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Jihad Hot Spots: Terra

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Jihad Hot Spots: Terra
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills
Primary writing Joel Bancroft-Connors
Herbert A. Beas II
Craig Erne
Chris Hartford
Ken Horner
Nick Marsala
Dana Maynard
Mike Miller
Jim Rapkins
Ben Rome
Adam Sherwood
Øystein Tvedten
Patrick Wynne
Andreas Zuber
David L. McCulloch
Pages 226
Cover Artwork Klaus Scherwinski
Illustrations Douglas Chaffee
Brent Evans
Alex Iglesias
Aaron Miller
Mark Winters
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35305
First published 2010
ISBN-13 978-1-934857-83-0
Era Jihad era


The fifth in the series of core Jihad sourcebooks, Jihad Hot Spots: Terra draws the primary fighting of the Jihad to the close, bringing the Classic BattleTech storyline up to 3078. Like the earlier Jihad Hot Spots, the first portion of JHS: Terra is broken up into sections by year, detailing rumored and factual events for that year, along with "Chaos Eternal" scenario tracks. The rear half of the book breaks out of this format to focus on the preparations for and invasion Terra, followed by a modern non-ComStar written overview of Terra, its people and its history from the pre-spaceflight era to the early Jihad. The final rules annex section details the new units and equipment of the formidable Space Defense System constructed by the Blakists to defend Terra and the Word of Blake Protectorate, as well as comprehensive rules for creating and using Castles Brian.

From the back cover[edit]


For more than ten years, the Word of Blake’s Jihad has engulfed the states of the Inner Sphere and the invading Clans in chaos and fire. Reeling from attacks on all fronts, realms have fought one another while the Word’s masters built a powerful Protectorate around humanity’s home: Terra. But with the rise of a resourceful rebel leader, Devlin Stone, the collective might of the Great Houses and rival Clans have united for an all-out assault against the Protectorate—one that can only end when humanity’s home is free once again!

Jihad Hot Spots: Terra continues the Jihad plot book series started with Blake Ascending, bringing readers into the latter years of the war between the Word of Blake and the Inner Sphere. Seen from the eyes of those who fight and die in this epic struggle, this book includes articles and intelligence excerpts from across the Inner Sphere, along with additional rules and campaign tracks for both BattleTech campaigns played using the Total Warfare and A Time of War game rules. This book also provides a rare, in-depth look at the Terran system itself, including the history and varied cultures who live on these most revered worlds. Also included are rules and units for the elaborate defense network the Word of Blake unveiled against Stone and his allied Coalition throughout the Protectorate campaign.


  • How to Use This Book
  • The Protectorate Crumbles
  • 3077:Closing the Circle
  • We Will Survive
  • The Lyran Front
  • And in Other News...
  • Chaos Eternal, Part 1: 3077
  • Early 3078: Smashing the Walls
  • Smashing The Walls
  • Lyran Front
  • Draconis Front
  • Federated Front
  • Capellan Front
  • League Front
  • And in Other News...
  • Chaos Eternal, Part 2: Early 3078
  • Destination Terra
  • Destination Terra
  • Gathering Might
  • Terra: The Attack Begins
  • Mars Attack?
  • Intel Update
  • Highest Honor
  • Hero Of The Hour
  • Terror At Titan
  • Captain's Log
  • Signals From Home
  • Terra: D-Day
  • Begin The Assault
  • It Is Time
  • The Final Dance
  • Swarms
  • Destination East
  • Hell At Hilton Head
  • Calling Cairo
  • Tokyo Secured
  • Calamity At Sydney
  • Bloody Moon Rising
  • Rio Goes Black
  • The Fall of the Word
  • And on Other Fronts...
  • Chaos Eternal, Part 3: Late 3078
  • Aftermath
  • Touring Terra
  • Terran History
  • Terra: A People
  • Terra: A Future?
  • Rules Annex
  • Word of Blake SDS Network
  • New Units
  • Drone Independent Command Rules
  • New Equipment
  • Record Sheets for New Units