Malvina declares herself Khan and goes about fighting claim the Occupation Zone herself and her expedition.[21] By December, Falcons forces had been fighting around the Occupation Zone, favoring Malvina in her success with Clan Hell's Horses allies. Khan Pryde musters the entire Jade Falcon Touman at Sudeten to route out Malvinas' forces. The Khans meet in a officiated Trial of Possession in space against one another in early April. In brutal battle in 'Mechs, Malvina kills Jana and official gains Khanship of the Clan.[22] She then orders the baldy damaged Emerald Talon to crash into the planetary capital of Sudeten to eliminate Clan's fighting political rivals.[23] Shortly after, she kills her Clan Hell's Horses ally Manas Amirault in Trial of Possession for Mongrel doctrine and control of the Fire Horse Galaxy.[24]

Exclusive Jade Falcon Bloodnames

Banner of Clan Jade Falcon.

General Bloodnames:







Von Jankmon

Social Structure of Clan Jade Falcon

Clan Jade Falcon is founded on a caste-based martial society, which divides people into several distinct groups. The highest caste is the warrior caste, where MechWarriors, pilots, and genetically enhanced infantry called Elementals command the greatest respect. Warriors are genetically bred through steel wombs, where the genetic material from prominent warriors is combined to create a unique batch of children who are thought to be superior in combat. These children, or sibkos, go through a variety of tests for their first 20 years, at the end of which they will be judged to be warriors or not.

Below the warriors are the techs, who keep the BattleMechs, aerospace fighters, and armored infantry functioning. While they are essential to the society, most warriors look down on techs as inferiors and less valuable members of society. Roughly parallel to the techs is the Scientist caste, where biologists, engineers, and researchers determine how to further enhance Clan Jade Falcon's already-considerable gene pool, armament, and technological progress.

Below the scientists and techs are the merchants, who conduct trade with other Clans and, covertly, states and trading houses from the Inner Sphere. While they are rarely seen, the merchants provide the industrial and transportation backbone for the Clans.

At the lowest level of Clan Jade Falcon are the laborers, who do manual labor and jobs too demeaning for other caste members.

Manufacturing Center

A detailed list of some Jade Falcon manufacturer and companie centers.

Major Defense Industries[25]


Military Structure of Clan Jade Falcon

The military structure (or Touman) of Clan Jade Falcon, like most Clans, is split up into groups: Naval and Ground.

Naval Structure

Clan Jade Falcon has numerous WarShip, JumpShip, and DropShip assets to control space and transport troops to landing sites. Destroyers, Cruisers, and Battleships have been observed within the Naval hierarchy, which, combined with assault dropships, can successfully defend most of the Clan's holdings in both the Inner Sphere and the Clan homeworlds. Naval commanders, however, are considered inferior to the Jade Falcon ground troops. While they are genetically bred warriors, the focus of combat personnel has always been the MechWarrior on the ground.

Ground Military Structure

Jade Falcons esteem MechWarriors above all other combat personnel, and see their MechWarriors as the ultimate result of their breeding practices. Their MechWarriors are brash, fierce, and unrelenting. While subtlety is rare among the Jade Falcons, their relentless drive to crush the enemy is a potent force. MechWarriors will often take incredible risks, sometimes failing, but often gaining victory or a heroic death that ensures their genetic legacy will live on among future generations.

Jade Falcon Elementals are thought highly of as well, with particular attention paid to tenacity and endurance. During their initial sweep into the Inner Sphere, Jade Falcon Elementals played an integral part in capturing and maintaining order among hostile worlds.

While pilots of aerospace fighters are not as highly respected as MechWarriors, they are still warriors and rank above the other castes.


Within Clan Jade Falcon, several terms are used to describe given organizations. Some of them are listed below:

Combat Unit Terminology

Until after Operation Revival, the Falcon Touman had its own designation for its unit/force make up which was unique to Falcons. These designation for Stars, are usually used as part of a Star's name. Per a mission or campaign, Trinaries and Stars are renamed for their temporary mission function.[26]

Permanent Unit Designations
  • Com - Command Star, usually reserve for large Cluster and Galaxy formations.
  • Beak - A Star composed of medium-heavy 'Mechs - Note: Beak was typically used for mix weight classes beyond what is designated here.
  • Eyrie - A Star composed of wide mix assortment of weight classes of 'Mechs. Sometimes called Beak Star.
  • Nova - Double Star formation, which has seperate combat unit types, ('Mech/Elemental/Fighter/Combat Vehicle) per type. Nova name was designation only unique to Falcon in manners of naming its units are combinations.
  • Strider - A Star composed of Infantry/Battle Armor.
  • Talon - A Star composed of heavy to Assault weight 'Mechs
  • Wing - A Star composed of Aerospace Fighters
  • Mix - A Star which has Points compose of differient unit types (Vehicle infantry/Battle Armor/fighters etc.).
  • Dark Wing - Jade Falcon name for Solahma Unit.[27]
Temporary Unit Designations
  • Hold - Rear Guard Unit, who's mission it is to tie up the enemy's advance.
  • Probe - Recon Unit
  • Shield - Defense unit
  • Sweep - A pursuit unit, trained in hunting down fleeing enemy forces.

Unique Officer Rankings

Touman Listings of Clan Jade Falcon

See Clan Jade Falcon Touman.




Era Specific Data

Jade Falcon Demographics
Affiliation: Crusader

Clan Space Worlds:
Barcella (15 percent)
Dagda (9 percent)
Eden (34 percent)
Gatekeeper (100 percent)
Glory (45 percent)
Huntress (42 percent)
Ironhold (100 percent)
Marshall (6 percent)
Tokasha (64 percent)
Capital: Ironhold
Population (Clan Space): 116,264,000 (3060)
Population growth rate: 2.6 percent (72/46)
Self-Sufficiency Index: 93 percent

Khan: Marthe Pryde
saKhan: Samantha Clees
Loremaster: Kael Pershaw
Scientist-Gneral: Etienne (Balzac)
Merchant Factor: Moriz
Master Technician: Sanders
Senior Laborer: Tae

Clusters: 47
WarShips: 23


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