Record Sheets: Clan Invasion

Record Sheets: Clan Invasion
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Cover artwork Anthony Scroggins
Illustrations Chris Lewis
Doug Chaffee
Brent Evans
Duane Loose
Matt Plog
Anthony Scroggins
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code Catalyst Game Store Link to Book
First published 3/27/2020
Era Clan Invasion era
Civil War Era


This book is part of a series of introductory Record Sheets being published in concert with Era themed Technical Readout: Clan Invasion. A BattleMech only product, this is of a collection previous published Record Sheet featured in the past. Players whom had previous purchased those books, will find those mechs in this product. However, not all Mechs from those previous Record Sheet books are present here. Unlike Record Sheets: Succession Wars, this book does not include additional variants of mechs featured in this book.

From the back cover[edit]

On 27 September 3048, the ComStar Explorer Corps JumpShip Outbound Light stumbled onto the Clan Homeworlds, setting in motion a massive invasion of the Inner Sphere by the Clans. At first sweeping all before them with their advanced technologies, the Clans met defeat at the Battle of Tukayyid and were stymied by a 15-year truce. With the clock ticking, the Inner Sphere’s elite took the battle directly to the Clan Homeworlds. There, the destruction of Clan Smoke Jaguar and the defeat of the Clans in the Great Refusal ended the invasion.

BattleTech Record Sheets: Clan Invasion offers players the record sheets for all the ‘Mechs detailed in BattleTech Technical Readout: Clan Invasion, 478 in total.

Note: This is a compilation volume. The entries in this PDF are reprinted—albeit with the current BattleTech logo and artwork—from Record Sheets: 3050 Upgrade UnabridgedClan & Star League, Record Sheets: 3055 Upgrades Unabridged, Record Sheets: 3055 Upgrades Unabridged, Record Sheets: 3060 Unabridged, Record Sheets: 3067 Unabridged, and Record Sheets: 3085 UnabridgedProject Phoenix. Players who own those Record Sheets will find the same units presented in Record Sheets: Clan Invasion.


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