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The shipyards are one of the most valuable and rare industries in the BattleTech universe.


Shipyards are orbital facilities that can repair, maintain, and build DropShips, JumpShips and even WarShips, though only a few shipyards are large and advanced enough to build the latter. As such, systems with shipyards are rare and valuable to any state.

As proof of this, the Periphery system Star's End, an unremarkable system home to various pirate groups, was conquered by Clan Hell's Horses, mainly because it possessed a small and primitive Shipyard. Another example was Kathil, in the Federated Suns. During the FedCom Civil War, brutal fighting was carried out to control the yards that saw massive losses on both sides.


The majority of known shipyard facilities were built during the Star League era, and little data exists concerning shipyard construction afterwards, except from the Clans in the Clan Homeworlds. Most existing yards were destroyed in the Amaris Coup or the Succession Wars, and those that survived that period would remain barely working. They only flourished with the rediscovery of advanced technology, thanks to the Helm Memory Core, but only to be crippled or destroyed during the Word of Blake Jihad. The damage in the last conflict was so extensive, that it put an end to the construction of new big WarShips. The only ones operating in the Dark Age are survivors of the Jihad, and barely capable of maintenance maintenance on WarShips. Later only Pocket WarShips were built.

The known shipyards are located in:

Clan Homeworlds[edit]

Inner Sphere[edit]

Clan Occupation Zones[edit]

Draconis Combine[edit]

Capellan Confederation[edit]

  • Aris Memorial Yard: Necromo shipyards, only shipyards in Capellan space during the Succession War era. It was heavily guarded and capable of building DropShips, JumpShips and WarShips. Totally destroyed in the Jihad.[14]
  • Keid Omicron shipyards: in orbit of Keid, capable of building DropShips and WarShips, destroyed by Amaris agents during the Amaris Civil War.[15]

Federated Suns[edit]

  • Port Simon shipyards: Galax orbital facilities, able of building and repairing DropShips and WarShips. Totally destroyed by the Word of Blake during the Jihad.[16]
  • James McKenna Shipyards, in orbit of Kathil: orbital facilities, able to build and repair DropShips, JumpShips and WarShips. Half destroyed during the Jihad, later only can build DropShips and is expected than also JumpShips in a future.[17]
  • New Syrtis Shipyards: the only ones in Capellan March, capable of building DropShips and JumpShips and refit DropShips,JumpShips and WarShips. Damaged during the Jihad, later can built JumpShips, and also at least one WarShips.[17]
  • Clyde shipyards: in orbit above Firgrove, capable of building and repairing DropShips, JumpShips and WarShips. Damaged during the Jihad, later can't built WarShips.[17]
  • Challenge Shipyards: property of Universal Air, in Delavan system, capable to building JumpShips, still operatives before the Jihad.[18]
  • Delavan ShipYards Shipyards: property of Challenge Systems, in Challenge system, capable to building JumpShips Monolith-Class, still operatives before the Jihad.[19]

Free Worlds League[edit]

  • Illium shipyards, capable of building DropShips, JumpShips and WarShips. Survived the Jihad intact.
  • SelaSys Incorporated shipyards, in the Loyalty system. Capable of building JumpShips and WarShips (before the Jihad; they survived damaged, but still capable to build the first ones.[20]
  • Connaught Kong shipyards, capabilities unknown. Crippled during the Jihad, but still operational in the Dark Age.[21]
  • Procyon shipyards, capabilities unknown. Intact after the Amaris Civil War.[22]
  • Small World shipyards, capabilities unknown. Intact after the Amaris Civil War.[23]

Lyran Commonwealth[edit]


  • O'Neil Yards, one of Humanity's earliest orbital shipyards, the supposedly "factionally neutral" O'Neil Yards produced numerous aerospace components as well completed DropShips and JumpShips. Heavily damaged during Operations LIBERATION and SCOUR but rebuilt in their wake.[33]
  • Titan Yards, capable of building DropShips, JumpShips and WarShips. Main shipyards of the Star League, ComStar, Word of Blake and Republic of the Sphere. Damaged during the Jihad, repaired later.[34]
  • Belter: independent Shipyards, located on the Belt community, capable to building DropShips and JumpShips.[35]


Magistracy of Canopus[edit]

Outworlds Alliance[edit]




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