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The Chassis of a Support Vehicle, Combat Vehicle or BattleMech is what the rest of it is built around or inside. Similar to the Human Skeleton a unit's chassis has a major influence on the shape, structure and form that a unit will take.

Internal Structure[edit]

High Technology - Age of War and Succession Wars Technology

Generally, Standard Type Chassis consisted of a foamed aluminum core covered with various composite materials, wrapped in silicon-carbide fibers, and clad in Titanium-Alloyed Steel [1]. Standard Internal Structure can be formed on a planets surface without requiring (expensive and vulnerable) orbital facilities.


Advanced Technology - Star League and post-3050 Inner Sphere Technology

Hyper-Advanced Technology - Clan and post-3065 Inner Sphere Technology

Endomorphic-Steel Chassis are formed in orbital facilities, with each stage carried out under zero-G conditions. The Aluminum Core is foamed and is bulkier than that of Standard Internal Structure, covered with various composite materiels that are mixed and hardened, and clad finally in a Titanium-Steel Alloy. [2]


  • Note the added Chassis models are produced in Clan space and in the Inner Sphere.

Chassis are manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Alpha Primary Endo Steel
Beta Manufactured Standard
Strato Domingo Auxiliary Production Site 4 Solitaire
Ha Otoko
Bowie Light Endo Model 14 Carlisle Bowie Industries RZK-10T Razorback [5]
Clan Series Assault SXC Endo Steel Tamaron Ashton 'Mech Production Complex Canis [6]
Contraband Tortuga Prime Vengeance Incorporated LDT-1 Brigant [7]
Corean Model KL77 Endo Steel Talon (Wernke System) Kallon Weapon Industries HNT-171 Hornet [8]
Coriolis Class IIIb Endo Steel Huntress Abysmal Manufacturing Complex Peregrine 4 [9]
Coventry AL Endo Steel Coventry Coventry Metal Works AL-A1 Alfar [10]
Dennenbach-Mitchell Series 8 Endo Steel Terra Mitchell Vehicles BLF-21 Blue Flame [11]
Detroit Type III Endo Detroit Detroit Consolidated MechWorks ABS-3L Anubis [12]
Eden Mk. 60-OM Arcadia Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-03 Mad Dog (Vulture) [13]
Earthwerks PXH IV Endo Steel Earthwerks Incorporated Keystone B1-HND Bloodhound [14]
Earthwerk Trooper II Endo Steel Asuncion
Earthwerks Incorporated FLE-17 Flea [15]
FITES-O New Avalon Achernar BattleMechs OSR-5D Osiris [16]
Foundation E50 Endo Steel Furillo Defiance Industries UZL-3S Uziel [17]
GM Fury-M Endo Steel Talcott General Motors HSN-7D Hellspawn [18]
Hellespont Type T Endo Steel Sian Hellespont Industrials SYU-2B Sha Yu [19]
Huntress WH Standard Huntress Phan Industrial Complex Masakari [20]
Krupp 255 Endo Steel Terra Krupp Armament Works GUR-2G Gurkha [21]
Leopard Mark I Endo Steel Terra Leopard Armor RDS-2A Red Shift [22]
Light Series II Endo Steel Huntress
Huntress Production Facility Epsilon
Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-03
Koshi [23]
MatherTech 750 Coventry Coventry Metal Works STO-6S Stiletto [24]
Medium Series MVV Endo Steel Tamaron Ashton 'Mech Production Complex Rabid Coyote [25]
Model MHO-7E Endo Steel Huntress Huntress Production Facility Epsilon Stormcrow [26]
Mynx Type Heavy
NCIS Standart Type A
Barcella Irece Alpha/Barcella Alpha Nova Cat
Process 12 Endo Steel Arcadia
Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-T15
Babylon MechWorks V
Series III Endo Steel Tamaron Ashton 'Mech Production Complex Hunchback IIC [31]
Star League XT Arcadia Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-T4 Hellfire [32]
Type 79-45 Endo Steel Irece Barcella Beta Shadow Cat [33]


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