Gauss Rifle

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Gauss Rifle
Production information
Type Ballistic (Direct-Fire)
Tech Base Clan / Inner Sphere (IS)
Year Availability Clan = 2590

IS = 3040

Year Introduced 2590 TH[1]
Year Extinction 2865[1]
Year Reintroduced 3040 FWL[1]
Technology Rating E[1]
Availability Ratings D[1]/E[1]/D[1]
Legality Rating A - F
Technical specifications
Heat 1
Damage 15
Minimum Range 2
Short Range 1-7
Medium Range 8-15
Long Range 16-22
Tons Clan = 12

IS = 15

Critical Slots Clan = 6

IS = 7 Proto = 8[2]

Ammo Per Ton 8
Cost (unloaded) 300,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) 20,000
BV (1.0) 321
BV (2.0) 320[3]
40 (Ammo)[3]


[edit] Description

Introduced in 2590 by the Terran Hegemony[4], the Gauss Rifle utilizes a series of electromagnets to propel slugs of ferrous nickel-iron alloy at extremely high velocities[5], making it a devastating and lethal long-range weapon. Unlike most traditional ballistic weapons, the Gauss Rifle does not use combustible propellant, so its firing generates very little heat. However, the sheer mass and bulk of the weapon limits its applications.

Since the Gauss Rifle fires solid metal slugs, with neither propellant nor explosive, Gauss Rifle magazines are not susceptible to ammunition explosions. However, if the weapon itself is struck by enemy fire, the capacitors that power the electromagnets will release their stored energy, with an effect similar to an ammo explosion. (In game terms, a critical hit on a Gauss Rifle is equivalent to a 20-point ammo explosion.) Some 'Mechs employ CASE in the section containing the Gauss Rifle to protect internal components in the event the weapon explodes.

The Gauss Rifle was found on a number of heavier Star League Defense Force 'Mechs, but fell out of use in the Inner Sphere during the technological decline of the Succession Wars. It was revived following the discovery of the Helm Memory Core. The Clans never lost the technology, and continued to refine the Star League-era weapon. Although the Clan Gauss Rifle is similar in performance and operation to its Inner Sphere counterpart, it is 20% lighter and somewhat more compact.

Note: The original description of the Gauss Rifle that appeared in the first printing of Technical Readout: 2750 listed the ammunition load as 10 shots per ton. This figure was later amended to eight shots per ton.

[edit] Models

The Gauss Rifle is manufactured on the following planets:

[edit] Inner Sphere

Brand Planet Company Used By
Grizzard[6] * * WR-DG-02FC War Dog
Grizzard 200 New Earth Yankee Weapons Systems MR-V2 Cerberus
SQS-TH-002 Sasquatch
Grizzard 210[7] New Earth Yankee Weapons Systems HUR-WO-R4L Huron Warrior
Imperator Dragon's Fire[8] Atreus Imperator Automatic Weaponry VTR-9K Victor
AS 7-K Atlas
Inokuma Betelgeuse Aldis Industries
Kali Yama Grand Slam [9] Kendall Kali Yama Weapons Industries ON3-M Orion
Oriente MagCoil Model M[10] Emris IV StarCorps Industries CRN-7M Carronade
Norse-Storm M-7D Loxley Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated
Poland Main A[11] New Syrtis Johnston Industries BZK-F3 Hollander
BNC-5S Banshee
Poland Main A [12] Hesperus II Defiance Industries FLC-8R Falconer
GUN-1ERD Gunslinger
Poland Main C New Syrtis Johnston Industries
Zeus Slingshot [13] Stewart Corean Enterprises TMP-3M Tempest
CP -11-A Cyclops
Zhi-tong-yao Victoria Shengli Arms
Mydron Concussor
  • Prototype:
NAIS Mk. I Gauss Rifle[14]

[edit] Clan

Brand Planet Company Used By
Omega 12-Coil Gauss Rifle [15]
Series II Gauss Rifle [16]
Thunderstroke Series 2b Gauss Rifle [17] Behemoth 2
M-7 Gauss Rifle [18] Behemoth 2

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