Fourth Succession War

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Lasting from 3028 to 3030, the Fourth Succession War was the largest offensive since the Second Succession War, over a hundred years prior. The war gave the Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns a common border so that they could eventually have one contiguous nation, the Federated Commonwealth.


Planning for War

The planning for the Fourth War came after Federated Suns First Prince Hanse Davion signed the Federated Commonwealth Alliance document with the Lyran Commonwealth Archon, Katrina Steiner, in 3022. Secretly included in the document was a provision that called for the marriage of Hanse and Archon-Designate Melissa Steiner, which would (eventually) result in the union of those two realms in the person of Hanse and Melissa's eldest child. In order to join their realms together, they needed to create a common border. This could only be done through the conquest of intervening planets.

Hanse Davion also had a score to settle. In 3025, Chancellor Maximilian Liao had attempted to replace Prince Davion with a body-double. This double certainly would have delivered the Federated Suns into the Capellan Confederation's hands, but the plot was discovered and foiled by Hanse's best friend and closest adviser, Ardan Sortek.

Hanse began by staging military exercises close to the Capellan Confederation border on a yearly basis starting in 3026. The so-called "Galahad tournaments" not only gave his troops exercise, but it got the Capellans used to large troop movements near their border.

Hanse had also instituted an elaborate spy game. The son of Quintus Allard, the director of the Federated Suns civilian spy agency (the Ministry of Information, Intelligence, and Operations or MIIO for short), Justin Allard, was publicly ridiculed and exiled. After Justin Allard publicly embraced his Capellan heritage, started calling himself Justin Xiang (his mother's maiden name), and won the Solaris VII championship, Chancellor Liao welcomed him into his intelligence agency. Unbeknownst to all but Justin, Hanse, and Quintus, Justin Xiang Allard was actually a double agent working for his father. In addition, another deep cover agent, Alex Mallory, had also infiltrated the Maskirovka (the Capellan spy agency). By the time the war started, these two men were the #2 and #3 men in the Maskirovka.

Hanse was also aware of a traitor in his midst. His half-stepbrother, Duke Michael Hasek-Davion, nursed a bitter grudge against Hanse because he wanted to be Prince (for a more detailed analysis, see this article) and had been covertly passing information to Maximillian Liao. Hanse was able to use Duke Michael to feed false troop information to the Capellans, who were left woefully out of position for the assault.

Prince Davion had also signed an independent truce with Candace Liao, heir to the Chancellorship and Duchess of the St. Ives Commonality (roughly one-fifth of the Capellan Confederation).

On the Lyran side, Archon Katrina made contacts amongst the Rasalhaguian resistance. The conquered people of Rasalhague had maintained an organized resistance for centuries, even though the majority of it had been stopped by the mid-24th century. The Lyrans used this resistance in exchange for the promise of freedom.

In response to the F-C alliance, the leaders of the other three Successor States, the Capellan Confederation, Free Worlds League, and Draconis Combine came together under a loose alliance known as the Kapteyn Accords. This alliance, which was overseen by ComStar, lacked the uniting features of the FedCom alliance. Indeed, negotiations were almost derailed when Janos Marik and Maximilian Liao were informed that the other party would be involved. The Accords were signed, but did not overcome long years of distrust.

Forces Overview


Dieron Regulars
2nd Dieron Regulars
3rd Dieron Regulars
8th Dieron Regulars
9th Dieron Regulars
12th Dieron Regulars
15th Dieron Regulars
18th Dieron Regulars
22nd Dieron Regulars
24th Dieron Regulars
27th Dieron Regulars
36th Dieron Regulars
Rasalhague Regulars
5th Rasalhague Regulars
8th Rasalhague Regulars
9th Rasalhague Regulars
13th Rasalhague Regulars
17th Rasalhague Regulars
20th Rasalhague Regulars
22nd Rasalhague Regulars
25th Rasalhague Regulars
Galedon Regulars
2nd Galedon Regulars
5th Galedon Regulars
8th Galedon Regulars
12th Galedon Regulars
16th Galedon Regulars
17th Galedon Regulars
19th Galedon Regulars
21st Galedon Regulars
Pesht Regulars
3rd Pesht Regulars
4th Pesht Regulars
6th Pesht Regulars
7th Pesht Regulars
9th Pesht Regulars
10th Pesht Regulars
Benjamin Regulars
2nd Benjamin Regulars
3rd Benjamin Regulars
6th Benjamin Regulars
9th Benjamin Regulars
11th Benjamin Regulars
15th Benjamin Regulars
17th Benjamin Regulars
Legion of Vega
2nd Legion of Vega
11th Legion of Vega
14th Legion of Vega
Night Stalkers
Johiro’s Regiment; Night Stalkers
McGavin’s Regiment: Night Stalkers
An Ting Legion
2nd An Ting Legion
4th An Ting Legion
Altenmarkt Militia
Sword of Light
1st Sword of Light
2nd Sword of Light
5th Sword of Light
7th Sword of Light
8th Sword of Light
Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
1st Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
5th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
9th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
12th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
Amphigean Light Assault Group
1st Amphigean Light Assault Group
2nd Amphigean Light Assault Group
5th Amphigean Light Assault Group
Proserpina Hussars
1st Proserpina Hussars
4th Proserpina Hussars
3rd Proserpina Hussars
Arkab Legion
2nd Arkab Legion
4th Arkab Legion
6th Arkab Legion
Brion's Legion 2b
Helmut's Hermits
Kingston Caballeros
Lone Star Regiment
McGee's Cutthroats
St. Cyr Heavy Assault Group
Tooth of Ymir
Vandelay's Valkyries

Confederation Capella Armored Forces 3025

Capellan Hussars
Red Lancers
Prefectorate Guard
Blandford's Grenadiers
Northwind Highlanders
Marion's Highlanders
McCormack's Fusiliers
1st Kearny Highlanders
2nd Kearny Highlanders
Chesterton Reserves
1st Ariana Fusiliers
2nd Ariana Fusiliers
Ariana Grenadiers
1st Chesterton Voltigeurs
2nd Chesterton Voltigeurs
3rd Chesterton Voltigeurs
Hamilton's Highlanders
Lothar's Fusiliers
Sung's Cuirassiers
Kingston's Legionnaires
Liao Reserves
Trimaldi's Secutors
Vincent's Commandos
Blackwind Lancers St. Ives Armored Cavalry
1st St. Ives Lancers
2nd St. Ives Lancers
St. Ives Cheveau Legers
Justina's Cuirassiers
Devon's Armored Infantry
Stapleton's Iron Hand
Cochraine's Goliaths
Shepard's Mounted Fusiliers
Confederation Reserve Cavalry
1st Confederation Reserve Cavalry
2nd Confederation Reserve Cavalry
3rd Confederation Reserve Cavalry
4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry
5th Confederation Reserve Cavalry
Preston's Lancers Capellan Reserves
Justine's Grenadiers
Stapelton's Grenadiers
Sian Reserves
Kamakura's Hussars
Ishara's Grenadiers
Sarna Reserves
Hurloc's Hussars
Freemont's Cuirassiers
McCrimmon's Light Cavalry
McCrimmon's Light Cavalry
MacGregor's Armored Scouts
Tikonov Reserves
Kincade's Rangers
Kerr's Intruders

McCarron's Armored Cavalry
1st McCarron's Armored Cavalry
2nd McCarron's Armored Cavalry
3rd McCarron's Armored Cavalry
4th McCarron's Armored Cavalry
5th McCarron's Armored Cavalry

Hampton's Hessens
1st New Hessen Irregulars
2nd New Hessen Irregulars
New Hessen Armored Scouts

15th Dracon
4th Tau Ceti Rangers
Laurel's Legion
Bullard's Armored Cavalry
Ambermarle's Highlanders
Marshigama's Legionnaires
Rivaldi's Hussars
Lockhardt's Ironsides
St. Cyr's Armored Grenadiers
Special Military Unit
Death Commandos
Warrior House
House Imarra
House Kamata
House Hiritsu
House Lu Sann
House Daidachi
House Fujita
House Matsukai
House Ijori

Lyran Commonwealth Armored Forces 3025

Arcturan Guards
8th Arcturan Guards
11th Arcturan Guards
15th Arcturan Guards
17th Arcturan Guards
19th Arcturan Guards
20th Arcturan Guards
23rd Arcturan Guards
24th Arcturan Guards
25th Arcturan Guards
Skye Rangers
4th Skye Rangers
10th Skye Rangers
17th Skye Rangers
22nd Skye Rangers
Donegal Guards
2nd Donegal Guards
3rd Donegal Guards
4th Donegal Guards
5th Donegal Guards
6th Donegal Guards
7th Donegal Guards
8th Donegal Guards
10th Donegal Guards
11th Donegal Guards
12th Donegal Guards
13th Donegal Guards
14th Donegal Guards
17th Donegal Guards
Lyran Regulars
1st Lyran Regulars
3rd Lyran Regulars
4th Lyran Regulars
5th Lyran Regulars
5th Lyran Regulars
7th Lyran Regulars
8th Lyran Regulars
9th Lyran Regulars
10th Lyran Regulars
11th Lyran Regulars
15th Lyran Regulars
Royal Guards
1st Royal Guards
2nd Royal Guards
3rd Royal Guards
Lyran Guards
3rd Lyran Guards
6th Lyran Guards
10th Lyran Guards
11th Lyran Guards
14th Lyran Guards
15th Lyran Guards
19th Lyran Guards
24th Lyran Guards
26th Lyran Guards
30th Lyran Guards
32nd Lyran Guards
36th Lyran Guards
Independent units
Winfield’s Brigade
7th Regiment, 12th Star Guards
3rd Regiment, 12 Star Guards
1st Regiment, 12 Star Guards
2nd Regiment, 12 Star Guards

Always Faithful
Barrett's Fusiliers
Cranston Snord's Irregulars (1 company)
Dragon's Breath
Grave Walkers (2 regiments)
Gregg's Long Striders
Hansen's Roughriders
Mobile Fire
Narhal's Raiders (2 regiments)
Little Richard's Panzer Brigade
Stealthy Tigers
Bad Dream
Filthy Lucre
Hsien Hotheads
Knights of St. Cameron (2 regiments)
Waco Rangers

Free Worlds League Military 3025

Free Worlds Guards
1st Free Worlds Guards
2nd Free Worlds Guards
3rd Free Worlds Guards
Atrean Hussars
Atrean Dragoons
1st Atrean Dragoons
11th Atrean Dragoons
12th Atrean Dragoons
Marik Militia
1st Marik Militia
2nd Marik Militia
4th Marik Militia
5th Marik Militia
6th Marik Militia
9th Marik Militia
10th Marik Militia
13th Marik Militia
15th Marik Militia
18th Marik Militia
20th Marik Militia
23rd Marik Militia
25th Marik Militia
30th Marik Militia
31st Marik Militia
Marik Guard Fusiliers of Oriente
Ducal Guard
1st Brigade
2nd Brigade
3rd Brigade
4th Brigade
5th Brigade
Protectorate Guard
Iron Guard
Steel Guard
Sirian Lancers
1st Sirian Lancers
2nd Sirian Lancers
3rd Sirian Lancers
Silver Hawk Irregulars
Oriente Hussars
1st Oriente Hussars
2nd Oriente Hussars
3rd Oriente Hussars
4th Oriente Hussars
5th Oriente Hussars
Defenders of Andurien
1st Defenders of Andurien
3rd Defenders of Andurien
4th Defenders of Andurien
5th Defenders of Andurien
6th Defenders of Andurien
Stewart Dragoons
Home Guard
Orloff Grenadiers
1st Orloff Grenadiers
6th Orloff Grenadiers
8th Orloff Grenadiers
Regulan Hussars
1st Regulan Hussars
2nd Regulan Hussars
4th Regulan Hussars
5th Regulan Hussars
9th Regulan Hussars
21st Centauri Lancers
Caesar's Cohorts
Carson's Renegades
Clifton's Rangers
Fuchida's Fusiliers
Head Hunters
Langendorf Lancers
Martian Cuirassiers
Smithson's Chinese Bandits

Federated Suns Armored Forces 3025

Crucis Lancers
1st Crucis Lancers RCT
2nd Crucis Lancers RCT
3rd Crucis Lancers RCT
4th Crucis Lancers RCT
5th Crucis Lancers RCT
6th Crucis Lancers RCT
7th Crucis Lancers RCT
8th Crucis Lancers RCT
Deneb Light Cavalry
4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
8th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
10th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
12th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
15th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
Avalon Hussars
11th Avalon Hussars RCT
17th Avalon Hussars RCT
20th Avalon Hussars RCT
22nd Avalon Hussars RCT
33rd Avalon Hussars RCT
39th Avalon Hussars RCT
41st Avalon Hussars RCT
42nd Avalon Hussars RCT
Single Units
1st Aragon Borderers
1st Argyle Lancers
1st Capellan Dragoons
1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry
1st Kestrel Grenadiers
1st Kittery Borderers
Syrtis Fusiliers
5th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT
6th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT
8th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT
Ceti Hussars
1st Ceti Hussars RCT
2nd Ceti Hussars RCT
3rd Ceti Hussars RCT
Robinson Rangers
1st Robinson Rangers
2nd Robinson Rangers
New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
Chisholm's Raiders
1st Chisholm's Raiders RCT
2nd Chisholm's Raiders
NAIS Cadet Cadre
1st NAIS Cadet Cadre
2nd NAIS Cadet Cadre
3rd NAIS Cadet Cadre
Training Battalion
1st Bell Training Battalion
1st Brockton Training Battalion
1st Conroe Training Battalion
Albion Training Cadre
1st Albion Training Cadre
2nd Albion Training Cadre
Davion Guards
1st Davion Guards RCT
2nd Davion Guards RCT
4th Davion Guards RCT
5th Davion Guards RCT
Davion Assault Guards RCT
Davion Heavy Guards RCT
Davion Light Guards RCT
12th Vegan Rangers (4 regiments)
Blue Star Irregulars (3 regiments)
Dismal Disinherited (3 regiments)
Eridani Light Horse (3 regiments)
Greenburg's Godzillas
Grim Determination
Harlock's Warriors
Illician Lancers (4 regiments)
Kell Hounds (1 battalion)
Lexington Combat Group (3 regiments)
Lindon's Company (1 battalion)
Markson Marauders
Miller's Marauders (2 battalions)
Redfield Renegades
Screaming Eagles (2 regiments)
Team Banzai
The Crater Cobras (2 regiments)
The Dioscuri (2 regiments)
The Fighting Urakhai (3 regiments)
Waco Rangers
Wylie's Coyotes

Alpha Regiment, Wolf’s Dragoons
Beta Regiment, Wolfs Dragoons
Delta Regiment, Wolf’s Dragoons
Gamma Regiment, Wolf’s Dragoons
Epsilon Regiment, Wolf’s Dragoons
Capellan March Militia
Alcyone Capellan March Militia
Kathil Capellan March Militia
New Syrtis Capellan March Militia
Ridgebrook Capellan March Militia
Sirdar Capellan March Militia
Warren Capellan March Militia
Crucis March Militia
Anjin Muerto Crucis March Militia
Islamabad Crucis March Militia
Kestrel Crucis March Militia
Marlette Crucis March Militia
New Avalon Crucis March Militia
Remagen Crucis March Militia
Tsamma Crucis March Militia
Draconis March Militia
Addicks Draconis March Militia
Bremond Draconis March Militia
Bryceland Draconis March Militia
Clovis Draconis March Militia
Dahar Draconis March Militia
Kilbourne Draconis March Militia
Mayetta Draconis March Militia
Milligan Draconis March Militia
Raman Draconis March Militia
Robinson Draconis March Militia
Valexa Capellan March Militia

Uniting Two Families

Perhaps the most important social event until that time occurred on Terra. On 20 August 3028, six months after her eighteenth birthday, Hanse Davion married Melissa Steiner. The leader of every Successor State was there, including their aides, heirs, and other VIPs. At the wedding reception, Hanse Davion uttered one of the most quoted lines in Inner Sphere history, "My dear... I give you the Capellan Confederation." To the leaders of the Inner Sphere, it seemed like this touched off the 4th War, but, in fact, troops had already invaded the day before.

Federated Suns

The Capellan Front => Operation Rat (Fedsun offensive)

The most damage during the war was done to the Capellan Confederation. Davion's stated goal was to ensure that the Capellan Confederation was no longer a threat by depriving it of its heavy industry. Under the cover of war games, the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS) used sheer numbers to overwhelm the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces (CCAF).

The AFFS exploited a strategic weakness in CCAF structure. The Capellans lightly garrisoned border worlds and relied on a strategic reserve to intervene quickly to achieve local superiority. The Capellan Confederation Armed Forces were outnumbered by nearly four to one by the AFFS, however. Their strategy was well-suited to dealing with the constant raiding of the Third Succession War, but left the Capellans unable to respond when multiple planets were hit at the same time as Hanse Davion brought the entirety of his army to bear. Coupled with overwhelming force and an infiltrated command structure, the Capellans were overrun.

Chancellor Liao also had to deal with a high-ranking traitor. Pavel Ridzik, Maximilian's chief military adviser decided to seize power for himself. The Tikonov native returned to his homeworld and announced that he was forming his own nation, the Tikonov Free Republic. The Republic signed an independent alliance with House Davion and attacked the Free Worlds League. In retribution, Chancellor Liao had Ridzik assassinated. Ardan Sortek, who had been in the Republic as an adviser, took temporary control of the Republic. After the end of the war, the Tikonov Free Republic voted to join the Federated Suns in 3031.[1]

The truce that Hanse Davion had struck with Candace Liao paid off. Amid a romance with Candace, Justin Xiang Allard outed himself as a FedSuns agent to her and returned to FedSuns space with her. She brought the St. Ives Commonality with her and formed her own independent nation, the St. Ives Compact. This decision left her younger sister Romano as the heir-apparent to the Celestial Throne.

Wave 1

* addition to its territorial aims,
* crippling the Capetian
* command structure and destroying its most powerful units

Attackers:4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT + 4th Davion Guards RCT + Redfield Renegades
Defender:Warrior House Ijori 'Mech + regiment and 16 regiments of armor and infantry
Outcome:During the First Wave the unit invaded Liao in support of all 3 Blue Star Irregulars regiments. Their opposing force consits of veteran CCAF units which includes Warrior House Lu Sann's , 1st Confederation Reserve Cavalry, Vincent's Commandos and the Protectorate Guard.
The 1st Blue Star Irregulars regiment defeated Vincent's Commandos after a short battle.
The 33rd Avalon Hussars forced the 1st Confederation Reserve Cavalry to retreat in face of such a opponent.
The 3rd Blue Star Irregulars regiment was attacked after probing raids from the Reserve Cavalry. The merc unit followed them into a ambush through the Protectorate Guard.
The 2nd Blue Star Irregulars regiment destroyed the 1st Battalion of Warrior House Lu Sann after a fierce fight.
The Avalon Hussars tried to close the gab around the CCAF forces but were hindered by the Reserve Cavalry. The special forces of the elite Warrior House used the Chaos to a raid behind the lines of the AFFS forces. Only the reinforcement through the Redfield Renegades changed the tide of battle to the FedSun side. The mercs entered the forbidden city. These event was the signal to all remaining Liao forces to retreat. Only one Battlion each from the Warrior House and the Reserve Cavalry together with the Protectorate Guard could left the planet.
Source: NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 , p.15 + 16

Attackers:33rd Avalon Hussars RCT + Blue Star Irregulars (3 regiments) + Redfield Renegades (later)
Defender:Warrior House Lu Sann's (2 b) + 1st Confederation Reserve Cavalry+ Vincent's Commandos (2 b) + Protectorate Guard
Source: NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 , p. 16

Attackers:3rd Davion Guards RCT + Eridani Light Horse (White Horse Regiment)
Defender:1st Ariana Fusiliers
Outcome:The aerospace fighter of the Guards make short work with the defending Liao machines. After rearmed for ground support 2 airports were destroyed with all equipment located their. The 2nd battlion of the Fusiliers was destroyed, because they tried to assault the ELH from the back on a spaceport. The 3rd Davion Guards catched the 1st battlion of the Fusiliers near a city and slauthered them with out mercy. The remaing battalion of the CCAF forces retreated of world.
Source: NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 , p. 18

Planet:New Hessen
Attackers:1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs + 2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
Defender:1st New Hessen Irregulars + 2nd New Hessen Irregulars
Outcome:The 1st Irregulars were pinned in place by the larger air force of the invaders until the mechs of the 1st Chasseurs came to destroy the unit. The 2nd Irregulars chosed to fight in the planetary capital against the 2nd Chasseurs. The Davion forces were skilled in urban combat and let the defenders no change. Only one battlion survived with some conventionel forces, which left the planet to the invaders.
Source: NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 , p. 19

Attackers:two mercenary 'Mech regiments of the Screaming Eagles
Defender:Third Battalion of McCrimmon's Light Cavalry
Outcome: The fighters of the mercs suprised most of the battlion in the open, but it tooked a 3 long siege of a ancient SDLF base until the Eagles gained their victory. 1 Company were destroyed when the tried to leave the base unreckonigze, but were suprised. The remaing company surrender to the invaders.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 , p.19

Attackers:Gamma + Delta Regiments of Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Defender:six regiments of lightly armed militia
Outcome:This two regiments had no difficults to force the miltia to surrender. The spanish minority put their support behnd the invaders and installed a interims goverment.
Source: NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 , p.19

Planet:St. Andre
Attackers:Davion Light Guards RCT + Alpha + Beta Regiments Twelfth Vegan Rangers.
Defender:Justina's Cuirassiers + Cochraine's Goliaths + 1st Battalion of the Blackwind Lancers
Outcome:The landing were without a fight. The Beta Regiments of the Rangers need support from the Alpha Regiment in the fight against the Blackwind Lancers. This situation was idle for the elite Cuirassiers, which tooked the battles to the Rangers. The battered mercs were reinforced through the Guards and the Beta Regiment. The fight was short. After losing much of her equiment the CO surrender. The Lancers tried to use the chaos but find the base camp guarded by the Light Guards. The Lancers surrender, after facing suchs odds. The Guards secured the HQ of the CCAF forces and used false radio transmission to lure the remaining unit, Cochraine's Goliaths, into a trap. The fight was brutal. Both sides were equal, only the tough fight of the Delta Company saved the day. All CCAF forces were destroyed or had surrender.
Source: NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 , p. 20 - 21

Attackers:1st Davion Guards RCT
Defender:poorly armed planetary militia
Outcome:The fight of the Milita was fierce, but the could not hope to gain victory against such odds.
Source: NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 , p.22

Attackers:20th Avalon Hussars RCT + Davion Heavy Guards RCT
Defender:3rd Battalion of the 4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry + Warrior House Fujita
Outcome:With the support of the MIIO, the defenders lost most of their effective space defense. The remaining fighters had no chance against the Davion forces. The Hussars set a trap for the Cavalry. After two attemps to break the circles of invaders the unit surrendered. THe elite infantry of the Warrior House were slaughter through the Heavy Guards. The retreating capellan forces got on to a waiting Dropship which was sabotaged by the MIIO. The loses was horrendous among the CCAF. The Tao Mechwork (3rd largest Mech Manufacturer at this time) was secured without damage.
Source: NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 , p.22
Wave 2

The second wave focused on Tikonov for four reasons :
1. it was the capital of the Tikonov Commonality
2. it was a vital economic center of the Confederation
3. it was a heavily fortified world that could harbor many 'Mech regiments for counterattacks
4. it was the base for Colonel Pavel Ridzik, commander and driving force of the

Attackers:All eight Crucis Lancers RCT
Defender:large militia, about 80 regiments
Deep-Space Interdiction Forces (The Night Riders)
MacGregor's Armored Scouts (1 b)
4th Tau Ceti Rangers (1 b)
Hamilton's Highlanders (1b)
2nd Ariana Fusiliers
Ariana Grenadiers (1b)
1st Chesterton Voltigeurs
2nd Chesterton Voltigeurs
3rd Chesterton Voltigeurs
Before the task force could land, they faced the The Night Riders (consits of a Vengeance Carrier, 2 Union Dropships + 70 fighters). The defenders were defeated and all Dropship meet their Dropzones.
The 7th Crucis Lancers fought against the MacGregor's Armored Scouts Battle Group (1 Mech battalion + 3 armor regiments + 3 infantry regiments [2 regular, 1 mechniced]). The battle was fierce. The defenders meet the invaders outside the citywall but were suprise by a flanking attack of conventional forces from the Davions. The First Battalion of the Scouts were destroyed after a failed attack against the HQ company of the Lancers. The remaining CCAF forces surrender.
The 8th Crucis Lancers faced the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers Battle Group (1 Mech battalion + 11 conventionell regiments) defended Kazan. After several day of brutal fights the Rangers ignored the order to fight to the last men from Colonel Radzik. They retreat from the planet in their own dropships. All resitance collapsed without the mech support.
Two Lancers units: the 6th Crucis Lancers + 8th Crucis Lancers were tasked to secure the planet capital. The defenders were the 1st Battalion of the Hamilton's Highlanders + the HQ Company of Stapleton's Iron Hand and supporting units. The siege began with an intense bombardment. The artillery created several breaches in the wall which the attackers used, but they were suprised by some minefields. After a short break the fighting continued. They AFFS forces tried to increase their breachhead but they feared they overall commander destroy all military industry. Both units put more forces into the city. Unknown to the Lancers their sister regiment, the 7th Crucis Lancers make a combat drop on the industrial sector, where they meet the Colonel himself with the Highlanders. The three units surrounded the capellans. The Highlanders were destroyed, but the Colonel and his company could get their waiting Dropship and meet a Scout class Jumpship at a pirate point.
The 1st Crucis Lancers fight against the 2nd Ariana Fusiliers Battle Group by the city of Karaganda. The Fusiliers could not wait until the right moment and attack the Davions. Loses on both sides were high but the Davion reached the city, where they break the neck of the defending unit. After losing 1 battalion the remaining Fusiliers retreat from the planet.
The 2nd Crucis Lancers secured the city of Gizhiga. The fight with the Ariana Grenadiers was fierce, but the Lancers saved they day. The remaining Grenadiers surrender after two weeks.
The 3rd Crucis Lancers meet heavy resistance through the defending 1st Chesterton Voltigeurs Battle Group at New Moscow. The Voltigeurs were shattered in a fierce battle. Few could retreat offworld.
The 4th Crucis Lancers fight against the 2nd Chesterton Voltigeurs Battle Group in dense jungle at Ulan. 2 Battalions were destroyed during the 3 week long fighting. Only the 1st Battlion of the 2nd Chesterton Voltigeurs could retreat.
The 5th Crucis Lancers were tasked to secure Tselinagrad. In their way stand the 3rd Chesterton Voltigeurs Battle Group. The tanks of the Davion crushed the defenders with easy.
To complete the invasion tooked additonal forces and time, but all major goal has reached.
Source: NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1, p. 24 - 30

Attackers:1st Davion Guards RCT
Outcome:The Guars crushed the defending forces with easy.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1, p. 32

Attackers:33rd Avalon Hussars
Blue Star Irregulars
Outcome:The operations was for all invaders like a vacation.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1, p. 32

Planet:Gan Singh
Attackers:Screaming Eagles mercenary regiments
assisted by Fourth Garrison Force (six regiments of Davion occupation troops)
Outcome:The mercs had no problems to secure the planet for the AFFS. The militia had no change.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1, p. 32

Attackers:Gamma and Delta Regiments of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers
+ First Garrison Forces
Outcome:The mercs defeated the milita after a fierce battle.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1, p. 32

Attackers:1st Aragon Borderers
reinforced by Delta Company of the Davion Light Guards 'Mech regiment
Defender:Freemont's Cuirassiers (1b)
Outcome:The Borderers have it difficults to fight the heavy machines of the defenders, only the support Delta Company changed the tide of the battle for the invaders.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1, p. 32

Attackers: 4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
Defender:First Battalion of Trimaldi's Secutors
Outcome:Only 1 Company surived the fight with an entire RCT and could retreat offworld.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1, p. 32

Attackers:3rd Davion Guards RCT
Defender:First Battalion of McCrimmon's Light Cavalry
Marion's Highlanders
Outcome:The Cavalry were no opponent for the elite Guards, only the Highlanders were equal in size and expierence. The fight came to a standstill and a truce were negotiated.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1, p. 32

Attackers:1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
Defender:Second Battalion of the Hamilton's Highlanders
Second Battalion of MacGregor's Armored Scouts
Outcome: The triumph of the crushing defeat of the 2 CCAF battlions were overshadowed, because a sqaud of the Death Commandos nearly killed the CO of the Chasseurs
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1, p. 32
Wave 3
Attackers:7th Crucis Lancers RCT
Outcome:The Lancers crushed the milita with easy.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 ,p. 33

Attackers:1st Crucis Lancers RCT
Outcome:The Lancers make short work with the defenders.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 ,p. 33

Attackers:Delta Regiment of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Outcome:After several days mercs accept the surrender of the militia.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 ,p. 33

Attackers:1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
Outcome:This world was secured through the seasoned soldiers.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 ,p. 33

Attackers:two heavy battalions of Miller's Marauders,
plus the twelve regiments of the Addicks March Militia
Defender:First Battalion of Kerr's Intruders
Outcome:After the rivalry of the two officers from the invading force were settled, the invasion became a succes. The defending Intruders surrender.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 ,p. 33

Attackers:4th Crucis Lancers
Defender:Third Battalion of Lothar's Fusiliers
Outcome:Bad circumstances by the invaders delayed the invasion, but in the end only one company could retreat offworld.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1 ,p. 33

Attackers:3rd Davion Guards RCT
Defender:Second Battalion of McCrimmon's Light Cavalry
Outcome:The landing were unpopossed. The defenders thought the invaders were afraid and begin with a assault. The Davions had other thought, beat the capellans and secured the planet. One company could survive and retreat offworld.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1p. 33

Planet:New Canton
Attackers:Screaming Eagles
+ ten garrison regiments
Defender:First Battalion of the 4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry
Third Battalion of Trimaldi's Secutors
Outcome:The task force were splitted in two equal Battle Groups. The 1st Regiment sought after the Battalion of the Cavarly. The capellans retreat in the forest, but were suprised because they were pinned at the river side. The CO of the eagles begin to slaughter the soldiers down, after they had surrender. The arriving AFFS forces forced the CO to put all weapons down for an investigation.
The 2nd Regiment tried to catch the Battalion of the Secutors. 2 attached infantry regiments were airdropped in front of the retreating cappelans. The fight cost the invaders 4 battalions, but the arrival of the 2nd Regiment secured the victory for the Davion forces.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1p. 35

Attackers:33rd Avalon Hussars RCT
two regiments of the Blue Star Irregulars
Defender:First Regiment of McCarron's Armored Cavalry
Outcome:The invaders had a open bill to paid through the mercs. The Hussars were suprised by a rear attack from the Cavalry and make the life difficult for them. The supporting air wing were destroyed by the Davion fighters, which give them air superiority. The 1st Mac meet the Avalon in close fight and were shattered by the 2 BSI regiments. Only one battalion survided and could retreat back to capellan space.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1p. 36

Attackers:4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
Defender:Third Battalion of Justine's Grenadiers
Outcome:The harch enviroment worked for the defenders. Blizzards and bad weather hindered the Cavalry to catch the Grenadiers. Only bad luck secured the victory for the 4th Deneb, because the techs filled the cooling system with the wrong lubricant, which slowed the machines.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1p. 37

Attackers:2nd Crucis Lancers + 3rd Crucis Lancers
Defender:Warrior House Hiritsu 'Mech regiment
Second Battalion of Kerr's Intruders
Laurel's Legion, a battalion
Outcome:The Intruders were suprised and crushed by the 2nd Crucis Lancers in a jungle fight. The 3rd Crucis Lancers was slowed down by the mobile defense of the Warrior Hose and the elite Infantry. Both RCT's tried a final assault with no reasult. The chaos were used by the combined CCAF forces of the Warrior house and Laurel's Legion. The fight were fierce. The overall commander of the CCAF ordered an entire retreat. The Legion was forced to leave a company behind and the remaining House battlion retreated offworld.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1p. 38-39

Attackers:5th Crucis Lancers and 6th Crucis Lancers
Defender:2nd Kearny Highlanders
Second Battalion of Freemont's Cuirassiers
Outcome:6th Crucis Lancers captured the supplies of the Highlander and with them the family. The Highlander began with a counterattack to free their members but without success. Both sides seperated from each other to reorganize. Negotiation were underway. All Highlanders unit changed sides in exchange for the planet Northwind. The Cuirassiers tried a suprise assault but were uncovered and destroyed during their attemp to retreat.
Source:NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 1p. 40
Wave 4

Fourth Wave focus on isolated Capellan worlds near Terra and the eventual linking of the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth

Attackers:Screaming Eagles both regiments
Defender:Menkalinan Militia + 1st Free Worlds Guards (2nd Bn)
Outcome:The mercaneries reveived no supplies for their behavior on New Canton. The moral were low and it were discussed to join another realm with better handling for their hired guns. Only hard negotiations between the Eagles and the AFFS deliver results. The command receive their supplies and for this would conquer Menkalinan. The planet were ruled by both nations (CCAF + FWLM) together equaly. On both sides were 20 militia regiments. On the surfarce of the planet occured sometimes border clashes, with no significant changes. The FWLM secretly deployed 3 companies of the 1st Free World Guards landed on the planet to conquer it once and for all. During the march to the capital the Davion mercs landed and give the Guards a show of force. The mercs fight the capellan militia. The Guards received the order to help the belaguered CCAF units. The mariks make a rear area assault and seed chaos. The eagles fall back to regroup. The superior numbers secured the victory. The Guards were ordered to leave the planet and without the support of their ally the militia had no change to survive.
Source: p. 85
Planet:Tall Trees
Attackers:4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
Defender:Thirty regiments (most of them infantry)
Outcome:The landing was contested by three regiments of the defenders. but they were pushed by side with only few casaulties. The Cavalry was tasked to secure the secret research facilities on the planet. THe large population were a other difficult factor. The resistance movement create chaos when ever possible (blow bridge up, sniper attacks and so on). 10 militia regiments make a desperate attemp to stop the invaders but were crushed during the fights. The Cavalry find the facility in ruins and the bodies of DeathCommandos. The troops which secured on the side died through an unknown virus. The assigned Hazmat Team isolate all ill soldiers for further studies.
Source:p. 86

Attackers:Gamma + Delta Regiments Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Outcome:The defenders were pushed by side by the expierenced soldiers with easy. The mercs secured in this progres a cahe withe spareparts for space vessels.
Source: p. 86

Attackers:7th Crucis Lancers RCT
Outcome:The Lancers broke all resistance with the capturing of the politcal and industrial hearts of the planets.
Source: p. 86

Planet:Foot Fall
Attackers:5th Crucis Lancers + 6th Crucis Lancers RCTs
Outcome:The High Command assigned this two command to the invasion force gor this planet, because they believed the would meet Warrior house units. But with the landing the situation showed that there was no defending mechforce. The Lancers secured the planetary capital after 1 day of battle.
Source: p. 86

Attackers:33rd Avalon Hussars
Outcome:The invading Hussars had no difficulties in securing this breabasket for the Federated Suns.
Source: p. 86

Attackers:1st Crucis Lancers
Outcome :The only loses occured because a Union dropship had mechanical problems and crushed in the atmospher of the planet.
Source: p. 86

Attackers:1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
Outcome:The light mechs of the Chasseurs, beat the expierenced desert fighters and all resistance calm down.
Source: p. 86

Attackers:Bell Capellan March Militia RCT
Defender:1st Kearny Highlanders + militia regiments
Outcome: The secret negotiations with the AFFS give the Highlanders Northwind in exchange to standdown in all clashes with CCAF forces. The 1st Kearny abandoned the planet. The invading Bell CapMM had no problems with the defending militias.
Source: p. 86

Attackers:3rd Davion Guards
Outcome:The milita was lager than normal, because the importance of the planet for CCAF. The defenders do their best to block the invading Guards but had no change against one of the best units of the AFFS.
Source: p. 86

Planet:Second Try
Attackers:20th Avalon Hussars
Outcome: The cold inviroment were a heavy burden for the Hussars. It tooked 8 longs weeks to secure the planet for the AFFS.
Source: p. 86
Operations Risposte and Operation Ambush

Chancellor Liao had a spy in the command staff of Duke Hasek. He was known to the MIIO and they let him work. The informations that he received were false. On this bases the Chancellor believe that the supply bases (Kawich, Nopah, Basalt, New Aragon, Algot, and Halloran V + Axton for special reason) were lightly defended. He decided to attack the 6 planets. The defense lay in the hands of 17 'Mech regiments and 40 infantry and armor regiments on these worlds.

Defender:Davion Light Guards RCT
Alpha Regiment of Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Attackers:The Third battalion of the 2nd Ariana Fusiliers + two regiments of hovertanks and one of jump infantry
Outcome:The battle were fought on two places. The first engagement take place in a number of ware ouses. The capellan commander have trust in the capabilities of his troops. The defending Delta Company of the Light Guards splite the attacking force. The supporting Hovercraft had no change to help their comrades. The capellan company were beaten in close combat.
The other fight tooked place several hundreds klicks away. The march of the capellan was uncontested. The Guards and the Rangers lied in an ambush out of sight of the attackers. The CO discover the trap and fight to the end against the defenders but the superior number began to count and in a final push the all remaing CCAF forces were beat.
Source: p.91

Defender:2nd NAIS Training Cadre and four regiments of infantry and tanks
Attackers:First Battalion of the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers + 1 Platoon of Death Commandos
Outcome:The Rangers were tasked with the mission to capture all equipment with value and destroyed the restthat couldn't tranpsorted. The 4th Tau had luck when they stormed the Homebase of the Cadre. Only 12 Mechs and some infantry regiments defended the base. They had no change against such expierenced attackers. The Rangers discover the hidden lab and began to plunder it. The mainforce of the Cadre were on a training cycle outside of the camp. The Cadre formed a company of the expierenced soldiers which tried to block the capellans in the retreatment. The mercs could liftoff and the CO of the cadre were killed in action.

Defender:Striker Regiment, Eridani Light Horse
three regiments of infantry and armor, reinforced by the Second Battalion of 'Mechs from the 1st Davion Guards RCT
3rd Crucis Lancers
Attackers:Three groups
Group 1:A battalion from Warrior House Hiritsu
Group 2:A battalion from the 3rd Confederation Reserve Cavalry, a company from Trimaldi's Secutors, and a company of Lothar's Fusiliers
Group 3: a battalion of Trimaldi's Secutors and two companies from Laurel's Legion
Outcome:The Warrior House Hiritsu meet the Striker Regiment. First the ELH sent their conventional force against them. The fight cost them 12 mechs. Then the Horses mechs began to get in the battle. The House Warrior fight to the death.
A force of 5 company strength were tasked with the destruction of the warehouses near Jamou. The CO tried to use speed to rush in and retreat after the demolotion. But they had not excepted 9 conventional battlions supported through 3 mech companies.

The capellan officer order his troops back to the awaiting dropships. Some troopers fight the Davions and were killed. These actions cost them 12 mechs. The remaining forces were killed through six companies of the Guards.

Another force containing forces of the Trimaldi's Secutors and Laurel's Legion landed on the planet. When forces of the Crucis Lancers meet them, the troops act differently. The warrior of the Legion surrender and the members of the Secutors fight. Both units began to fight each other and the Lancer calm the situation with force. The Legion changed the side.
Source:94 - 93

Defender:|4th Davion Guards RCT
4th Crucis Lancers
Attackers:several 'Mech battalions and companies totaling almost regiment =
A company from the Kerr's Intruders,
a company from McCrimmon's Light Cavalry
a company from MacGregor's Armored Scouts
five companies from the 1st New Hessen Irregulars
18 'Mechs from the veteran Warrior House Ijori
with three infantry regiments and four armor regiments
Outcome: A taskforce of 3 mechcompanies (one each of Kerr's Intruders + McCrimmon's Light Cavalry + MacGregor's Armored Scouts were ordered to destroy the warehouse complex at Zander's Light. The supporting conventional run in the main forces of 4th Guards. The mechs were beaten by the davion mechs with easy. The capellans surrender.
The other taskforce use a unconvetional tactic (Avalanche drop). They dropped their force at the top of the defending 4th Lancers. The capellans discover that the warehouse were empty. They decided to hunt the Davions. The 3 defending companies began to retreat as fare as possible the CCAF warrior followed them blindly. The remaing 6 mech companies and conventional forces of the lancers blocked the retreating line. The CCAF forces returned and choose to fight to the death before surrender.

Planet:New Aragon
Defender:Davion Heavy Guards RCT
New Avalon Crucis March Militia
1st Aragon Borderers and six infantry and tank regiments
Attackers:The three battered regiments of the Chesterton Voltigeurs (4 bat)
+ 4 regiments of infantry and two heavy tank regiment
Outcome: Once fielding 3 full regiments the Voltiugeurs could save only 4 battlions from the slaughter house of Tikonov. After same time of recovery this units were tasked with the mission to secure or detroy all posible supplies of the AFFS on New Aragon. 3 different base were located and marked for destruction. Each taskforce consists of 4 mechcompanies support by conventional assets (6 infantry battalions + 3 heavy armor battalions).
The 1st Taskforce attack Fort McMichael. The mechs build the front and the flanks were protectec by the other forces. The column run in a force of Davion Assualt Guards (24 machines). The CO hoped to lure the Davion in a trap, but were trapped first from a flaking manuver of the hovertank machines of the guards. With the support of fighters the 3 companies of CCAF troops were shattered to a handful of survivers.
The 2nd Taskforce assaulted Grahamsville. The maps showed the CO a easy target at a riverside. But the normaly small river were over his borders and the Davion engineers build a defence wall around the warehouses. The CCAF units tried to cross the river but had bad luck, because to bridges were destroyed. The taskforce were suprised by the New Avalon March Militia. The CO's of both sides were wounded and the ongoing fight shifted to the Davions. The capellans make a last stand but only 3 lances surrender with some survivors.
Anf finaly the 3rd Taskforce attacked Fort Ellison. The Aragon Border + 18 attached battalions were tasked with the defense of the complex. The approch were with some difficult but the main force were out of sight. The capellans could destroy some supllies but the fierce fight with the Borderers changed their attitude. Hunted by 2 mech units and without air support the Voltigeurs surrender after they saw no change o escape.
Source: p. 98

Defender:Beta Regiment of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers + Crater Cobras (2 reg.) +1st Ceti Hussars RCT
Attackers:3rd Battalion of the 1st McCarron's Armored Cavalry + 1 battalion a from the Confederation Reserve Cavalry + Warrior House Lu Sann (1b) + Prefectorate Guard
Outcome:The 3 companies of the MAC were suprised by the presence of the Vegan Rangers Beta Regiment. The 2nd Battalion of the Rangers were attacked in a series of engagements by the Cavalry. When they realize that the defenders were stronger than expected the Mac warrior decide to go underground and harass the Davion forces the following months.
The second group attacked a warehouse complex. The units land on two different sides. The Cavalry units were attacked by the 2nd Cobras, because the 1st Cobras fighting the Warrior House. The CRC surrender after some loses and the overwhelming numbers of mechs. The Warrior House lasted some longer but they decide differently. Chooseing to fight a losing battle from the beginning, the unit faltered after heavy fighting.
The last battle occoured between the Prefectorate Guard and the 1st Ceti Hussars. The two units meet in the past on different occasions. The CCAF unit pushed forward unsupposed. The Husars retreat and set ambushes at their way back. The mechforces of the capellan have a weight advantage. But the Hussar swiftness were a tactical suprise for the Guards. In a final battle the Guards fight to the death and the unit were anhillated.
Source: p. 100

Planet:Halloran V
Defender:2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs RCT
The Second Regiment of the Screaming Eagles
Attackers:15 remaining members of the once-proud Freemont's Cuirassiers reinforced by two regiments of armor and infantry
Outcome:The CCAF forces landed in the near of the AFFS base. The Capellans retreat after a short engagement with 2nd Chasseurs. The terrain worked for the attackers but after the Davion called their supporting mercs in the invaders meet their destiny in a fighting death.
Source: p. 100
The 'counterattack' cost the CCAF 18 mech battlions and their supporting conventional assets. Many resources were assigned to this units and were lost during the combat. In all the assaults were a failure.
Wave 5

The overall objective was the same as it had always been, to conquer the Confederation and destroy as many Liao regiments as possible

Attackers:20th Avalon Hussars
Outcome:The milita had no change of a victory.
Attackers:1 battalion from the Gamma Regiment of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers
+ two regiments of Davion armor and four of infantry
Outcome:The defenders had the weather on their side. The climatic conditions of this planet are extrem. The attacking rangers weren't prepared for such a enviroment. The defenders used the quickly changing weather to their advance. Only with the securing of the HQ of the militia, had the mercs a change to win. It took several attemps to reach the goal.
Source: p.44 (vol. 2)
Attackers:5th Crucis Lancers.
Outcome:The reservist were no match for this regular army unit of the Davions.
Source: p.38 (vol. 2)
Planet:New Macao
Attackers:7th Crucis Lancers
Outcome:The milita was defeated was a brief battle.
Source:p.38 (vol. 2)
Attackers:6th Crucis Lancers
Outcome:Because of a harvest ground for new Wariors house aspirants. The common peolple of this planet were fierce loyal to house Liao. The civilian causalties ran high and the moral of the Lancers ran low, because they must kill women even children to complete their mission. The defending militia used the volunters as human shields. In regard of the loses the goverment surrender before a nother bloodbath happen.
Source: p.39 (vol. 2)
Attackers:12th Vegan Rangers Delta Regiment and two battalions from Gamma
+ three regiments of armor and four of infantry
Defender:Sung's Cuirassiers + many militia regiments
Outcome:The unit assigned to them the best Hazard Teams available, because of rumors of a ners gas. The Rangers were attacked 3 times during their approache to the planetary capital. The casaulities ran high but the medecs and mechanics adopted new ways to counter these gas. The defenders blocked the way to the target with barricades. The supporting artillery were destroyed through the air support of the Rangers. When the CCAF saw their change they began to charge, the mercs saw these as a way to win the battle to. The fight lastet several hours. The mercs left 6 companies of fallen comrades on the field but the defenders suffer horrendus loses and abonde the planet.
Source: p.43 (vol. 2)
Attackers:Davion Light Guards] RCT
Defender:1st Battalion Hurloc's Hussars + 1st Battalion 4th Tau Ceti Rangers
Outcome:The defending units were stationed on two different locations. On part of the RCT were task with reconnaicse, because the main body attacked the Rangers. The defenders had heavier machines and used this to their advange, but after the command gained and early success the superior numbers of the Guards began to count. The Rangers retreat and left the planet. The Hussars had no sufficiet support and after a few days of battle surrender to the Guards.
Source: p.39 (vol. 2)
Attackers:Davion Heavy Guards RCT
Defender:2nd Battalion Hurloc's Hussars
Outcome:The CO of the Hussars know the bad supply situation. The Guards meet no restistance by their landing on the planet. A inner dispute by the CCAF defenders erupted in a short brief fight. After loosing 19 mechs the surviving soldiers surrender without a nother fight to the Guards.
Source:p.42 (vol. 2)
Attackers:5th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT + two regiments Crater Cobras + 2nd Regiment Screaming Eagles + 15 conventional regiments + as reinforcment Davion Heavy Guards RCT + Davion Light Guards RCT
Defender:Sarna Militia + McCarron's Armored Cavalry: 2nd + 3rd + 4th + 5th
Outcome:The DAvion landed on 4 drop zones (Nova + Supernova = Crater Cobras, 2nd Eagle = Blackhole, 5th Fusililers = Pulsar).
The Fusiliers used a higher accerlation rate to land first on the planet. The unit was blind because they want to avenge the murdered Duke.
The 2nd Battalion faced the 4th MAC and suffer heavy loses. The 3rd tried to get out of the attacks of the Fighters battle soon the 3rd MAC, because the 1st Battllion lost 2 companies to the defenders. The loses on the Davion side run high. 93 mechs destroyed + 15 salvaged by the MAC, 10 Driopships destroyed and 80 percent of the supporting units were anhillated.
The remaining invasion force landed in one group. Both factions waiting the following month about a reaction of each other. When no reinforcement came the MAC meet the invaders in the near of the dropzone. After several probing attacks the MAC started a final assault. The High Command send badly needed reinforcemnent. The MAC discover that they faced fresh troops attempt to flee the battlefield. The retreat to their dropships cost them nearly 3 full battlions.
Source:p.44-51 (vol. 2)
Wave 6
Attackers:Davion Heavy Guards
Outcome:The defending forces had no change against such odds.
Source: p. 53
Attackers:Davion Light Guards RCT
Outcome: The fight for this planet was a bloody campaign, because the CO of the defenders was fanatical loyal to Liao and lead his troops in to death.
Source: p. 53
Attackers:7th Crucis Lancers RCT
Outcome: An internal slit in to eaul forces left many dead behind and the Lancers had nothing to do after their landing.
Source: p. 53
Attackers:6th Crucis Lancers RCT
Defender:Kingston's Legionnaires
Outcome: The Lancers secured the water supply for the planetary capital were the Legionaires waited for them. After 14 day under the burning sun the CCAF unit run out of water and were forced to attack the invaders. The Lancers were prepared for them. During the ongoing battle the CO of the Legionaires request a chease fire with folling retreat to capellan space.
Source: p. 54
Attackers:Gamma and Delta Regiments of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers and twelve conventional regiments attacked
Defender:2nd Confederation Reserve Cavalry and 20 veteran tank and infantry regiments
Outcome:The Rangers landed far out site of the capellan defenders. The invaders were repeatedly attaced by fighters of the Cavalry. The Rangers headed to the planetary capital with minor fights. When the Mercs split their forces in 3 parts (2 smaller once for flanking manuvers and 1 as the main body) the defenders charged and doesn't know the reaming smaller forces of the Davion invaders. The CO of the Rangers order his troops back to close the trap and after the capellan CO refuse to surrender the battle for this battalion was over. The other Cavalry units lifted off world without another fight.
Source:p. 55
Attackers:5th Crucis Lancers RCT
Defender:First Battalion of Kamakura's Hussars
Outcome:The Lancers were only prepare to meet regular militia, but no large mech force during the landing progress. The invaders had a difficult task to secure the planet without sufficient mech support. The ongoing fight during the next 21 day were to much for the Hussars. They retreated off world and travel back to the Cappellan Confederation space.
Source: p. 56
Planet:Kathil (counterattack) + Sian (surprise attack)
Attackers:1st Kathil Uhlans
Defender:Death Commandos
Second Battalion of the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers
Warrior House Imarra (on Sian)
Part 1:
Maximillan Liao have an ambitious plan. With the interdiction of comstar he would try to assault kathil with its drivejump engine manufacturing center. His thouths was if the AFFS lose its capabilities to repair or replace such engines all invsaion efforts were shot down and the units with outjumpships on capellan soil will be easy prey to a counterattack. The Highcommand was informed through a spy in the staff of the CCAF. Hanse Davion give order to former a new unit from different parts of regular commands and on planet militia. The 1st Kathil Uhlans were born from the double strength company of the Light Davions Gurads, the survivors of the 5th Syrtis Fusilier of Sarna and companies of the standing militia.
Task with the raid were two experienced, fanatical units: 2nd battlion 4th Tau Ceti Rangers and Death Commandos. The raiders split in two equal forces. The Commandos lost one companies during the initial laning phase. The remaing 24 machines were beaten by a well arranged ambushes of the defenders. The Rangers lost mechs to a minefield and surrender after a series of attacks which left only 8 machines functional. Morgan Hasek Davion gurantee the Rangers save passage back to cappelan space, because the spy on Sian were rescued by the Rangers Dropship.
Part 2:
The Uhlans used the ID of the Rangers to get back to Sian. They reported they have catched Morgan Hasek Davion. The Chancellor have bold dreams with the Davion. During the last phase of the landing the Dropships fire at the machines of House Imarra which were prepared for ceremonial duties. The gas of the missile burned the Triple Strengh Myomer of the House Mechs with easy. The Uhlans landed and waited long enougth for Justin Xiang Allard to get to the spaceport and make it save home, back to the Federated Suns. This event was to much for the ruler of the confederation.

Creation of St. Ives Pact (former St. Ives Commonality) =>puffer state between Capcon and Fedsun

Wave 7

Goal: to gain as much territory as possible before truce

Planet:Old Kentucky
Planet:Ulan Bator
Planet:Sarna (continued)
Attackers:20th Avalon Hussars RCT + Gamma and Delta Regiments of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Defenders:a battalion of the 5th Confederation Reserve Cavalry + a battalion of Preston's Lancers
Outcome: The Rangers meet the Cavalry in a valley. The defenders make a fighting retreat and losing 4 lances before reaching their dropship and making it offworld.
The Lancers make it the invaders harder to gain their victory. After several successful ambushes, the Hussars used the numerical superiority to secured the planet after a few days of fighting. Only 12 Lancers mechs make it back to capellan space.
Source: p. 60


ComStar also took an interest in the course of the war. The supposedly neutral power desired smaller, more fragmented nation that would be easier to manipulate, but the 4th War seemed to promise a mighty Federated Commonwealth. ComStar decided to slow the AFFS' progress by imposing a communications interdiction. They faked an AFFS attack on the HPG on Sarna and used the "incident" as the excuse they needed. Unbeknownst to ComStar, Hanse Davion had changed the units he used to assault Sarna at the last minute, alerting him to ComStar's duplicity. Despite that, Hanse could not afford to openly challenge ComStar, so he made no public statement about it. The interdiction effectively stopped all interplanetary communication within the Federated Suns, as well as any communication in or out. Hanse still had another trick up his sleeve. The New Avalon Institute of Science had recently duplicated the ability to send communications between worlds with their fax machines, but they were much slower than what ComStar could manage. These so-called "black boxes" were pressed into service, but Hanse found it increasingly difficult to coordinate his military.

ComStar showed their perfidy once more towards the end of the war. In order to set back the technological progress of the Successor States, ComStar executed a raid on the New Avalon Institute of Science. They disguised themselves as the Death Commandos, the elite commandos of the Capellan Confederation and personal bodyguards of Chancellor Liao. During the battle, Prince Hanse Davion took to the field himself in his BattleMaster. The attack did only superficial damage to the university, but did great damage to ComStar in Hanse Davion's eyes. His spies in the Capellan Confederation later reported to him that the Death Commandos were on the planet Kathil during the time of the raid, so there was no way they could have pulled it off. Coupled with the knowledge of the supposed HPG destruction on Sarna, Hanse came to the only logical conclusion.

The Combine Front

In order to find the forces for his massive assault on the Capellan Confederation, Hanse Davion had to strip away large quantities of troops from the border with the Draconis Combine. Far from leaving himself open to attack, Hanse contracted the mercenary unit Wolf's Dragoons to defend his border. Jaime Wolf, the commander of the Dragoons, and Coordinator Takashi Kurita held a deep personal dislike of each other, so Jaime was able to goad Coordinator Kurita into throwing everything he could spare at his Dragoons.

By the end of the war, Wolf's Dragoons had been reduced from over five regiments to one reinforced regiment. In gratitude, Hanse Davion granted Jaime Wolf and his Dragoons the conquered planet of Outreach in perpetuity.

Wolfs Dragoons

During the oping shots they were under contract to the DCMS. It was unusal that this command was handled with respect and honor by a society with little regard of payed soldiers. THeir first Liasion Officier were Colonel Tetsuhara which make good relations to the elite command. His successor destroyed this by provocation, supply shortage and other problems. Some rumors suggest that Takeshi would force the Dragoons to become a house unit under DCMS guidiance. A Warlord used this developement to install some riot against the mercs. After losing families and other personal to a DEST raid the CO decided to leave the DCMS once and for all.
Jaime Wolf know the bushido codex well and called the DCMS to a sieres of duells. The DCMS agreed and selected Misery for this event. Five Dragoon regiments against 9 DCMS units (3 Galedon, 1 Sword of Light, 5 Ryuken). The Dragoons survived and the draconian units suffer horrendous loses. The Warlord would destroy the unit through another assault with two regiments. Only the sacrifce of 3 companies of recruits saved their lives. The 17th Avalon Hussars give the Dragoons a save passage to Harrow's Suns for a short time to rest and refit. The Dragoons signed a contract which include the defence of Harrow's Sun, Wapakoneta and Glenmora. The families were relocated deeper in the Federated Suns far away from possible fighting.

Planet:Harrow's Sun
Attackers: 8th Galedon Regulars
Defenders:Wolf's Dragoons Gamma + Epsilon
Ouctome:The Regulars filled with fury to avenge their former Warlord used every opportunity to punish the mercs. The Dragoons had only 8 mechs companies after the bitter fighting on Misery for the defence of the planet. The approach of the Regulars were slowly. After a series of engagements the Dragoons deliver more damage that they take. The commanders called the 10th Deneb Light Cavalry for support after analyzing that they had no change to get a pat sitiuation. The Regulars headed to the Fort Belvior were the mercs waited for the last battle. The DCMS carry on with their assault on AFFS positions. The comabt engineers prepared the Fort well but the DCMS were skilled to. The attackers built some tunnels and some foot infantry ake it in to the Fort and seed chaos. The mercs retreat back to the space port and losing more units. Only 36 damaged mechs from the beginning 108 reached the waiting Dropships. the 2 battered units retreat to the gahtering point Crossing.
Attackers: 3rd Proserpina Hussars + 20th Galedon Regulars
Defenders:Wolf's Dragoons Beta + Delta
Ouctome:The campaign for this planet was fierce. The initial landing saw the destruction of most of the fighters during a raid of a Dragoon company. The two COs on the DCMS side have different views. The commanders of the Regulars decided to march in compact formation, because the other CO arguaed for the use of smaller search and destroy parties. The mercs suffer with the ongoing fight many good soldiers and valuable machines. The officers of the defenders make a last stand after a succesful ambushe against the Hussars. The Dragoons chose to fight at a mining site against the invaders. After several successful defences the DCMS secured a breachhead in the city. During the fighting retreat the Dragoons lost more men and machines to the dragon. From the initial 9 companies barely 4 companies could retreat to Crossing.
Attackers:5th Galedon Regulars + 16th Galedon Regulars
Defenders:Wolf's Dragoons Alpha
Ouctome:First the 5th landed on the planet and as the personal regiment of the former warlord they sought a personal revenge for their commander. The Regulars meet the Dragoons on serveral occasions and suffer some loses. The feared Black Widow Company seed chaos in the lines of the invaders but could hold the approach only temporaly. With the arrival of Jaime Wolf the DCMS send also reinforcement in form of the 16th Galedon Regulars. Both DCMS units combined their might and fight a firece battle against the defending mercs. Thee AFFS send the 10th Deneb Light Cavalry as reinforcement for the Wolf Dragoons. But the inexpierenced soldiers suffer horrendous loses against the seasoned combine warriors. During the landing phase the command lost their commanding officer. The Dragoons used the local volunteers to set ampushes and traps at every opportunity. The DCMS units make a final assault when they were informed about the incoming Dragoon Dropships. With the support of the DLC sub units the mercs secured enougth time to lift of. Both commands suffer heavy loses. The Cavalry lost one third of men and material and the Dragoons could save only 30 mechs.

Attackers: 5th Galedon Regulars + 8th Galedon Regulars + 12th Galedon Regulars + 16th Galedon Regulars
Defenders:survivors of Wolf Dragoons
Ouctome:The final battle was fierce. Outfitted with replacement the DCMS regiments have the superior numebers and the Dragoons the better defending postion and expierence. After several attemps to verwhelm the mercs the DCMS sought the decicion in a final assault. The Coordinator's DEST commando paid them dearly. But with the arrival of the Zeta Assault Battalion and the assitance of the 10th Deneb Light Cavalry the Wolfs Dragoons survived. From the initial 432 mechs on the DCMS side only 112 made it of world.
Attackers: Genyosha + 36th Dieron Regulars + 5th Sword of Light
Defenders:Bradley's Bravos + Team Banzai + 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
Ouctome:The fight for this planet had a ugly side. One of the CO's ordered the mechs to contamined a huge water reservoir for a large population center were the main body of the defenders were asselbled. Through the desease of 5000 peaople dead. Half of the defending 5th with them. Some subunits could stay health becase they had an other water supply. With the defence weakened the 36th begin their charge. The inexpierenced Cavalry were destroyed by the Sword of Light and the Genyosha were held in reserve. The mercs assumed overall command. They tried to save as many defenders as possible. With the arrival of the homecoming Northwind Hussar's the DCMS was outnoumbered and began to retreat.
Planet:Galtor III
Attackers: 1st Amphigean Light Assault Group
Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:The regular DCMS unit make short worked with the defenders.
Attackers: 2nd Amphigean Light Assault Group
Defenders:Local Militia
Ouctome:The warriors of the Dragons secured the planet after a short battle with the militia.
Planet:Klathandu IV
Attackers:9th Benjamin Regulars
Defenders:local militia + Raman DMM + 1st F-C RCT
Ouctome:The AFFS assigned the defending liltia better weapons because of the constant treat of a possible DMCS raid. The invading Regulars must fought hard to gain victory. The AFFS sent the Raman DMM as reinforcement but during the landing he command suffer heavy losing. With another reinforcement the Regulars were pushed from the planet.
Planet:Breed III
Attackers:11th Benjamin Regulars
Defenders:2nd Robinson Rangers
Ouctome:The attacking Ragulars used the tactical weaknes to their full advange. The Rangers retreat back to the wide open and the DCMS controlling the urban centerns on the planet. The Rangers turned on the Regulars after hearing that the DMCS slaugthering innocente civlian. Filled with a burning fury the 2nd pushed the 11th from the planet.
Attackers:3rd Benjamin Regulars + 6th Benjamin Regulars + 20 supporting regiments
Defenders:1st Chisholm Raiders RCT
Ouctome:The overwhelming numbers of the attackers were during the initial phase of the invasion a heavy burden to the Raiders. The AFFS high command ordered the unit back to the Suns territory but the Co deniend this. He choces to fight to the last men and the unit were anhillated by the invaders.

Attackers:9th Dieron Regulars + Brion's Legion
Defenders:12th Deneb Light Cavalry + 41st Avalon Hussars RCT
Ouctome:The Cavalry retreat every time the attackers gather to an final assault. The local population make the live for the DMCS difficult too. The CO of the defenders decide to turn and to fight the invaders. During the fight the Legion lost their commander to a well arranged trpa of the Cavalry. The mercs lost all cohensive and retreated back to the local Comstar HPG. Comstar give the mercs refuggee and later a new contract. With the arrival of the Hussars the DCMS were outnumbered and retreated offworld.

Attackers:4th An Ting Legion
Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:The militia make a fierce defense but had no change against such odds.

Planet:Groveld III
Attackers:McGee's Cutthroat's
Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:The Mercs secured the planet after a short fight. During the campaign the command lost on of its senior officers during a rear attack of the militia.

Planet:Bergman's Planet
Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:Captured through DMCS forces.

Planet:New Aberdean
Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:Captured through DMCS forces.
Attackers:3rd Proserpina Hussars
Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:The defenders had no change.
Attackers:2nd Amphigean Light Assault Group
Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:Same as above.
Attackers:7th Pesht Regulars
Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:Same as above.

Lyran Commonwealth

The Combine Front (Operation Gotterdammerung)


  • to challenge as many mech regiments as possible
  • to cover the rear of the Fedsun => DCMS to busy for a two front wars
The Invasion had 3 parts
1st Attack
Al Hillah => 22nd Skye Rangers (Green)
Basiliano => 24th Arcturan Guards (Regular) + 25th Arcturan Guards (Regular) + Blackhearts (Regular)
Buckminster => 3rd Royal Guards (Elite)
Camlann => 20th Arcturan Guards (Veteran)
Diosd => 14th Donegal Guards (Regular)
Harvest => 4th Donegal Guards (Veteran) + 1st Lyran Regulars (Veteran) + 3rd Lyran Regulars (Regular)
Heiligendreuz => Bad Dream (Veteran)
Hyperion => Waco Rangers (Veteran)
Jabuka => 19th Arcturan Guards (Green)
Kandis => 26th Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Karbala => 10th Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Ko => 3rd Regiment 12 Star Guards (Veteran) + 7th Regiment 12 Star Guards (Green)
Marfik => 4th Skye Rangers (Elite)
Morrtz => 8th Donegal Guards (Veteran)
New Caledonia => 30th Lyran Guards (Regular) + 10th Donegal Guards (Regular)
Orestes => 3rd Donegal Guards (Elite) + 4th Lyran Regulars (Regular)
Ramsau => 23rd Arcturan Guards (Veteran)
Sabik => Barrett's Fusiliers (Veteran)
Shionoha => Gray Death Legion (Veteran)
Vega => 3rd Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Volders => 2nd Narhal's Raiders (Regular)
Weingarten => 15th Lyran Regulars (Regular)
Wheel => Hansen's Roughrlders (Veteran) + 1st Narhal's Raiders (Regular)
Altenmarkt => 23rd Arcturan Guards (Veteran)
Aubisson => Gray Death Legion (Veteran)
Buckminster => 20th Arcturan Guards (Veteran)
Cebalrai => 2nd Regiment 12 Star Guards (Regular)
Csesztreg => 30th Lyran Guards (Regular)
Gumium => 3rd Donegal Guards (Elite) + 4th Lyran Regulars (Regular) + 22nd Skye Rangers (Green)
Gunzburg => Bad Dream (Veteran)
Hainfeld => Hansen's Roughrlders (Veteran)
Hohenems => 24th Arcturan Guards (Regular) + 25th Arcturan Guards (Regular)
Karbala => Richard's Panzer Brigade (Veteran)
Kimball II => 4th Skye Rangers (Elite)
Kornephoros => 4th Skye Rangers (Elite)
Kirchbach => 4th Donegal Guards (Veteran) + 3rd Lyran Regulars (Regular) + Winfield's Brigade
Kufstein => Blackhearts (Regular)
Lothan => 10th Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Memmingen => 15th Lyran Regulars (Regular)
Stanzach => 8th Donegal Guards (Veteran) + => 12th Donegal Guards (Green)
The Edge => 10th Donegal Guards (Regular)
Tukayyid => 19th Arcturan Guards (Green)
Utrecht => 14th Donegal Guards (Regular)
Verthandi => 1st Lyran Regulars (Veteran)
Last Step
Altenmarkt => 10th Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Atria => 3rd Regiment 12 Star Guards (Veteran)
Camlann => 4th Lyran Regulars (Regular)
Dehgolan => 19th Arcturan Guards (Green) + Richard's Panzer Brigade (Veteran)
Engadin => 26th Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Imbros III => 7th Regiment 12 Star Guards (Green)
Ligzen => Wlnfleld's Brigade
Mozirje => 3rd Lyran Regulars (Regular)
New Wessex => 3rd Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Radstadt => 8th Donegal Guards (Veteran)
Shirotori => 3rd Donegal Guards (Elite)
Unzmarkt => 24th Arcturan Guards (Regular) + 25th Arcturan Guards (Regular)
Vorarlberg => 12th Donegal Guards (Green)

During the initial attack phase the LCAF invaded 23 star systems.
Attackers: 4th Donegal Guards + 1st Lyran Regulars + 3rd Lyran Regulars + 40 infantry and tank regiments
Defenders:5th Amphigean Light Assault Group + [[Helmut's Hermits] + 20 regiments of infantry and armor.
Ouctome:During the landing the 3 lyran commands sought the disharmony between the two defending units. The defenders retreat of world after several successful attacks of the invaders offworld.

Attackers:McGavin's Regiment Night Stalkers
Defenders:24th Arcturan Guards + 25th Arcturan Guards+ Black Hearts
Ouctome:The fighting for this planet was fierce. Outnumber 3 to 1 the veteran defenders run out of manuver space after repeated raids of the lyran forces. The lightning companies of the Guards pin the DCMS in place, but the Stalkers could retreat with the sacrifice of some heavier machines.

Attackers:1st Narhal Raiders + Hansen's Roughriders
Defenders:Tooth of Ymir + ten militia regiments
Ouctome:The defending mercs make a request on to the invaders to settle the battle on the old rules. Warrior against warrior without outside help. After 72 hours of continue fighting the dust layed down and the beated Tooth retreat offworld (they lost 36 machines).

Attackers:4th Skye Rangers + 25 infantry and tank regiments
Defenders:11th Legion of Vega + twelve other regiments
Ouctome:The Rangers thougth they had and easy target, but the overconvidence were a failure for the coming fights. The mechforce split from the main force and tried to capture/kill the future Coordinator. Theodore Kurita let them pay dearly for this actions. The conventional forces suffer moderate loses. The Legion captured on lyran Jumpship and jumped to the Vega system.

Attackers:8th Donegal Guards
Defenders:5th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
Ouctome:The fighting was fierce and bitter. The cadre suffer horrendous loses through the invaders. Only 50 percent could retreat offworld after a final battle near the planetary capital Moritz.

Attackers:15th Lyran Regulars
Defenders:1st Sun Zhang Training Cadre
Ouctome:The defenders were split in 3 equal forces. One by one the defenders suffer defeat after defeat. Only the sacrifice of an conventional unit saved some mech of the Cadre, which make it back to Combine space.

Attackers:26th Lyran Guards
Defenders:St. Cyr Heavy Assault Group
Ouctome:The mercs retreat offworld after a series of clashes with the invaders. The 2nd battalion of the assault group take the greatest damage.

Attackers:10th Lyran Guards
Defenders:Vandelay's Valkyries + 12 infantry and armor regiments
Ouctome:The CO of the Guards think that the mechforces alone could gain victory against normal mercs, but the fight for the planet was brutal. The defenders left the planet defeated. The Invaders took also heavy damage, because the conventional forces weren't in range for support.

Planet:New Caledonia
Attackers:30th Lyran Guards + 10th Donegal Guards
Defenders:2nd An Ting Legion
Ouctome:The light machines of the Legion were trapped in near the planetary capital, because the invaders landed south and north of the defenders. The lyrans give their best and the Legion left 2 destroyed companies on the planet.

Planet:Al Hillah
Defenders:local militia
Attackers:Bad Dream
Defenders:local militia

Defenders:local militia

Attackers:14th Donegal Guards
Defenders:local militia

Attackers:Waco Rangers
Defenders:local militia
Outcome:The milita was easily crushed by the mercs.

Attackers:19th Arcturan Guards,
Defenders:5th Rasalhague Regulars
Ouctome:The CO of the defenders killed himself, after a minor defeat from the invading forces which was commanded by a women. His second in command was a bad tactitcan that the unit must leave the planet after a short series of battles.

Attackers:3rd Regiment + 7th Regiment (12th Star Guards)
Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Attackers:4th Lyran Regulars
Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Attackers:23rd Arcturan Guards
Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Attackers:Gray Death Legion
Defenders:local militia
Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Attackers:3rd Royal Guards and the 39 regiments of the RCT + 20th Arcturan Guards (reinfor.)
Defenders:2nd Sword of Light regiment + 22 of the best infantry and tank regiments + 6th Arkab Legion (reinfor.)
Ouctome:THis planet was important for both sides. The DCMS could lost a prefecture world to the enemy and the lyrans could get an opportunity to catch important people/documents with devasting effect for the dragon.

The defenders include some of the best forces available to the DCMS and the invaders were also carefully selected in form of the 3rd Royal Guards of the LCAF. The Guards used some unorthodx tactics (including the use of naval vessel) to suprise this elite regiment. The 2nd Sword was nearly anhillated when they were trapped in a mountain range. 6 Fortress - Class dropship in the back and the 3rd Guards in the front were to much for many soldiers. The defenders lost during the battle many good soldiers. The effectiv use of the Dropship-squadron were repeated several times. The DCMS learned to fade away with the incming Drophsips. The 6th Arkab Legion which arrived as reinforcment suffer from the landing constant loses. The 20th Arcturan Guards were send to support the 3rd Guards. The DMCS retreat back to a large urban center. In preperation of an assault the set traps at every possible place. The 3rd Guards make a final assault but the Legion await them. After losing one third in bitter street fighting the 2nd Sword breakout overwhelmed the Lyran which run to the dropships. The DCMS had secured Buckminister once more.

Attackers:3rd Lyran Guards
Defenders:2nd Legion of Vega + 14th Legion of Vega + 40 tank and infantry regiments
Ouctome:The battle for Vega changed with the arrival of Theodore Kurita. He lead the 2 Legion of Vega units after a series of victories to that point, where the overall commander of the Lyran Guards make a decision to retreat before completely destroyed by the inspirit defenders.
Planet:The Edge
Attackers:10th Donegal Guards
Defenders:25th Rasalhague Regulars
Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Attackers:Gray Death Legion
Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Attackers:Hansen's Roughriders
Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Attackers:3rd Donegal Guards
Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF
Planet:Kimball II
Attackers:3rd Dierons
Defenders:4th Skye Rangers (2 Battalions)
Ouctome:Reconquered by the DCMS.
Attackers:4th Donegal Guards + 3rd Lyran Guards + Winfield's Briade + Tyr Regiment
Defenders:5th Amphigean Light Assault Group + 17th Rasalhague Regulars + Helmut Hermit's
Outcome:The presence of the Tyr create riots by the local population and the overwhleming numbers of the invader were the other factor that forced the DCMS to evacuated all military personal from the planet. All defending units suffer defeats.
Attackers:Winfield's Brigade + 4th Donegal Guards
Defenders:Altenmarkt Militia
Ouctome:The Milita go in the underground when the Brigade captured all major cities on the planet. With the arrival of another veteran unit for the LCAF side the numbers changed to the invader. The Altenmarkt Milita headed offworld and the resistance movement collapsed.
Attackers:26th Lyran Guards + Blackhearts (reinforc.)
Defenders:St. Cyr Heavy Assault Group + 5th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
Ouctome:The Lyran Guards give it best to crush all resistance on this planet, but the ongoing campaign against the defenders took tis tale. With fresh troops and badly needed supplies the invaders force the 5th Cadre to surrender and the mercs offplanet.
Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Planet:Impros III
Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF

Ouctome:Conquered by the LCAF
Attackers:Mobile Fire (LCAF) + Bad Dream (LCAF)
Defenders:22nd Rasalhauge Regulars
Ouctome:The invading forces make an hide and seek game with the defenders. The CO of Mobile Fire used false communication to set a trap for the Raslhague Regulars. With the surrounding of the Regulars the fight were over and the 22nd surrender.
Attackers:3rd Donegal Guards
Defenders:1st Proserpina Hussars
Ouctome:Only with the change in command could the Guards regain the offensive. The new commander fight the Hussars at every opportunity. The intelligence staff discover that the enemy commander held meetings at every morning. THis was the weak link that the 3rd used at its best. A Headhunter mission was successful during the CO were killed and the headless Hussars retreat after 7 days of fighting.
=> The DCMS began with an conter attack after the consolidate their deleted numbers.
Planet:The Edge
Attackers:25th Rasalhague Regulars
Defenders:10th Donegal Guards + 1st Lyrans Regulars
Outcome:The Rasalhague Regulars do their best to give the lyrans no chance to deliver the final blow. The DCMS sacrifice some of their conventional troops to give the mechforces the time to postion them in the right place. With the arrival of the 1st Lyran the DCMS defenders could only retreat under moderate loses off planet.
Attackers:9th Pesht Regulars + 13th Rasalhague Regulars
Defenders:12th Donegal Guards + 8th Donegal Guards (reinforc.) + Tyr Regiment
Ouctome:The fighting between the two factions were without a decision. The Tyr make a successful attack against a large portion of the defenders. The District Commander ordered both regiments offworld to consolidate his frontline.
Attackers:7th Sword of Light
Defenders:14th Donegal Guards (were first invaders)
Outcome:The Sword of Light secured a easily defending mountain range, because the lyrans controlled some population centers. The CO of the Guards decided to make a long march to the Swords unit. Under heavy loses the commanding officer of the 2nd ordered an overall retreat offworld.
Attackers:17th Benjamin Regulars
Defenders:4th Skye Rangers (1 Battalion)

Attackers:Kingstons's Caballeros (DCMS)
Defenders:Barett's Fusiliers (LCAF)
Outcome:Reconquered by the DCMS

Planet:La Blon
Attackers:4th Proserpina Hussars + 18 supporting regiments
Defenders:local miilita
Ouctome:Conquered by the DCMS

=> LCAF gained: Ueda, Skolkie, Atria, Imbos III, Unzmarkt, Mozirje
=> LCAF lost: Cebalrai, Sabik, La Blon, Altenmarkt, Vega
Attackers:13th Rasalhague Regulars
Defenders:1st Grave Walkers + 2nd Grave Walkers
Ouctome:The Rasaulhague Regular make an sucide assault against this important lyran world. The CO of the merc command and the Duke of Tamar had a disput about how the Regulars could routed out. The mercanery send the Duke to sleep with a knockout and destroyed the DCMS unit to the last machine. The Duke demand the execution of the officer but were forced to abone this with the arrival of a higher ranking official.
renewed invasion
The LCAF conquer Feltre, Nox, Galuzzo, Quarrel, Csesztreg
Attackers:Waco Rangers + Hansen's Roughriders
Defenders:9th Rasalhague Regulars
Ouctome:After several months of hide and seek the invaders pin the defender in place. The DCMS unit hat 2 choices:to fight and die or to leave the planet. They abonned the planet in favor of the LCAF.


Attackers:23rd Arcturan Guards
Defenders:5th Rasalhague Regulars
Outcome:The DCMS unit retreat with the invading of the 23rd and the hostile population on planet.
Operation Holdur
Planet:Dromini VI
Attackers:10 conventinal regiments
Defenders:11 milita regiments
Ouctome:The LCAF conquerd the planet
Attackers:conventional forces
Defenders:16 milita regiments
Outcome:The LCAF conquerd the planet
Attackers:3rd Regiment (12th Star Guards)
Defenders:milita units
Outcome:The LCAF conquerd the planet
Attackers:7th Regiment (12th Star Guards)
Defenders:milita units
Outcome:The LCAF conquerd the planet
Attackers:17th Skye Rangers + Always Faithful
Defenders:18th Dieron Regulars
Outcome:The defending unit were prepared for the harsh invorement on this planet. The invading forces suffer under the constant raides from the Regulars and the heat of this desert planet. The LCAF decided when the fighting continued both units will suffer unnessary loses and withdrew its forces offworld.
Attackers:17th Donegal Guards + Gray Death Legion
Defenders:22nd Dieron Regulars
Outcome:The first phase was eual between the two forces. With the arrival of the Legion the tide changed to the LCAF favor. The 22nd Diron breakout and could overrun the suprised Guards. The DCMS unit abonned the planet with its retreat offworld.
Planet:La Blon
Attackers:1st Royal Guards + Barret's Fusiliers (6 lances)
Defenders:4th Proserpina Hussars
Outcome:The Hussars held the countryside because the lyran controlled two important forts. The Hussars believed they could trap the 1st Royal in a fort but this was an ambush by it self. The fierce fight took its tale from the DCMS. The supporting mercs finished the survivors of.
Attackers:24th Lyran Guards
Defenders:Kingstons's Caballeros
Outcome:The superior numbers were to much for defending merc unit. The Caballeros deliver some damage before they were forced to retreat offworld.

DCMS conterattacks

Planet:The Edge
Attackers:10th Donegal Guards
Defenders:25th Rasalhague Regulars
Attackers:12th Donegal Guards + reinforced by the 8th Donegal Guards
Defenders:9th Pesht Regulars + 13th Rasalhague Regulars
Attackers:14th Donegal Guards
Defenders:7th Sword of Light + 20 infantry and armor regiments
Planet:Kimball II
Attackers:4th Skye Rangers - First and Third Battalions
Defenders:3rd Dieron Regulars
Attackers:4th Skye Rangers - Second Battalion and Lighting Company
Defenders:17th Benjamin Regulars
Attackers:Barrett's Fusiliers
Defenders:Kingston Caballeros
Planet:La Blon
Attackers:a battalion of aging militia 'Mechs and 20 infantry and tank regiments
Defenders:4th Proserpina Hussars + 18 lesser units

After the Lull and Follow-up Invasions

Planet:The Edge
Attackers: 10th Donegal Guards
Defenders:25th Rasalhague Regulars
Planet:Imbros III
Attackers:Winfield's Brigade
Defenders:Altenmarkt Militia
Attackers:26th Lyran Guards
Defenders:St. Cyr Heavy Assault Group + 5th Sun Zhang Academy Cadreremnants
Attackers:Tyr Regiment +8th Donegal Guards + 12th Donegal Guards
Defenders:9th Pesht Regulars+ 13th Rasalhague Regulars
Attackers:Mobile Fire + Bad Dream
Defenders:22nd Rasalhague Regulars
Attackers:14th Donegal Guards
Defenders:7th Sword of Light
Attackers:3rd Donegal Guards
Defenders:1st Proserpina Hussars
The LCAF gained
six worlds: Unzmarkt, Mozirje, Skokie, Ueda, Atria, Imbros III
lost: Vega, Altenmarkt, Cebalrai, Sabik, La Blon
Attackers:Kell Hounds
Defenders:3rd Dieron Regulars two battalions
Attackers:Grave Walkers (two regiments)
Defenders:13th Rasalhague Regulars
Defenders:only militia
Defenders:only militia
Defenders:only militia
Defenders:only militia
Defenders:only militia
Attackers:Waco Rangers + Hansen's Roughriders
Defenders:9th Rasalhague Regulars
Attackers:23rd Arcturan Guards
Defenders:5th Rasalhague Regulars

Operation: Holdur

Planet:Dromini VI
Attackers:Ten Commonwealth armored and infantry regiments + aided by three militia infantry
Defenders:eleven Kurita militia regiments Dromini Vl
Defenders:16 infantry and conventional regiments
Attackers:The Third Regiment - Twelfth Star Guards
Attackers:The Seventh Regiment - Twelfth Star Guards
Attackers:Always Faithful + 17th Skye Rangers + their RCTs
Defenders:18th Dieron Regulars
Attackers:17th Donegal Guards
Defenders:22nd Dieron Regulars
Planet:La Blon
Attackers:1st Royal Guards+ two companies of Barrett's Fusiliers
Defenders:4th Proserpina Hussars
Attackers:24th Lyran Guards RCT
Defenders:Kingston Caballeros

Operation: Contagion

Organized through Theodore Kurita =>Genyosha, the Seventh Benjamin Regulars, the Third Dieron Regulars, the Second and Fourteenth Legions of Vega, and dozens of conventional regiments gatheresd on Dromini VI.

  • Fourteenth Legion of Vega => Skondia,
  • Genyosha => Nusakan
  • a battalion of the Third Dieron with conventional support => Alphecca.

Attackers:14th Legion of Vega
Defenders:five regiments of militia infantry + two militia 'Mech battalions
Ouctome:After a series of hopeless defenses the Legion overwhelmed the defenders and secured the planet for the DCMS

Attackers:Kell Hounds
Defenders:5th Sword of Light + Genyosha
Ouctome:The fight for this planet was short and brutal. Even the superior numbers could not turn the tide for the Dragon and the defending mercs battered the Sword of Light to a shadow of its former self. Then the Genyosha arrived to. The fihgt was battle out between the two COs. The Hounds gained another victory and the beaten CO (Yorinaga Kurita) killed himself because he would not leave with the shame of defeat from normal mercaneries.
Attackers:3rd Dieron Regulars
Defenders:militia infantry
Ouctome:The defending milita tried to beat themech battalion in open battle but suffer horrendouse loses and surrender to the invaders.
Planet:Dromini Vl
Attackers:10th Lyran Guards
Defenders:17th Benjamin Regulars + 14th Legion of Vega + 11th Legion of Vega
Ouctome:The Guards began a frontal assault but were sourrunded and beaten. The CO Frederick Steiner offer him self as hostage, when his unit could retreat offplanet. Theodore Kurita agreed. The LCAF sent the 1st Royal Guards and Barrett's Fusiliers to catch the heir of the Dragon but without success. Loki agents destroyed sufficient Jumpship capabilities (6 Ships). With such loses the operation were stopped. The DCMS retreat back to combine space.

The Lyrans had many things going for them. They had the Rasalhague rebels fomenting insurrection and providing them with intelligence. They had Takashi Kurita's distraction with Wolf's Dragoons. They used these advantages to push the Draconis Combine back along a very broad front. They took a number of traditionally Rasalhagian worlds from the Combine, though their successes did not match what the Federated Suns managed to achieve against the Capellans.

Lyran military doctrine was significantly different than that of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. Whereas the AFFS executed several different "waves," effectively leapfrogging each other, the Lyrans used their wall of assault 'Mechs and pushed into the Draconis Combine on a very broad front. This was not a tactic that had served the Lyrans well in the past, but circumstances conspired to make it a feasible strategy for the 4th War.

The Lyran offensive was stalled when the Combine struck back and scored a couple of worlds that put them within one jump of Skye, a regional capital. Unwilling to continue pressing forward, but unable to reclaim their lost worlds, the Lyran assault ground to a halt.

The League Front

While content to watch the other four Successor States "knock each other dizzy," Captain-General Janos Marik was convinced by his allies to launch some attack to ease pressure on them. Thus Operation Dagger was born. Not a broad offensive, the operation called for a series of raids and heavy probes. The 5th Regulan Hussars and 25th Marik Militia hit Wyatt, defended by the 11th Lyran Guards and 17th Arcturan Guards. Both Lyran regiments withdrew after the attack began. Smithson's Chinese Bandits hit Milton, and the 30th Marik Militia hit Phecda. On Poulsbo the 6th Orloff Grenadiers forced the 1st Knights of St. Cameron off planet. Timbiqui and Launam were also taken. Operation Dagger bogged down upon Janos Marik recieving word that Andurien forces, claiming terrorists attacks by Capellans, began assaults on Capellan worlds.

Free Worlds League

Hitherto relatively unscathed in the conflict, the Free Worlds League was surprised to find itself the target of an invasion by the newly created Tikonov Free Republic. Five Republican mech regiments supported by 44 conventional regiments invaded the worlds of Talitha, Van Diemen IV, Procyon, and Wasat. On Procyon the 2nd Sirian Lancers, outnumbered two-to-one, held on until their commander was killed and then was forced to quit the planet. On Wasat the 15th Marik Militia fought until their commander was captured, and the unit was allowed to ransom their officers and withdraw. On Talitha and Van Diemen IV only militia remained, and these were taken by the Free Tikonov forces quickly.

The Tikonov offense stunned the League leadership, who had been in trade negotiations with Pavel Ridzik's government right up until the attack. The Lyran leadership took advantage of the lull, launched an assault on Callison with Lyran officers commanding the mercenary Hsien Hotheads. Catching the Marik Guard half in transports, the Hotheads dealt the unit a number of startling defeats and reversals. Eventually the Lyran commander offered to let the Marik Guard retreat in exchange for Callison and spare parts, which the Guard, unable to resist, accepted.

At the same time, the LCAF had begun massive communications traffic and JumpShip movement to lead the FWLM into believing a new offensive had begun. Janos Marik, with trouble on all fronts, ordered a strategic withdrawl from eight worlds: Marcus, Zosma, Denebola, Castor, Devil's Rock, Oliver, Alula Australis, and Graham IV. At the same time the captured Lyran worlds of Milton, Phecda, Wyatt, Poulsbo, Timbiqui, and Launam were withdrawn from. What Janos Marik did not know was that the Lyran movements at the time were a bluff, and Pavel Ridzik's recent death had meant an end to the Tikonov invasion.

Operation: Dagger

  • to probe the LCAF defense readiness
  • secure planets when possible
Attackers:5th Regulan Hussars + 25th Marik Militia
Defender:11th Lyran Guars
Outcome:The fight was fierce but the Guards retreat after deliver some damage during space battle.
Attackers:Smithson's Chinese bandits
Defender:conventional forces
Outcome:Captured by the FWLM
Attackers:30th Marik Milita
Defender:conventional forces
Outcome:Captured by the FWLM
Attackers:6th Orloff Grenadiers
Defender:Knigths of St. Cameron, 1st regiment
Outcome:The green merc unit surrender after a short series of skirmishes with the expiercend Marik unit.
Timbiqui and Launam was also secured

Tikonov Free Republic operations

Lord Ridzik enjoyed the prestige to get handle as a noble ruler of an independent state. With the support of the newly formed FCAF he began to reorganize his forces and to assault FWL world near Terra.
1st Republican
=>36 mechs of the former 1st Ariana Fusiliers
=>1st Battalion Lothar's Fusiliers
=>2nd Battalion Lothar's Fusiliers
2nd Republican
=>Stapelton's Ironhand (1st Battalion)
=>Trimaldi's Secutors (2nd Battalion)
=>Kerrs Intruder's (3rd Battalion)
3rd Republican
=>Justine's Grenadiers (1st Battalion)
=>Justine's Grenadiers (2nd Battalion)
=>4th Conferderation Reserve Cavalry (2nd Battalion)
4th Republican
Attackers:4th Republican
Outcome:The 3 mech battalion and the 3 supporting conventional regiments have no difficults to defeat the defending militia.
Planet:Van Diemen IV
Attackers:5th Republican
Defender:conventional forces
Outcome:The green mechwarrior make short work with the defending 4 frontline tank units.

Attackers:1st Republican + 2nd Republican
Defender:2nd Sirian Lancers
Outcome:The defending FWL unit give its best to defend the important bridges, but were wiped out through a flanking manuveur of the 2nd Republican. The Unit aboned the planet after repeated defeats.
Attackers:3rd Republican
Defender:15th marik Militia
Outcome:Both forces were equal in numbers. The coordination between the defending unit were bad. This weakness were the change for the invading 3rd Republican to secure the planet for Lord Ridzik.
Pavel Radzik was assasinated by a women during the night at sleep. Ardan Sortek get the controll over the Republic

Lyran Offensive

Attackers:Hsien Hothead
Defender:MArik Guards
Outcome:The Marik Guards were in the preperation to left the planet and were suprised by the invading mers. The hothead deliver more damage than they take. The CO of the Guards surrender and leave the planets to the LCAF


The Federated Suns conquered roughly a third of the Capellan Confederation, while two commonalities seceded from the realm. While the Tikonov Free Republic joined the Federated Suns, the St. Ives Compact continued to remain politically independent, though dependent on AFFS military aid to avoid being conquered by the Capellan Confederation. The conquered worlds were incorporated into the Federated Commonwealth as the Sarna March.

Maximilian Liao went stark-raving mad. His younger daughter, Romano Liao, ran the nation until his suicide. With her military shattered, and much of her nation's industry under foreign control, Romano struggled to ensure the Capellan Confederation's survival. It would be decades before the Capellan Confederation would be a threat once more.

ComStar and the Federated Suns negotiated a settlement to restore communications to the Suns that included stationing ComGuard troops within FedSuns space to protect their HPGs from further attack. Secretly, ComStar's intelligence agency, ROM, and MIIO fought a shadow war for years.

When the Lyrans failed to retake every Rasalhague world, they declared that they could not give the Rasalhagians their independence. Not content with that, the Rasalhagians grumbled until ComStar negotiated a settlement with the Draconis Combine that allowed for Rasalhagian independence. Shamed by the Draconis Combine's willingness to grant the Rasalhagians independence, the Lyran Commonwealth had no choice but to cede their conquered worlds to the new Free Rasalhague Republic.