4th Davion Guards

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4th Davion Guards
Fourth Davion Guards RCT
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname Dragon’s Bane
Parent Formation Davion Brigade of Guards
Formed Unknown

Primarily stationed on the Draconis Combine's border, the Fourth Davion Guards are configured to be a fast-moving unit. The unit primarily consists of light BattleMechs, with four regiments of armor units of fast tanks and hovercraft.[1] Both First Prince Carl Davion[2] and First Prince Ian Davion[3] were killed fighting alongside the 4th Guards.


The homeworld of the 4th Davion Guards was Fort Loudon.

Star League Era[edit]

The Fourth Davion Guards were almost destroyed during the War of Davion Succession. In 2726 the Fourth Davion Guards were stationed on Breed. There they fought against the 4th Sword of Light, but heavy losses resulted in their near destruction. Breed's civilian leaders surrendered to the Draconis Combine.[4]

After Operation SMOTHER separated the combatants, the Fourth Guards were subjected to nearly constant border skirmishes that reduced their combat effectiveness and morale. In 2740, Colonel Mitchel Stopec took command of the Fourth Guards, and he made rebuilding the regiment's morale and replacing its aging equipment his top priorities. By the time First Prince John Davion inspected the Fourth in 2748, the regiment was one of the most skilled and finely honed in the AFFS. Its MechWarriors were so well-disciplined that during the '48 inspection, one of the regiment's MechWarriors performed a hand-stand with his Phoenix Hawk to demonstrate that the Fourth contained not only some of the best MechWarriors in the Federated Suns, but could also be on the same level as the most elite SLDF units.

Soon after in 2748, Colonel Stopec challenged the 2736 winners of the Martial Olympiad, the 320th Dragoon Regiment, to a challenge on Venus in order to demonstrate the skill of the Fourth. The Fourth Davion Guards would go on to defeat the SLDF regiment despite the serious wounding of Colonel Stopec. This event would also convince First Prince John Davion to appoint Colonel Stopec as the Prince's Champion.[5]

Mallory's World[edit]

The Fourth Davion Guards, led by First Prince Ian Davion, arrived on Mallory's World in 3013 to relieve the defending 17th Avalon Hussars. They immediately attacked the 2nd Sword of Light regiment and broke their siege. The DCMS regiments withdrew in good order, but the Fourth pursued them. A bungled drop by the 17th Avalon Hussars left the Guard's flank exposed, however, and the Guards were forced to take up a defensive position.[6] After fighting off the Second Sword of Light on the Bastard Flats, the Guards moved to the relative safety of Desolate Pass.[7] The First Prince defended the retreating Guards, destroying four assault 'Mechs, but was killed by Yorinaga Kurita. The Guards recovered the Prince's body.[8] To avenge the Prince's death, the Fourth Guard and Kell Hounds pinned the 2nd Legion of Vega in place while the 17th Avalon Hussars dropped on the Combine unit's positions. The Legion of Vega was wiped out.[9]

In 3016 the rebuilt 2nd Legion of Vega attacked Mallory's World once again. The Fourth Davion Guards, though surrounded and having fewer 'Mechs available, was able to rout the DCMS unit.[10]


The unit was stationed on world of Deshler as of 3025 in the Raman PDZ. The unit's commanding officer was lead commander of all forces in the PDZ. Deshler was attacked by Wolf's Dragoons Beta and Gamma Regiments to prevent the Fourth Davion Guards from reinforcing Galtor III. The Fourth heavily damaged two of the Dragoons DropShips and forced Beta to break off their main attack.[11] The Fourth then led a series of ambushes against Beta Regiment, inflicting heavy casualties. These ambushes provided enough time for the employees of a nearby 'Mech plant to strip everything of use from their factory. The Fourth Davion Guards then joined the militia unit facing Gamma Regiment.[12]

Fourth Succession War[edit]


The unit fought in the first wave against the elite Warrior House Ijori on Aldebaran. They drove the First Battalion off-world.[13] The supporting 4th Deneb Light Cavalry and the Redfield Renegades together made short work with the 2nd Battalion of this elite CCAF unit. The 4th Guard would remain on Aldebaran until December, when they redeployed to Basalt.[14] On Basalt, the Fourth Davion Guards guarded a series of empty warehouses. The Maskirovka thought these warehouses were full of supplies for upcoming invasion waves. The Strategios assigned elements of Kerr's Intruders, McCrimmon's Light Cavalry, and MacGregor's Armored Scouts to attack the world. The Capellan forces fought their way to the warehouses, losing half their forces in the process. After Colonel Rasos, commander of the 4th Guards 'Mech regiment, showed the Capellan forces that the warehouses were empty they surrendered to the Guards.[15][16]

War of 3039[edit]

In the War of 3039 They were first assigned to attack Cylene, and expected to face the 9th Dieron Regulars. However the Regulars had been redeployed to meet other threats, and the Fourth was able to take control of the world after fighting militia forces for two months.[17] After this they reinforced the AFFS troops on Exeter.[18] This was noteworthy because the Ryuken-go was on the world with Kanrei Theodore Kurita. Though they pushed the DCMS forces off world, the Fourth was unable to capture the Kanrei.[19] Kurita was forced, however, to leave behind a rare collection of twenty-fifth century natural jazz in his haste to withdraw, much to the Kanrei's chagrin.[20]

Clan Invasion Era[edit]

In 3050, the unit was stationed on the world of David in the Raman PDZ. Its soldiers were considered elite and highly fanatical.

The unit was stationed on Fort Loudon as of 3057, when Katherine Steiner-Davion assumed the throne of the newly-formed Lyran Alliance. The unit commander Marshal Orsina denounced the usurpation of the throne from Victor, but the unit remained loyal to the Lyran people, and held in place to protect them from the Clans. Its neighboring unit, 5th Alliance Guards, were fanatically devoted to the new Archon, and supported her ascension to the throne. The LAAF began re-directing supplies away from the Davion unit in order to weaken it. However, the 4th Guard's Marshal Orsina began raids against Clan-held worlds for supplies or taking the unit to different worlds to get supplies through friendlier sources.[21] In early 3060s, the world's people's loyalties began to divide, with the two unit commanders on planet mutually agreeing to keep each unit based separately from one another, including the Lyran mercenary support unit, Knights of St. Cameron.

FedCom Civil War[edit]

Fort Loudon[edit]

In December 3062, after the assassination of Arthur Steiner-Davion, Marshal Orsina called publicly for the resignation of the Archon-Princess. However, this call for the resignation of the Archon was a sign that forced the 5th Alliance Guards’ Lt. General James Ito into action. First integrating the Knights into his unit, he then activated Ft Loudan's planetary militia forces and called marshal law on the planet.

He then ordered the 4th Davion Guards to move to an arctic base 1,500 km from their current location near the city of Yulio on the 2nd of December. By the 7th, the 4th Guards had not moved, and Ito was demanding that their Marshal Orsina resign. Refusing to stand down, the marshal ordered her units to conduct a preemptive attack against the Alliance Guards and its planetary militia reinforcements.

The 4th Guards hit Alliance's command & communication systems, to surprise Lt. General Ito. The elite Davion Guards were fortified by a brigade of mechanized Battle Armor units led by Major General Robert Davion-Zibler. After the initial assault, Alliance Guards held their own against the 4th Davion's forces. For two weeks, the unit clashed, but made no headway. By this time Marshal Orsina detached General Zibler-Davion's Battle Armor forces to act independently. While the marshal had her forces patrol their bases at Yulio and Carentan, the Battle Armor forces conducted raids against 5th Alliance Guard bases, including Fort Loudan Prime, planetary capital and site of 5th's main base.

On the 12th, General Ito ordered his mercenary forces into action, forming a two-flanked front that was directed to attack the 4th Davion's small base at the city of Carentan. He then had dispatched militia forces hold the Carentan forces from withdrawing to their base in Yulio. General Zibler-Davion's Battle Armor forces disrupted command & communications for militia forces, trying to allow for some Guard forces to slip in to aide besieged forces.

By 2nd of January 3063, the situation shifted. Lt. General Ito ordered his aerospace fighter squadrons to push back the 4th Davion's heavy aerospace cover and hit the base at Carentan. A single squadron penetrated aerospace cover and successfully bombed the 4th's Carentan base. With the successful bombing, Ito dispatched two battalions of Alliance/Knight of St. Cameron 'Mech forces into the base in a daring assault. This action successfully captured and neutralized the base and its two regiments of 4th Davion troops. After two further weeks of fighting, Marshal decided that despite many civilians braving arrest to protest the Archon, she did not have enough support to take the planet. By February, she quietly had her forces regroup at Yulio in the guise of reinforcing their positions. The 4th Davion Guards then departed the planet, only leaving behind special forces to keep occupation forces occupied.[22]

After a couple of months of attempting to disrupt force, these special forces formed resistance cells which they used to disrupt Alliance's supply bases. Their largest operation was an attempt to capture General Ito. However, this ended in disaster, as half of the special forces were captured and the whereabouts of many of the surviving troops' locations were revealed. The remaining Special Forces that survived head-hunting scaled back their operations.


In late February, the 4th Davion Guards RCT had arrived at Rasalgethi and rendered assistance to the 17th Donegal Guards, who were fighting the 6th Lyran Guards. The 6th were held up in an underground complex at Ronne Air Base. With two RCTs poised to come down on them, many officers of the 6th began to suggest surrender. The Sixth's Commander, Quitman Brown, would not hear of it as his unit endured air strikes & artillery fire in their positions. Brown had his friends, who were former DMI operatives, murder those who rebelled on March 22nd.

Two days later, Brown and his senior staff were arrested by his officers after the entirety of command revolted. The 6th's new commanding officer, Colonel Theodore Hess, signaled the 4th Davion Guards and its allies with the 17th that they were surrendering to them.[23]

Yed Posterior[edit]

The 4th Guards had been proceeding through Skye Providence on their way to Federated Suns, where they stopped on Yed Posterior.

On January 1st, 3064, the 5th Lyran Regulars based out of Freedom assaulted 4th Davion Guards while they were on Yed Posterior. The Regular's commander, Colonel Jeanine Castro, believed the Guards were threat, her unit would be able hand a rag-tag unit. The assault on New Year ’s Day was disaster of failure of Lyran intelligence. The Fourth Davion was near pre-Civil War strength and turn on Regulars as soon hit ground. The Fourth Davion's Doppelganger company of Clan OmniMechs drove into Regular position causing major damage to the unit. The 5th Lyran had barely had battalion of ground forces left as withdrew from the planet. The Regular's 14th Freedom Reserve Fighter Wing wiped out by the Davion Guard's two combat harden Aerospace Wings. Marshal allowed shattered remains of the 5th to withdraw, upset that they broke their neutrality to attack them. From Yed Posterior, Marshal Orsina sent message to Prince Victor Steiner-Davion that they were offering to join his the allied force.[24]


On May 5th, the 4th Davion Guards arrived to assist the 4th Deneb Light Cavalry on Dalkeith. The Cavalry, heavy with Aerospace assets, but light on other forces were in steadying losing campaign against the 13th Donegal Guards & newly arrived 3rd Lyran Royal Guards RCT. The Fourth conducted assault on Thirteenth’s position in a repair depot that was lost to the Cavalry in early fighting.

On the 2nd of December, 3064, stalemate of the fighting for the 4th Guards changed as their old enemies, 5th Alliance Guards hard arrived after hearing of their presence on the planet. Tipping the odds towards Loyalists, Guards and its allies of the Cavalry had begun trying to resist loyalist drive into their control area. The Guards and Cavalry were forced back through mountain ranges suffering heavy bombardment and attacks by loyalist forces. In the 6th March, Lt. General Ito led his Loyalist forces into Allied front, causing heavy damage forcing them into the badlands.

However, probes forces of two battalions worth of troops were destroyed by the highly mobile forces of the Guards & Cavalry. By April, pro-temp Allied commander Marshal Orsina was force to order her forces withdraw from continent and utilized numerous commercial sea going vessels to retreat to the landmass named Rockmeir. General Ito, now convinced that allies had transverse the straits to Rockmeir, dug in and begun to waiting DropShips to arrive so they could pursue the treating allies.

In early August 3065, the Guards and Cavalry had fortified & reinforced the shattered ruins of the capital of Newhaven. When the pursuing loyalist forces made crossing to Rockmeir, they found themselves being lead into series of traps. The Guards and Cavalry used companies of various units to bait loyalist into positions. Then utilized FASCAM Artillery, devastating the 3rd Royal Guards to third of their strength before they escaped.

In April 3066, fighting had been come to a stalemate between the 4th Davion Guards forces and 5th Alliance. This unfortunately changed for the Allies, as 26th Lyran Guards arrived from Port Moseby 17th. Where they dropped on top of Davion Guard's allied unit position and devastated them. The Cavalry like wised caused heavy damaged to 26th Guards, they themselves were reduced to a combined arms battalion. The survivors slip back Guards position, leaving 4th Davion in deeping troubling situation.[25] Loyalist forces begun surround the Newhaven, in form of three battle fronts.

Final assault begun in September 27th, where seeing no avenue survive unless they escape. The 4th Davion Guards burst through weaken Third Royal Guard's front and devastated loyalist unit. The Fourth moved as quickly through path they had made, but failed fully escape. The 5th Alliance and 26th Lyran Guards jump on the beleaguer unit and destroyed them. With survivors that were only able to do token hit and run attacks in later months.[26]

The unit was destroyed on Dalkeith[27] during the FedCom Civil War and remained inactive as of 3067. Survivors were absorbed into the 3rd Davion Guards.[28]

Dark Age[edit]

In 3139 the Fourth Guards were one of the first units to respond to the incursion by the DCMS into Federated Suns space.[29] They joined the 2nd Robinson Rangers on Glenmora to oppose Wolf's Dragoons.[30] The Fourth Guards spent the period between 3140 and 3143 fighting in the Draconis Reach. After three years of near constant attacks, they withdrew to Pattonsburg to rebuild. The Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery assaulted the Draconis March in 3143, and the Fourth was able to avoid destruction on Palmyra only to be stranded on Pattonsburg as Caleb Davion had stripped the unit of its JumpShips.[31]



The unit uses fast and lighting quick maneuvers to take down enemy forces.[37]

Composition History[edit]


Fourth Davion Guards (Elite/Fanatical)[34]

  • CO: Marshal Eugene Drivers


Fourth Davion Guards[13]

Fourth Davion Guards Armor Brigade

  • 1st Bellevue Armored Regiment[13]

Fourth Davion Guards Infantry Brigade

  • 17th Kestrel Mechanized Infantry[13]


Fourth Davion Guards (Elite/Fanatical)[40]


Fourth Davion Guards (1 Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[38]

  • CO: Marshal Alberta Orsina


Fourth Davion Guards (Elite/Fanatical) [41]

  • CO: Marshal Alberta Orsina [41]


Fourth Davion Guards (1 Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[37]

  • CO: Marshal Alberta Orsina
- Equipped with Nineteen OmniMechs, structured like a Clan Trinary

Fourth Davion Guards Aerospace Brigade (2 Wings)[37]

  • 83rd F-C Fighter Wing
  • 84th F-C Fighter Wing

Fourth Davion Guards Armor Brigade (4 Regiments/Elite/Reliable)[37]

  • 7th Zebebelgenubi Light Armor Regiment: Leftenant Colonel Francis Daebel
  • 19th Bolan Armored Regiment: Colonel Hetty Rutt-Steiner
  • 15th Chesterton Armored Regiment: Colonel Z. Alan Maloney
  • 30th Federation Light Armor: Colonel Dewey Simms
  • 4th Guards Artillery Battalion: Major Jeb Richelieu
- The 15th & 30th fields hovercraft units

Fourth Davion Guards Infantry Brigade (5 Regiments/Regular/Reliable)[37]

  • CO: Leftenant General Estes Malevannyy
  • Aide: Colonel Hak-Joong Kim
  • 478th New Avalon Rifles: Colonel Kyle Elms
  • 18th Manassas Mechanized Infantry: Colonel Pam Kunin
  • 177th F-C Mechanized Infantry: Colonel Alexander J. Beyer V
  • 178th F-C Mechanized Infantry: Leutnant-Colonel Eugenia Bello
  • 3rd Saginaw Jump Infantry - Leftenant-Colonel: Zachary Rybacki
- The 177th & 178th includes a Battalion of Cavalier Battle Armor)


Fourth Davion Guards RCT (Veteran/Fanatical)[39]

  • CO: General Baxter Taft

Fourth Davion Guards Aerospace Brigade (Elite/Fanatical)[39]

Fourth Davion Guards Armor Brigade (Veteran/Reliable)[39]

  • CO: Major General Candace Warren

Fourth Davion Guards Infantry Brigade (Veteran/Fanatical)[39]

  • CO: Major General Marguerite Walton



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