Technical Readout: 3067

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Technical Readout: 3067
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Development Randall Bills
Primary writing Herbert Beas
Randall Bills
Loren Coleman
Dan Grendell
Chris Hartford
Christoffer Trossen
Pages 224
Cover artwork Franz Vohwinkel
Illustrations Doug Chaffee
Matthew Plog
Franz Vohwinkel
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code 10970
First published 2002
ISBN-10 389064970X
Era Civil War era


This title combines previously released material (from the Field Manual series) with first-time published articles on BattleMechs, combat vehicles, Aerospace Fighters, OmniFighters, DropShips and WarShips, all set on the eve of the Jihad.

From the back cover

In the savage FedCom Civil War that rocked the Lyran Alliance and the Federated Commonwealth for the past five years, new machines of war have been rapidly tested and put in the field to help turn the tide of battle in each faction's favor. The Clans and other Houses have also been busy, as the internal and external conflicts drive the rapid deployment of new military hardware.

Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: 3067 provides descriptions, game statistics and illustrations for new BattleMech and vehicle designs. It finally unveils the next generation of Inner Sphere aerospace fighters and OmniFighters, as well as the Clan's second-line fighters. A handful of new DropShips are also premiered. This technical readout includes those designs previously published in the Field Manual series.


  • Introductions – In-character status reports on war material development in the Inner Sphere and Clan societies
Demi-Precentor XIV-Sigma Merle Jimmus, ComStar (1 December, 3067)
Precentor VI-Omega Jared Pascal, ComStar (30 September, 3067)
  • Clan Vehicles – The increased understanding of combat vehicle use by the Clans
    Precentor VIII-Omega Jared Pascal, ComStar (17 September, 3067)
  • Clan DropShips – Confusion over the reasons and needs Clans build the ships they do
    Precentor VIII-Omega Jared Pascal, ComStar (18 September, 3067)