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While Wolf's Dragoons and the Battle of Luthien account for the most significant of the Orphaned Pages, several other units have significant rosters hidden there. Rather than creating a page for each unit, they will find temporary homes here until such time as permanent homes can be found for them.

This page is part of Project Orphanage. If you are able to find a "home" for a page listed below, please remove it from this page. Thank you!

(Also putting civilians and military/politicians that lack a specific unit under Factions)


Faction Only[edit]

Calderon Protectorate[edit]

Capellan Confederation[edit]

Covenant Worlds[edit]

Draconis Combine[edit]

Epsilon Eridani[edit]

Federated Commonwealth[edit]

Federated Suns[edit]

Free Worlds League[edit]

Lyran Commonwealth[edit]

Magistracy of Canopus[edit]


Outworlds Alliance[edit]


Republic of the Sphere[edit]

Senate of the Republic of the Sphere[edit]

Not a military unit, but a number of orphans, and not going to make a separate page for them yet.

St. Ives Compact[edit]

Second Star League[edit]

Tamar Pact[edit]

Taurian Concordat[edit]

Clan Wolf, Wolf Empire, Steel Wolves, All Non-Dragoon Wolves[edit]

Word of Blake[edit]

Unknown or Other[edit]

By Unit[edit]

21st Centauri Lancers[edit]

Addicks Draconis March Militia[edit]

Alliance Global Militia[edit]

Amaris Chasseurs[edit]

Amaris Dragoons[edit]


Amphigean Light Assault Group[edit]

Arcturan Armor Regiments[edit]

Arcturan Guards[edit]

Avalon Hussars[edit]

Bannson's Raiders[edit]

Black Warriors[edit]

Blue Star Irregulars[edit]

Brion's Legion[edit]

Broadstreet Bullies[edit]

The Brotherhood[edit]

Burton's Brigade[edit]

Camacho's Caballeros[edit]

Capellan Hussars[edit]

Castor Planetary Militia[edit]

Ceti Hussars[edit]

Chesterton Reserves[edit]


I was going to put just Com Guards here, but less work to just lump them all together. The distinction gets blurry in places.

Concordat Commandos[edit]

Confederation Reserve Cavalry[edit]

Crater Cobras[edit]

Crucis Lancers[edit]

Cunningham's Commandos[edit]

Davion Guards[edit]

Defenders of Andurien[edit]

Deneb Light Cavalry[edit]

Dieron Regulars[edit]

Dismal Disinherited[edit]

Donegal Guards[edit]

Donovan's Dark Devils[edit]

First FedCom RCT[edit]

First Marik Protectors[edit]

Fifth Fusiliers of Oriente[edit]

Fire Mandrill[edit]

Florida Timbuktu Theater Militia[edit]

Fourth Republican Guards (Hall)[edit]

Free Verthandi Rangers[edit]

Free Worlds Guards[edit]

Fusiliers of Oriente[edit]

Galedon Regulars[edit]

Galisteo Militia[edit]


Ghost Regiments[edit]

Grave Walkers[edit]

Gray Death Legion[edit]

Hansen's Roughriders[edit]


Hell's Black Aces[edit]

II Legio[edit]

Illician Rangers[edit]

Illyrian Lancers[edit]

Justinia's Cuirassiers[edit]

Kathil Ulans[edit]

Katyusha Keshil[edit]


Kilbourne Draconis March Militia[edit]

Killer Bees[edit]

Kittery Borderers[edit]

Knights of the Inner Sphere[edit]

Knights of the Republic of the Sphere[edit]

La Grande Armée[edit]

Lone Star Regiment[edit]

Lothar's Fusiliers[edit]

Lyran Guards and Lyran Royal Guards[edit]

Lyran Regulars[edit]

Marik Militia[edit]

Marik Protectors[edit]

Marlette Crucis March Militia[edit]

McCarron's Armored Cavalry[edit]

McGee's Cutthroats[edit]


Moore's Bandits[edit]

Nanking Militia[edit]

New Syrtis Capellan March Militia[edit]

Night Stalkers[edit]

Nightwatch Security Company[edit]

Northwind Highlanders[edit]

Oriente Hussars[edit]

Pirates and Bandits[edit]

Proserpina Hussars[edit]

Rampant Expense guards[edit]

A garrison of freelancers aboard the Rampant Expense:

Red Guards[edit]

Red Lancers[edit]

Redfield's Renegades[edit]

Regal Death[edit]

Regulan Hussars[edit]

Republic Armed Forces[edit]

Robinson Rangers[edit]


Sakhalin Militia[edit]

St. Cyr's Grenadiers[edit]


Shin Legion[edit]

Silver Hawk Irregulars[edit]

Sirian Lancers[edit]

Skye Guards[edit]

Smithson's Chinese Bandits[edit]

Snord's Irregulars[edit]

Solaris Gladiators[edit]

Enough of these clogging up the Orphanage that we need a place to park them unless/until they can be homed.

Spirit Cats[edit]

Star Adder[edit]

Star League Defense Force (all incarnations)[edit]

Stealthy Tigers[edit]

Clan Steel Viper[edit]


Stotzing Militia[edit]

Sword of Light[edit]


Taurian Concordat[edit]

Vegan Rangers[edit]

Waco Rangers[edit]

Warrior House Kamata[edit]

Wilson's Hussars[edit]

Winfield's Brigade[edit]

Wolfe's Dragoons[edit]

NOT to be confused with Wolf's Dragoons!

Word of Blake[edit]

Zimmer's Zouaves[edit]