Essay:Clan Naval Forces

With few exceptions, the Clans view WarShips as a point of pride and yet also derision. While almost unimaginable raw military might can be concentrated at a single point, the vessels also require coordination, collaboration, and communal work. This aspect makes the idea of the great warrior-knight difficult to achieve among the subcaste,[1] and such responsibility was quickly seen as disgraceful.[2] A select corp is called to such machines, and most are members of the Aerospace phenotype. Only the Snow Ravens maintain Naval Commander Bloodnames,[3] and were known as the pre-eminent masters of aerospace, though the Star Adders, Nova Cats, and Sea Foxes were well regarded in select times.

Construction Rules and Out-of-Universe Concerns[edit]

The first issue in confirming the size of the EXODUS fleet is that the distinction between WarShips, JumpShips, and DropShips is not as clear-cut as it seems. While BattleTech construction rules are clear, in-universe perception differs and does not follow simple tabletop rules (see changes from AeroTech 2 to Tactical Operations or the alleged, and still canonical, supposed sightings of a 4-hardpoint Tramp-class JumpShip).[4] Several ship classes feature a compact Kearny-Fuchida drive, requiring them to be built as "WarShips" under the construction rules, while they may not be considered WarShips in-universe. Examples include Newgrange Yardships[5] and various classes of military transports such as the Sylvester and (arguably) Potemkin; the Bug-Eye class surveillance ship is even built to resemble a DropShip.[6] Conversely, so-called Jolly Roger JumpShips are outfitted for combat roles and could conceivably be called WarShips although they are JumpShips under the construction rules. Military DropShips were likewise labeled as such throughout the Third Succession War. Prior to the reintroduction of proper Inner Sphere Warships, many such vessels were called "Warships"[7] (also see Decision at Thunder Rift and the apocryphal BattleTech video game). The line between "WarShip" and other vessels is clouded by changing definitions over time: the Carrack and its Carrack-Merchant derivative have been moved and labeled in either category depending on the era and rulings by the Powers That Be.[8]

The Exodus Fleet[edit]

Cited Numbers and Reliability[edit]

The entire Exodus Fleet that Aleksandr Kerensky led into exile and which would evolve into the Clans began their journey from across 50 worlds when General Kerensky's 8 July 2784 HPG broadcast reached them: "EXODUS". The Fleet amassed in the New Samarkand system starting 2 October 2784 until 1 November.[9] Over a thousand regiments and their dependents, six million people, embarked on their journey from there on 5 November[10][9] (after the last DropShip had docked to its JumpShip) by jumping out in groups over the course of a full day.[11] The number given for the fleet is frequently cited as 402 WarShips[11][12] (or "over 400 WarShips")[10] escorting 1,349 JumpShips[10] (or "transports"[11]), with over 5,000 DropShips[10] carried between them. At the time, Raymond Sainze counted "nearly two thousand JumpShips and WarShips" clogging the New Samarkand system.[13] It should be noted that these numbers may be inaccurate.

The uncertainty about nomenclature is exacerbated by the fact that the publicly stated numbers seem to stem from local authorities' count from when the fleet assembled in the New Samarkand system. Adding another layer of possible error as ships may have been misidentified or overlooked; the aforementioned Bug-Eye class, in particular, was built to have a low profile and may have eluded sensors altogether.

Another concern is that some parts of the Exodus Fleet may not actually have moved through New Samarkand by 5 November or at all, but joined the fleet later, and thus would not have been included in the count made at New Samarkand. It is positively known that the fleet detached WarShips and scout JumpShips as vanguard and rearguard forces and along the flanks, and had pickets hunting for worlds from which the fleet could resupply.[10] While the evidence is not conclusive, it is possible that these detached vessels moved through New Samarkand before the count was made, later, or not at all. Canonical examples include the rearguard mission of the SLS Manassas and the location of its rendezvous point at Schwartz which is a significant detour from the Exodus Road; the fact that the DropShip carrying the protagonist from When the Bears Left lifts off from Axton on 26 October 2784 and is unlikely to have traveled the roughly 450 light-years to New Samarkand by 5 November already; the timeline of the Exodus Fleet's visit to Gutara V.[14]

Eve of the Exodus[edit]

A (non-captioned) picture on p. 9 of Field Manual: Updates seems to show General Aleksandr Kerensky and some of his officers in a planning session on the eve of his Operation Exodus. A large screen in the background depicts a starmap with what presumably was the planned Exodus route from New Earth via New Samarkand and into the spinward periphery; the same starmap and route are visible on the table they are gathered around.

Another large display in the background displays what seems to be a listing of WarShips giving their names, class and an unexplained percentage number. The display is partially obscured by people standing in front of it and is cut off where the image ends. Some people have claimed that the picture as printed is a cut-down version of what was originally a larger picture where even more ship names could be read on the display, but even if that is accurate, only the officially published version and the information contained therein can be counted as canonical. The discernible parts that can be read are:

According to a comment[15] from BattleTech writer Øystein Tvedten on the official BattleTech Forum, several BattleTech writers had WarShips that went on the Exodus named after them in this picture.

This list of the EXODUS fleet is otherwise absent from the modern Clan fleets, excepting the Zughoffer Weir, which was taken by the Not-Named Clan. The other twenty-four warships are therefore missing from the list of Clan naval forces below and were potentially destroyed, renamed, or left to the 10 naval boneyards set up after Operation KLONDIKE and the birth of the Clans.

Lost during EXODUS[edit]

The below are likely not counted among the 402 Exodus Vessels.

The Clan Fleet[edit]

All Clans seem to use mostly updated pre-Exodus vessels (almost all renamed), while a few were able to design and construct new series of vessels. Of the (reportedly) 402 WarShips that left the Inner Sphere with General Kerensky, some were lost over the course of the Exodus and of those remaining, most were mothballed in various SLDF-in-Exile Boneyards. Many of those were destroyed in the Pentagon Civil War; when Nicholas Kerensky returned with his Clans, only a reported 260 EXODUS vessels remained. While some may have been placed in Clan-style Naval Caches, estimates vary on how many WarShips can be found throughout the touman and reserves of the Clans with new constructions estimated between 50 to 300 vessels being cited by Inner Sphere analysts. While each Clan maintains an average of 18 WarShips, they vary wildly in practice.[16]

A 3056 report from ComStar claims that "the" Clan Rememberance describes the destruction of approximately 100 WarShips during the Pentagon Civil War and their expected fleet at around 300 vessels. Extrapolations from the seven Invader Clans (~120 known vessels) corroborated this number, though their limited exposure to the extant 38 wholly Clan-built hulls (16 Fredasa, 9 Nightlord, and 13 York) would strain their accuracy. The same report's conjecture of no known Clan WarShip facilities also predates their knowledge of Clan-built hulls though supposed their existence, not simply the refitted Star League vessels. ComStar does admit the possibility of the eventual truth, that they had simply not seen such vessels or shipyards yet.[17]

Only Clan Snow Raven was noted to have the technical expertise to create new classes of Warships as of 3067. While this is a simplification, and Clans Steel Viper and Ghost Bear were able to build versions of the Leviathan independently and in secret, the Snow Ravens were involved in nearly all successful WarShip design and construction throughout the pre-invasion eras.[18]

Non-moderized, Mothballed, Destroyed, or Abandoned[edit]

The following vessels were destroyed during the Pentagon Civil War or survived but were not upgraded to Clan standards. They evidently joined the Exodus at low numbers of vessels or singular "sui generis", as they were ancient and outmoded at the end of the Star League and either lost or placed into mothballs to be later restored at the time of the Wars of Reaving.

  • An unknown number of Naga Destroyers[19]
  • Two Clan Diamond Shark unnamed, unclassed WarShips in the Vinton naval cache, too damaged by year 3011 passing comet to reactivate[24]
  • Unnamed Baron - destroyed during attempted reactivation by Bandit Caste in 3072[25]
  • An explicitly Davion-class, the Nikolai Tesla, was critically damaged by a Clan Diamond Shark deep Periphery flotilla in 3072
  • One unnamed, unclassed WarShip unable to be reactivated by Clan Diamond Shark Watch personnel at Babylon cache in 3075[26]

Annihilation of the Not-Named Clan[edit]

Restored and Named in Toumans[edit]

  • A Riga-class frigate, CBS Hetherington, restored from MSKC-2 cache by Clan Burrock

List of Clan Naval Forces[edit]

Due to the horrors of the conflicts throughout Clan space following the Exodus Civil War, including but not limited to the chaotic Wars of Reaving, a final tally may be impossible. Below are the known vessels of each Clan's touman.




Ten Boneyards or warship caches were distributed among the Clan Homeworlds.[38] By the time of Operation KLONDIKE, less than a third of the mothballed ships remained untouched,[22] and nearly none remained in storage after the Reavings concluded.[39]

Pentagon Worlds[edit]

  • Eden - located near an Eden II satellite[43]

Kerensky Cluster[edit]

  • MSKC-2 - planetless system located between the Kerensky Cluster and Pentagon[25]

Clan WarShip Classes[edit]

WarShips are upgraded Star League era WarShips unless noted. Refit classes were introduced at the beginning of and continued throughout the Golden Century. Many new naval technologies were discovered at the time of the Clans' updated tactics and as the introduction of other great leaps forward, such as the OmniMech, were being developed. Clan refits usually consisted of updating the armor with the latest improvements: Lamellor Ferro-Carbide and HarJel, fitting them with the valuable Lithium-Fusion Battery, and/or changing the number of OmniFighter bays to fit Clan tactical doctrine.

Note: given the Clan's caste system, the standard SLDF and Inner Sphere crew categorization of "Officers" and "Enlisted" is difficult to apply. At least in Technical Readout: 3067, Precentor Christoffer Hereford listed Warrior Caste members assigned to each vessel as officers, and any others to the "enlisted" grouping.[18]

The following classes are listed with their time of a Clan refit debut. Following are the numbers of hulls to be expected in the Clan toumans and notable inclusions or exclusions.


Seven vessels are noted to have survived to join Exodus,[49] with two destroyed in the Exodus Civil War.[50] One, the SLS Perth, is noted to be barely functional and orbiting Arcadia during Operation KLONDIKE, while the other labeled as "destroyed" unknown or confused with a Wolverine vessel a few years later: the SLS (Wolverine) Bismark. The vessels SLS Prinz Eugen and SLS Mountbatten were noted by their Star League names and continued sailing under them to later eras. The CCS Ancestral Home, CJF Falcon's Nest, CSJ Veiled Huntress, and CWS Nicholas Kerensky are assigned to various Clans during the Clan Invasion, likely with new designations. If the given numbers of surviving vessels can be assumed to be correct, the Perth must have been recovered and renamed, as the Bismark was last noted in the possession of the Wolverines.
"about two dozen" survived.[51][52] Thirteen are found on Clan toumans, including an unnamed Clan Jade Wolf vessel subsequently named as the CWS Provider (if the Wolves maintained only a single Volga). The other (presumed) 10 to 12 are unknown.
"large number survived"[53] and "second largest class in the Exodus fleet."[54] Forty are named on various Clan toumans.
A (mothballed) SLS General Stuart, the (destroyed) SLS Titanium Wind, and the (not found in REVIVAL-era roster) SLS/CHH Minotaur are included in the largely Clan Nova Cat (9), Jade Falcon (9), and Snow Raven (7) Clan fleet of 44 Clan Aegis Cruisers, though the CGB Apparition is not (as apocryphal).
with "less than a dozen"[55] Black Lion EXODUS vessels, hull counts are manageable, though more than a dozen are named throughout Clan history. The SLS Michael Norman was reported destroyed in the Pentagon Civil War[56] to a degree that makes restoration unlikely and then not found in later rosters. CSA Admiral William S. Preston, CGB Bear's Den, CJF Blue Aerie, CJF Jade Aerie, CJF White Aerie, CBS Rocinante, CNC Thunderbolt, and CSJ Streaking Mist are REVIVAL-era touman listings. The issue of Clan Wolf's vessels is problematic, though. The Arctic Wolf is only noted in the 3052 unified Wolf touman. The Dark Wolf is only named in the short-lived Clan Jade Wolf touman. The Implacable joined Clan-Wolf-in-Exile, while the Blood Drinker and Stealthy Kill are named as Crusader Wolf vessels. Assuming the pre-Refusal War Wolf vessels were renamed for unknown reasons, an even dozen are so named. To reconcile this, either the Norman was repaired or the count of vessels is mistaken. Given the low numbers of surviving hulls, it is likely that the unnamed Black Lion of the Red Corsair[57] is an otherwise named (and Clan Jade Falcon or Clan Smoke Jaguar) vessel.
Known formerly as the Jasmine Liao, the Quicksilver Mongoose was refit as the flagship for Clan Mongoose, to be left in mothballs by the victorious Clan Smoke Jaguar in the Strana Mechty system.[58]
"About 40" of the original 400 Sovetskii Soyuz survived to leave with the Exodus Fleet.[59] The SLS/CSR Avalanche (named as such prior to Clan refits), the née SLS Kharkov-rechristened-CWS Dire Wolf, the renamed CDS Nagasawa-to-CSF Talismantia, the (likely former Widowmaker, then Dragoon) WDWS Athena, and two unnamed with one destroyed during KLONDIKE[22] and a Smoke Jaguar vessel above Huntress in 3060[60] are listed among a total of 18 known Clan-era Soyuz cruisers.
Thirteen Cameron-class vessels are named in Clan history. The Admiral Gerda Cameron is known only during Operation KLONDIKE and is not noted contemporaneously with the other vessels so the known number may be twelve if the Gerda was renamed.
Eighteen McKenna survived to leave on the Exodus.[61] Ten are known: the SLS (Clan Wolverine) Zughoffer Weir, SLS McKenna's Pride, and SLS James McKenna are noted to predate Clan refits, and so are presumed to continue their Star League monikers, though the McKenna's Pride and James McKenna are expected to be refit to the latest in Clan specifications post-2851. The disposition of the CCC Second Coming, first noted at KLONDIKE, is unclear. The CSJ Obsidian, CSA Sovereign Right, CIH Cage's Pride, CGS Lei Kung, and CWS Werewolf are noted in their respective Clan toumans first in the 31st Century, and likely Clan rechristenings and refits. An unnamed McKenna was destroyed above Circe during KLONDIKE,[22] while the Spicer was assumed to be renamed from its SLDF moniker.
"less than thirty" reported to have survived Operation LIBERATION.[62] Sixteen are named explicitly on Clan rosters including a restored-from-mothball SLS/CDS/CSR Marseilles/Architeuthis/Mulhacén. One, the Cape Bon, would be the 17th, but would not be included in any EXODUS roster. This count of 17 known vessels does not include the apocryphal CGB Ditka, however.
"roughly 30" or "only about 30"[63] survived, though 33 are listed in Clan rolls or contemporaneously with the EXODUS. This includes the SLS Hermes-turned-CSR Treachery, two CDS Titanics, the destroyed (and pre-dating Clan refit) CWM Egg Sac, and the lost during EXODUS SLS Ulithi, but not the SLS Riga or SLS Netanyahu or the otherwise unnamed Potemkin captured at EC821-387D,[23] as they may have been renamed. Nor does this number include the SLS Valley Forge that is unclear to have existed. This may be "roughly" correct, the number cited is incorrect, or the Clans maintain the ability to construct a limited number of new Potemkin troop cruisers.
Nineteen Davion-class are known to have been sold to the SLDF.[64] An innominate number survived the Usurper, but seven are noted in REVIVAL-era toumans as (likely) Clan refits. One, the SLS Weasel, was a Clan Wolverine vessel and battled their former brethren before the introduction of Clan upgrades to the class. An unnamed Smoke Jaguar Whirlwind was known to travel the Exodus Road[65] for a total of eight separate veseels.
Fourteen Congress are counted as Clan vessels, including the WDWS (former Wolf and possibly Widowmaker) Beowulf, and the (likely) renamed CWS Howler/Rogue. The Fire Rose is unconfirmed as a separate Clan vessel, and is not added to the count, as it is assumed to be an existing vessel with new identification and livery. The "crippled" Long March and Noble House were lost in the Pentagon Civil War,[66] and an unnamed Congress was destroyed above Circe during Klondike,[22] bringing the number of confirmed destroyed Congress to three before the Clans are fully in possession of the Kerensky Cluster and Clan refits possible. This count does not include the Linsenmayer or Walker per "Eve of the Exodus" above and so results in 17 likely EXODUS vessels.

First New Vessels[edit]

This timeframe introduced the first of the Clans' new designs in the Golden Century. Most designs were neither successful nor long-lasting: the Clans had lost the inter-discipline focus of the SLDF and largely misused the new WarShips, misjudging the costs involved in fielding untested classes of resource-intensive weapons, though a few found their place among the Homeworlds.

Six vessels
  • 2932 - Nightlord - newly designed battleship class by the Snow Raven Clan
Nine constructed/named

Out with the Pax, In with the Politics[edit]

The Clans of the Political Century, as they settled into Warden and Crusader camps, began to settle their surrounding systems and start to look back at the Inner Sphere.

Twenty-two vessels joined the Exodus, though only six Riga II were known to have survived to the birth of the Clans after accompanying Nichola Kerensky's Second EXODUS .[67] One of those left behind was destroyed above Babylon by Cloud Cobra saKhan Rafe Kardaan,[23] and another above Arcadia.[68] A total of 19 Yorks are therefore expected in the Invasion Era, following a reported Political Century newly-manufactured dozen (including the CSR Corvidae) plus the 3060s-era Coyote-ordered construction of the CCS Broken Sea).[69]. The known number of York hulls is 16, leaving three unaccounted-for hulls.
Numbers are difficult to know, as noted in "Out-of-Universe Concerns" above, as the Carrack has alternated between being counted as a WarShip and named among the Toumans of the Clans, and being relegated to lesser "nebulous" status as transports and unworthy of description. Forty-seven are named and would make it among the most numerous class of vessel in the Clans. As this contradicts explicit information of the Lola and Aegis-class vessels being the most common, more Carracks are probable and their numbers unverifiable, with many vessels suddenly appearing among the ilClan-era Clan Sea Fox AirMags. Likely cross-counted with their "Merchant" variant (or not), the status of the Carrack is difficult to discern or suitably trust.

New Hulls, New Worlds[edit]

The Clans began to require picket vessels for use against dark caste and other low-intensity warfare. The Snow Ravens, Wolves, and Jade Falcons each produced small exploration corvettes that the refit Star League cruisers and battleships were ill-suited for. Only one class survived the intervening years in any number, as they attempted to upset the WarShip status quo while the Clans exploited the Kerensky Cluster.

Four constructions.
Best guess with available information is that the Clans constructed 16 vessels, including two unnamed Smoke Jaguar vessels scuttled under the orders of ComStar Precentor Marital Anastasius Focht.[60]
"Few" built, two known vessels.

Calls of Return[edit]

The end of the 30th century saw trials build amongst the Clans and calls for a reestablishment of the Star League take hold. The Crusader and Warden divide split the Clans and feuds sparked widespread warfare between such rivals as the Mongooses and Smoke Jaguars, culminating in the largest naval battle in a century. The Ghost Bears-Hell's Horses, Sea Fox-Snow Raven, and even Blood Spirit-Burrock fighting, not to mention civil wars among the Coyotes and Steel Vipers all laid bare the cracks forming in the Clan homeworlds, while those able to exploit the resources available flourished.

Unknown verifiable numbers as they are haphazardly counted among various Clan Toumans across eras (see Carrack above).
Twenty-six vessels throughout Clan history, including two (uncounted as they may have been rechristened and named) undercrewed and unwilling to fight during KLONDIKE that were "overpowered" by the returning Clans[70]. Although possibly not all Mk42 (and upgraded Clan technology) the assumption is that all thusly named are of the latest specifications, though the Wolverine's non-Clan refit Badger was destroyed at their Annihilation. It is also an assumption that the pre-Refusal Wolves maintained five: the Killing Blow and Valiant of the Exiled Wolves aside, the CJW Harm's Way and CJW Arms' Reach of Clan Jade Wolf are subsequently known as the Trailblazer and Relentless Pursuit of the Crusader Wolves. The Wolf's Dragoon's WDWS Mars is also included in that number; while only two are among the Smoke Jaguars, given the confusion naming the Azov, Ripper, and Simas Osis at different times (see Simas Osis talk page:[[1]]). Thus, 21 is the count used here.

Road to the Inner Sphere[edit]

The Great Debate and the preparation for return to the Inner Sphere sparked the Snow Ravens to design several new WarShips in concert with the Ghost Bears, including the Leviathan below. The Clan's new purpose filled them with the hope of an Inner Sphere under Clan dominance and the dawn of a new era. That hope was quickly diminished with the confirmation of the absence of WarShips in the Inner Sphere and the end of large-scale cooperation. New production was quickly limited, and construction was largely halted by the time of the Great Refusal. The post-REVIVAL era was a time of limited collaboration and the first losses of WarShips in internecine Clan fighting in almost a century.

Six EXODUS vessels, of which five were SLDF vessels and one captured Rim Worlds ship.[71] The SLS Constantineau is a SLDF-named ship, continued in service with Clan Burrock/Star Adder. The pre-EXODUS listing of SLS Morello(see Eve of the Exodus above) is anachronistic, possibly a misprint or unrelated Star League prototype or heretofore unknown class. That there are seven other subsequently named vessels point heavily to the Clan Jade Wolf CJWS Blood Fang and CJWS Fuego Lobo being renamed CWS Victoria Ward and CWS Jerome Winson in the post-Refusal War birth of the Crusader Wolves.
Only five Kimagure survived to the Exodus.[72] Two have been seen as Snow Raven Conquerer refits, and one Burrock/Society CBS Admiral Russell Nga restored from cache, leaving two unaccounted-for hulls.

New Leviathans[edit]

The Leviathans have been the only new vessels of the last 100 years. Their usage as civilian transports and refit as dreadnaughts during the chaos of the Wars of Reaving and Blakist Jihad confirmed their immense utility and great danger at their loss.

Three vessels
heavily armed secret Clan Steel Viper vessel based on original Leviathan specifications
long-rumored first new construction of a WarShip in nearly a century by Clan Ghost Bear

In Practice[edit]

Civil War[edit]


Clan Trials[edit]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

Until 3056, the Inner Sphere had lost the ability to build WarShips (the last being destroyed in 2853) and the Clans had no worthy opponent for their WarShips crews. All Clans temporarily swore off orbital bombardment after the shocking Smoke Jaguar actions at Turtle Bay, and many WarShips were reassigned as transports either in the Inner Sphere or along the Exodus Road. The destruction of Remus City on Romulus by Clan Jade Falcon[73] and the aforementioned destruction of Edo were followed by the Second Star League's use of the tactic at Huntress.[74]

Occupation Zones[edit]

Losses and Refocused Importance[edit]

The relocation of many Clans to the Inner Sphere began with the Ghost Bears and Nova Cats but eventually encompassed all Invader Clans. Whether a symptom or cause, the Wars of Reaving unleashed untold amounts of devastation and left the Homeworlds in ruin, destroyed many WarShips, ruined or saw the loss of a large number of formerly inactive vessels, and eventually cost the survivors the ability to produce large amounts of new equipment. The end of contact with the Clan worlds after 3090 left a void in the goings on in the birthplace of the Clans and their greatest weapons.

Post-Jihad, the Clans that founded the Council of Six were mostly unable to maintain almost any weapon, let alone the largest resource sinks, their WarShips. Many had been lost in action against the Word of Blake, and the vessels that remained were in disrepair.

Entering the Republic era, the weakest technically former Clans, the Wolves-in-Exile and Nova Cats, had no yards and limited access to Snow Raven or Clan Diamond Shark / Sea Fox drydocks. The Hell's Horses maintained few manufacturing centers, due to their location on the edge of the Periphery. The losses the Crusader Wolves and the Jade Falcons suffered in the post-Great Refusal time saw them refocus on survival before their WarShips. The new holdings gained after the invocation of Fortress Republic gained worlds, but no new orbital yards for either Clan. The Ghost Bears and Snow Ravens were seemingly best positioned, but non-military uses were the priority, and no new construction was undertaken for years.[83] The Sea Foxes and their colossal ArcShips contained mobile yards, but the Merchant clan was seemingly uninterested in the use of massive weapons of war, preferring to turn them into centers of commerce.

Falcons and the Mongol[edit]

The Jade Falcon fleet was the most active vessel in the 32nd Century, including the Hamilton Massacre in 3134 and the post-Gray Monday Jade Falcon Civil War in 3135, the first significant use of WarShips in decades. The Emerald Talon was part of Malvina Hazen's forces and was ultimately crippled by the Aegis-class heavy cruiser CJF Jade Talon in the final battle of the war over Sudeten. Afterward, Khan Hazen ordered the Emerald Talon be crashed into the Sudeten capital city of Hammarr as an object lesson to the Clan.[85] Malvina Hazen's Mongol Doctrine followers used orbital bombardment against the planet Timkovichi, destroying most of the mercenary group Kell Hounds in 3142.[86]


The Republic of the Sphere capital, Geneva, was targeted by the Jade Falcons during the Battle of Terra. The intervention of the (unexpextedly) Clan Wolf WarShip McKenna's Pride forced them to halt the destruction, and no other orbital bombardment was used during the IlClan Trial.[87]


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