Avanti's Angels

Insignia of Avanti's Angels
Avanti's Angels
Formed 3050
Disbanded 3137
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent

Avanti's Angels was a small mercenary unit that specialized in offensive hit-and-run operations.


Marcus GioAvanti was an independent MechWarrior hired by a small corporation on Garstedt when he heard rumors of an invasion from the Periphery. This news was the precursor to Clan Smoke Jaguar's attack on Garstedt in May of 3050.[1] GioAvanti was dragooned into the DCMS as part of a six-strong BattleMech demi-company attached to the Third Alshain Regulars. This demi-company barely survived the Smoke Jaguar invasion of the planet.[2]

A month later on Schuyler, GioAvanti and the other survivors from the first demi-company were ordered to create another ad hoc unit from nine more MechWarriors who had found themselves volunteered to form another "auxiliary" unit for the Third Alshain Regulars. They were assigned to rearguard and diversionary duty — responsibilities that once again left them with no chance of reinforcement or support. Tai-i GioAvanti managed to bring three MechWarriors out alive but only by using every trick or battlefield advantage he could manage.[2]

Detached from the Third Alshain Regulars, fate repeated itself for GioAvanti's command. Re-formed into a fresh auxiliary unit with more "volunteers" on Jeronimo in support of the Fifth Galedon Regulars, they were forced off-planet by the Clans yet again. No matter the defensive preparations taken, the Angels were pushed off planet after planet: Hyner, Juazeiro, Asgard, Kanowit, each planet saw members of other shattered commands joining the nascent Angels and every battle claimed more equipment and lives.[2]

By the time Avanti's Angels had narrowly avoided total destruction yet again at the hands of Smoke Jaguars on Labrea, they had gained considerable combat experience and even gathered a handful of ClanTech weapons: a Gauss rifle, six ER PPCs and several lasers. Avanti's Angels disbanded, leaving the DCMS, and immediately re-formed as a mercenary unit.

In 3058 Avanti's Angels fought in the Chaos March. At this point in time they consisted of a full company of 'Mechs, supported by a Platoon of infantry, a single Savannah Master and two DropShips (Union and a Fortress).

One contract brought them to the planet Arboris to fight Capellan forces. Avanti's Angels suffered heavy losses when a traitor sold information about them to the commander of Ishara's Grenadiers. Shortly thereafter they fought on New Home alongside the Thirtieth Lyran Guards, again against Capellan forces. They managed to capture a second Savannah Master and a JagerMech. Despite their successes, their betrayal soured them on the Chaos March.[3]

In early 3058 they were hired by the Magistracy of Canopus.[4] Their mission was to find the planet on which the invading Marian forces hid their supply depot. Avanti's Angels welcomed this offer as the job included the permission to pillage any enemy supply depot they could capture.

Avanti's Angels were reinforced by a Canopian 'Mech Lance, bringing their total strength to 16 BattleMechs. The plan was to establish a base on Marantha, a planet guarded by 3 Canopian regiments. Blakist forces (posing as their ally, the Marian Hegemony) attacked this position only hours after Avanti's Angels had landed on the planet. Avanti's Angels were outmatched but Marcus GioAvanti managed to trick the Blakist commander into believing that Canopian reinforcements were on the way, convincing him to retreat.

The Angels received intelligence that Free Worlds League freighters were regularly rerouted to fly through a certain system. The Free Worlds League was also under suspicion by the Canopians for delivering weapons and 'Mechs to the Marians. The only habitable planet within easy jumping range of the League, the Hegemony and the Magistracy was Astrokaszy: a barbaric planet ruled by warlords and scavenging nomad tribes.

Avanti's Angels departed for Astrokaszy. They were attacked by Blakist forces (again posing as Marians) and had to split into 2 'Mech elements in the hope that some members would somehow have a chance to survive. Avanti's Angels regrouped in the cover of the "Desertwind" tribe and allied with one of the warlords. He promised Avanti's Angels his support to drive the Marians off the planet but, in the deciding moment, his forces did not show up for their would-be flank attack and Avanti's Angels were once again outmatched. They were saved in the very last moment when Canopian and Capellan forces arrived.

At the end of their campaign for the Magistracy of Canopus in 3058, Avanti's Angels were reduced to about eight 'Mechs but they did have a chance to salvage several heavy 'Mechs. These 'Mechs served them well for their next contract: Supporting SLDF forces in the assault on Clan Smoke Jaguar.[5][3]

The Angels officially took no sides during the Federated Commonwealth Civil War, but Marcus GioAvanti took a small group of Angels to Skye to assist his family. Interestingly, this small unit fought against both pro-Katrina and pro-Victor forces.

Immediately prior to the Jihad the Angels had returned to the Magistracy and were on-planet when the Word of Blake struck. The Blakists were determined to destroy any unit that was part of the Allied Mercenary Command and inflicted serious damage on the Angels. However the Angels persevered and destroyed the Blakist unit. The actions of the local government forced the Angels to break their contract, and with the Magistracy under an Interdiction, they were unable to contact the Magistracy Command Center to explain their actions. In 3068 the Angels relocated to New Home to assist an old colleague. They have since completed two contracts.[5]

In 18 May 3069 the Union-class Heaven Sent was used to rescue Raphael Shienzé, Baron Shienzè's son after Avanti's Angels rescued him from a Word of Blake Level I.[6]

The unit helped to free a number of "political prisoners" from one of the Blakist reeducation camps in New Earth on 12 November 3072 along other partisans from Baron Shienzè forces and ComStar-backed insurgents when they managed to briefly disrupt the Blakist government. They rescued Fritz Donner, former commander of the Black Warriors and others.[7][8]

By 3137 the Angels were on Promised Land during the Lyran Commonwealth invasion of the former Free Worlds League, and were vanquished by the Lyran-employed Kirkpatrick's Invaders on 12 November.[9][10]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Avanti's Angels
Marcus GioAvanti 30583069[11]


In their battles against the Clans, Avanti's Angels learned that offense is the key to victory. Accordingly they never accept missions that include defending positions or installations. They are specialized in hard attacks with a quick retreat (e.g. hostage rescues and such).[4][11]

Learning from their collective experiences during the Clan invasion, the Angels refuse to sign away their command rights.[2] They have also learned to salvage quickly and while on the run. Every pilot in the Angels is taught to crudely tear salvageable items from fallen BattleMechs for use by the Angels' techs. This includes not just individual items but also limbs, heads or even chunks of torso.[4][11]

The Angels will often lay down minefields via Thunder missiles to hold up enemy advances, which are followed up by high-speed passes performed by hovercraft from the Angels Special Assault Force. One of these hovercraft is fitted with a C3 slave, allowing a supporting BattleMech lance to make accurate long-range attacks against the enemy.[2]

The Angels train extensively in configurations ranging from single 'Mech-on-'Mech combat up to six 'Mech lances and can switch configuration in mid-combat.[2] The Angels are constantly remixing the composition of their 'Mech companies to prevent their style and tactics becoming predictable.[4][11]

The Angels Special Assault Force veteran infantry have trained extensively in areas such as recon, anti-'Mech tactics, and general fire support.[4][11]

Dragoon Ratings[edit]


Dragoon Rating: B+[4]


Dragoon Rating: B+


Dragoon Rating: A– (under review)[5]

Composition History[edit]


Avanti's Angels (2 Companies/Veteran/Reliable)[4]

  • CO/First Company: Marcus GioAvanti
  • XO/Second Company: Charlene Boske
  • Comm Officer: Ki-Lynn Tanaga

Angels Aerospace (Lance/Regular/Reliable)[4]

  • Element Commander: Nathaniel Keppler

Angels Special Assault Force (Mixed Company/Veteran/Reliable)[4]

  • Force Commander: General Hanford Lee

Although listed as Veteran, the 'Mech companies were actually just shy of elite status in 3059; more than half of the 'Mechs in the unit are older models, but two full lances of 'Mechs were 3055- or 3058-era designs and this combined with the sixty or so tons of Clantech weapons salvaged and incorporated into the Angels gave them a relatively high level of technology compared to many other mercenary units.[4]


Avanti's Angels (2 Companies/Veteran/Reliable)[11]

  • CO/First Company: Marcus GioAvanti
  • XO/Second Company: Charlene Boske

Angels Aerospace (2 Lances/Regular/Reliable)[11]

  • Lance Commander: Nathaniel Keppler

Angels Special Assault Force (1 Mixed Company/Veteran/Reliable)[11]

  • Force Commander: General Hanford Lee

In 3067 the Angels 'Mech companies were still riding the line between veteran and elite status; only misfortune and battlefield attrition stopped them crossing the line once and for all. The 'Mech companies still included just two lances of post-3055 designs at this point, and the amount of Clan technology remaining within the command had dropped from sixty tons to forty.[11]


Avanti's Angels (Mixed Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)[12]

Stationed on Joppa at the end of 3069, the Angels were only at 90% strength, but were heavily upgraded, with 65% of the unit equipped with Star League–era technology, 10% equipped with Clan technology and 10% equipped with Omni technology.

Unit Profile[edit]

The unit contained (among others) the following 'Mechs: Warhammer (Clan PPCs), Marauder (Clan PPCs), BattleMaster, Caesar (Clan Gauss and Clan PPC), Archer, Enforcer, Phoenix Hawk, Jenner, Wasp, Valkyrie.

The unit contained 2 Savannah Masters, one of them equipped with a TAG.

The infantry has experience in Anti-BattleMech tactics.

The unit has 2 DropShips: The Heaven Sent[2] (Union-class) and the Head of a Pin or Pinhead[11] (Fortress-class). The family members of the staff live aboard the Pinhead. Additionally the unit has an uncertain amount of civilian hover vehicles aboard the Pinhead.

Avanti's Angels also has its own one-person intelligence unit. He regularly travels apart from the rest of the unit and is said to have friends on almost every planet.


  • Any mercenary unit fighting against the Angels must inform the Angel commander of any specialties possessed by that unit; the commander of the Angels has two options: take a +2 Initiative bonus for the Angels, or take a +1 bonus for the Angels and force the opposing unit to accept a 1 point penalty to any special ability they possess that generates a modifier.[13][14]
  • If the Angels have lost more than half of their starting units, rounded down, the Angels have been forced into a defensive position, and lose all bonuses; they also suffer a –2 Initiative penalty, which is cumulative with any bonuses the enemy unit receives.[13][14]

Color Scheme[edit]

The Angels utilize white with gold highlights as a part of their unit.[11][15]


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