2nd St. Ives Sentinels

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Second St. Ives Sentinels
Formed 3005[1]
Previous Designation(s) Devon's Armored Infantry
Raymond's Armored Infantry
Marcella's Armored Infantry
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command St. Ives Sentinels
St. Ives Armored Cavalry

Unit Description[edit]

Devon's Armored Infantry was originally a heavy/medium weight Capellan Confederation BattleMech regiment that specialized in trouble-shooting for the St. Ives Armored Cavalry. They are renowned for their hatred of House Davion.

Also known as Raymond's Armored Infantry and later Marcella's Armored Infantry before again being named Devon's Armored Infantry in at the end of 3066.

Several Brigades were restructured after the Capellan Crusades of 3111 revealed weaknesses in the CCAF.[2] A new naming convention was introduced that made the Second St. Ives Sentinels the official name of the regiment.[3]

They are a second-line regiment of the St. Ives Commonality by 3063.[4]



Devon's Armored Infantry was formed in 3005 by Maxwell V. Devon following the murder of his wife on Gallitzin by Davion mercenaries in 2998. Composed mostly of former Davion mercenaries, the regiment in general and Colonel Devon in particular possesses a deep-seated animosity for House Davion.[1].

3rd Succession War[edit]

The unit's 20 years in the St. Ives Armored Cavalry have been marked by numerous atrocities the most common of which is the summary execution of all AFFS prisoners. They are the only CCAF regiment whose officers have bounties on their heads placed by Prince Hanse Davion himself.

A typical example was an action in 3014. A Davion mercenary task force composed of Kingston's Commandos, Tristram's Terrorists and Morcock's Crushers attacked the Armored Infantry and Wilson's Hussars on St. Ives.[5] The arrival of Warrior Houses Kamata and LuSann changed the tide of battle and drove off the attackers.[6] Twelve mechwarriors of Morcock's Crushers were captured and were then personally beheaded by Colonel Devon and returned to their superiors.[1]

4th Succession War[edit]

During the Fourth Succession War, the unit was stationed on Brighton and did not engage the AFFS.[7] However, the succession of Duchess Candace Liao's St. Ives Compact during this period forced a crisis of loyalty on this proud regiment. The Armored Infantry voted to return to their mercenary roots in protest. Duchess Candace Liao then offered to hire them for her realm. The new mercenary regiment accepted due to their ties to the people and their well founded fear of what Romano Liao would do to them.[8]

Xin Sheng Campaign[edit]

In 3061, six St. Ives Compact planets came under occupation of Star League Defense Force Peacekeepers following the attempted assassination of First Lord Sun-Tzu Liao by the Blackwind Lancers. One of these planets was the Armored Infantry's garrison world of Brighton with the Raman DMM arriving under SLDF Colors. However, it was the arrival of the 2nd McCarron's Armored Cavalry that pushed Raymond's Armored Infantry into open conflict as the temptation to fight their old rivals was too much to ignore. Reinforcements soon arrived and a stalemate was maintained until the Thugee Cult launched their Black May attacks in 3062. The nerve gas killed Colonel Samuel Raymond and drove all defenders off Brighton in defeat.

The Armored Infantry, with Marcella Devon commanding, found itself on St. Ives by August of 3062 protecting the capital from a massive invasion. Marcella's Armored Infantry fought Warrior House Hiritsu in several engagements but could not prevent the planet from falling.

By 3063, the regiment was stationed on Tantara defending the vital planet from numerous CCAF raids until the St. Ives Compact surrendered.

After the conflict concluded, Duchess Candace Liao offered full citizenship to the mercenaries in return for them becoming a house unit once again. The Armored Infantry accepted the offer and became a reserve Regiment in the newly formed St. Ives Sentinels brigade.[9]


In 3066, Marcella Devon was promoted to lead the St. Ives Sentinels brigade. Her cousin, Andrea Devon took over the Armored Infantry. Shortly afterwards, Devon's Armored Infantry and Khorsakov's Cossacks fought an unidentified unit that attempted to raid the Ceres Metals factory on Indicass. Prisoners from the destroyed raiders revealed they were either St. Ives or FedSuns dissidents trying to start a war.[10]


During the Jihad Devon's Armored Infantry was denied a place in Operation THUNDERSTRIKE. Instead throughout the Jihad the unit rotated between the factories on Warlock and reinforcing troops on Denbar and Nashuar. This changed in 3077 when the Armored Infantry landed on Zurich as part of the CCAF assault. They were still on Zurich in 3079.[11]

After the Jihad ended, Devon's Armored Infantry assaulted the Republic of the Sphere as part of Operation GOLDEN FORTRESS in 3081. They landed on Capolla in early 3082 and used their mountain fighting experience to defeat the Nova Cat's 100th Striker Cluster.

In mid-3082, the Republic Armed Forces counteroffensive called Operation VINDOLANDA found the 1st Battalion of the 4th Capellan Defense Force and Devon's Armored Infantry defending Capolla against the Second and Eighth Republic Auxiliaries. While the inexperienced 1st Battalion fell apart under the pressure of combat[12] , the Armored Infantry decimated both Republic Auxiliaries before retreating off-planet.

They were on Nanking in 3084 and they faced the I Hastati Sentinels. Though skilled, the Armored Infantry was savaged in the open fields of the planet by the Republic unit and withdrew with heavy losses.[13]

In 3085 they were rebuilding on Indicass, a task made difficult by the fact that they were only at a quarter of their nominal strength.[14]

Republic Era[edit]

In 3104, Devon's Armored Infantry was attacked on Denbar by the Fourth Crucis Lancers during the Victoria War. The offensive was a desperate attempt by First Prince Harrison Davion to divert the CCAF/MAF counterattack currently underway. The Crucis Lancers drove the Armored Infantry from the capital and the planet seemed ready to fall. However, the Armored Infantry's constant retreat was revealed as a ploy when the First St. Ives Lancers counter-invaded Kittery and battered the defending Seventeenth Avalon Hussars into calling the 4th Crucis Lancers back for help. Devon's Armored Infantry pursued their nemesis to Kittery and spent the next four months contesting the planet. The tide of battle turned when the 1st Lancers destroyed a command post where officers of both AFFS regiments were meeting. This broke the House Davion forces and Kittery became a Capellan Confederation world.[15]

Dark Age[edit]

During Operation CELESTIAL REWARD of 3144, the Second St. Ives Sentinels were ordered to garrison planets along the border between the Sarna Commonality and the Capellan March. Choosing to travel in Federated Suns space to their post in Highspire, the 2nd Sentinels took the opportunity to attack the Seventeenth Avalon Hussars on Fortymile. Ambushed as they were disembarking from their Dropships, Hussars' BattleMechs and Battle Armor held-off the initial assault while the LCT's armor finished unloading. This did not prevent Capellan aerospace fighters from destroying a Colossus-class DropShip full of tanks and supplies however. The 17th Hussars LCT then fled to the mountainous terrain favored by the 2nd Sentinels and suffered even more damage. As revenge for the Hussars' earlier defeat of the disbanded 1st Janissaries, the 2nd St. Ives Sentinels took the legs of General Suttikul's 'Mech with them as trophies as they left their enemies at less than half strength.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Devon's Armored Infantry
Colonel Maxwell V. Devon 3005 - 3025[16]
Commanding Officers of the Raymond's Armored Infantry
Colonel Samuel Raymond 3050[17]
Commanding Officers of the Marcella's Armored Infantry
Sang-shao Marcella Devon 3061 - 3063[9][9]
Commanding Officers of the Devon's Armored Infantry
Sang-shao Andrea Devon 3067 - 3085[14]
Commanding Officers of the 2nd St. Ives Sentinels
Sang-shao Jianguo Barclay 3145[18]


The Armored Infantry like fighting in rough and mountainous terrain.[9]

Composition History[edit]


Devon's Armored Infantry (2 Battalions) (Regular/Reliable)[16]

  • CO: Colonel Maxwell V. Devon
  • 1st Battalion - Major Victor Kilgrain
  • 2nd Battalion - Major Hudsenn Roundtree
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Brighton. [19]


Raymond’s Armored Infantry (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [20]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Brighton. [20]


Raymond’s Armored Infantry (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [21]

  • CO: Colonel Cynthis Kerr) [21]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Brighton. [21]


Marcella's Armored Infantry (1Regiment/Regular/Reliable (Reliable))[9]

  • CO/1st Battalion: Sang-shao Marcella Devon
  • 2nd Battalion: Zhong-shao Bruce Dorn
  • 3rd Battalin: Zhong-shao Constance Lum

33rd St. Ives Skyflash Wing

- Only 40 percent of the wing is ready

Armored Infantry Auxiliary (1 Regiment/Veteran/Reliable (Questionable))

  • Infantry Commander: Zhong-shao Milek Stanislov

- Consists 2 Armor Battalion, 2 Infantry Battalions and 1 Battlesuit Company


Devon's Armored Infantry (Regular/Questionable)[22]

  • CO: Sang-shao Andrea Devon

33rd St. Ives Skyflash Wing

  • Wing Commander: Kong-zhong-shao Fuan Pan-Di

Armored Infantry Auxiliary

  • Infantry Commander: Zhong-shao Victor Abel


The fighting of the Jihad reduced the Armored Infantry to seventy percent of their nominal strength.[11]


Devon's Armored Infantry (Regular/Questionable)[14]

  • CO: Sang-shao Andrea Devon

33rd St. Ives Skyflash Wing (Regular/Questionable)[14]

  • CO: Kong-zhong-shao Sin Yan Hon


2nd St. Ives Sentinels (Veteran/Reliable)[18]

  • CO: Sang-shao Jianguo Barclay

33rd St. Ives Skyflash Wing (Regular/Reliable)[18]

2nd Sentinels Armor (Veteran/Reliable)[18]

Armored Infantry Auxiliary (Veteran/Reliable)[18]

  • CO: Zhong-shao Salmoneus Michaelides

Unit Emblem[edit]

In 3025, a stylized Vedette tank on a white field.[1]

In 3063, a stylized tank set against an inverted green triangle.[9]


As of 3025, the primary BattleMechs of the unit consisted of the Ostsol & Vindicator BattleMechs.[1]


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